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Dear Ann,
We are all totally in shock here too - I feel sick at the appalling loss of life, which will do nothing to create peace in this crazy world. The background to most terrorism is religious fanaticism, and people who have a totally blinkered outlook on life and consider they have all the answers. Basically it is all about Christianity and Islam, a battle which has been going on for centuries.

No doubt this one will be a day to be remembered for years to come. I can well imagine that no further tall buildings will be constructed again in the USA on this scale, and there will be a policy to build underground to avoid similar events in future. I guess the site of the twin towers will become a memorial park once it has all been cleared.

All flights have been stopped nationally and internationally for 48 hours. All the major buildings in London were evacuated this afternoon once the news broke - no doubt elsewhere in Europe as well.
All for the time being - love - Michael (London) 09/11/2001

Dear Ann,
I thought it was an animation to show what happened, I did not think it was real. It is a true horror and I cannot imagine how stupid people must be to be able to do something like that and to kill so many people having nothing to do with their fights and wars. I joined a few minutes of meditation and prayer for all victims with my friends from San Francisco and all I could do was cry. I cannot find any words to express my feelings. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.
El (Germany) 09/11/2001

Dear Ann Grogan,
I have read your message and I can tell you, that it was with great shock that I got notice about the cowardice terrorist attacks on the USA. I regard this attack as an attack of the frustrated moslim attack on the Christian free democratic world.

Let them live their lives as they want to, but let us not have pity on those that do not deserve our pity and if there are people around that do have sympathy towards them, give them the freedom to go to those countries, but don't let them come back!

I mourn with you and do feel a great sympathy with the American population where also I have a lot of friends and relatives. Keep strong, be prepared for the worst because what we have seen on the 11th of September might be only the beginning. many terrorists might have gotten ideas with this attack, so do not aid these people at all. Receive my condolence for the innocent victims of th USA.
Gustaf (Denmark) 09/11/2001

Ann -
Today truly is a day of things sacred and profane. I was to attend a Women's Roundtable luncheon/discussion today at USF, the theme being how Asian woman have struggled for an identity and voice in our Western culture and the great strides they've made.

The luncheon was cancelled. It will be rescheduled. We all agree that today's events emphasize how important it is to understand other cultures, to be able to communicate with compassion and empathy, and to resolve differences in a productive way.

Also, after completing my run this morning and watching people play quietly with their dogs on Crissy Field, I'm convinced that we keep dogs to remind ourselves that human beings are truly loveable.

All the best to you, Ann. God's peace and blessings.
Barbara & Richard (San Francisco) 09/11/2001

As I'm sitting here, at work, on my birthday, reading the news. I'm feeling my mortality. An earmark, entering another year of my life, the same day that so many people have lost theirs. It just hits you...today I'm celebrating my birth, when so many people are mourning death. A circle.

Sure, every year you think past the years gone by and you 'feel a little older' but rarely, does it stare me in the face, they way it has today...especially because I got off an airplane, that malfunctuned, midnight...last night.

Now before anyone rushes to save me from depression. I'm not depressed. Just saddened by the senselessness of it all. I'm not 'taking it personally'.
I know the prick didn't decide to kill people today, just because it was K-'s birthday, out there in California... heck, it happens every day. I just wish it didn't.

But the real reason I'm writing is this is because as I sit here, realizing how easy it might have been my death in the plane, or a friend's in the World Trade Center.. Knowing there are people who I care about out there, who I might never get to say good bye to, or let them know that they mean (and have ment) something to me.

I just want this moment to get sappy, and let y'all know that my life would be different, if I'd never known, or if I lost anyone. So here is a hug for y'all. If this were a chain, with a sappy little poem, I'd say send it out to the people who're important to you, but instead, tell them in a more personal way...because life if precious, fleeting...and too short to hold a grudge.
Always, K- (San Francisco) 09/11/2001

Firstly, I would like to deeply sympathize with all of the people in America in your grief.
It's almost 2:30 a.m. in Japan, but I've been watching TV. I couldn't believe what I saw I can't do anything but pray for the victims now. And I'm worrying about you, and my friend in Washington DC. I'm in shock because I love your country. I feel as if this were my own affair.
I can understand how you feel now. My heart is always with you. Write to you later.
Etsu 09/11/2001

Dear Ann:
Thanks for your uplifting message to many of our friends during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you and the many Americans affected by this great tragedy.
Ruth & Lewis (Mt. View, CA) 09/11/2001

Hi Ann,
how are you? We, Frank, my family and I hope you are doing ok. We 4 are on vacation at the east coast of Germany. Frank and I have heard about the disaster in New York and the US. To me it sounds like a nightmare. I'm so sorry for the people over there. I hope SFO is a safe place and you can stay calm at home. Please email and let me know what is going on with you and how you are.
My best wishes and a big hug for you.
Love, Martina (Germany) 09/11/2001

Dear Ann,
Im glad to hear from you. Don't worry!! Please sleep. Government can solve this terrible crime! I pray.
Naoko from Sapporo 09/11/2001

Dear Ann,
I feel deep shock and sorrow for all this massive loss of life, and offer sympathy and love. I will meditate with you. Here there are non stop reports on this tragedy on television. I love life, you, corsets, and America, it really hurts.

As you say,we must recover and undertake rational measures, to diffuse this looming threat. Bin Laden and associates must be limited. Planes should be secretly fitted with tamper proof remote control pilot overrides, so that when tracking radar recognizes any significant course deviation, the device is activated and aircraft controlled.
America can only grow stronger, and I know it will.
I give my whole-hearted support, be calm, resolute; sadness cannot be avoided.
Peter (London)
friend and former trainee 09/11/2001

Dear Ann:
We just can't believe what have happened, it's incredible!!!!! I have one colleague going on vacation to New York today and her plane was arriving this morning there. She already wrote and she is all right. I can't believe this. How could this happen? How could they go over your security systems? In goverment problems, it is always people who have to pay the consequences. I just hope your president thinks very carefully what to do, indeed this could lead to an international problem. Take care of yourself and we pray for all the innocent people who died.
Paula (Argentina) 09/11/2001

Dear Ann,
I'm shocked to hear about the WTC and Pentagon this morning. I hope and I'm sure America will be handle this problem . I pray for the victims to rest in peace.
Andy (Indonesia) 9/11/01

Dear Ann and all others, May the One who creates all life be with us tonight. My heart and prayers are with each of you. Our tears will become rivers of life for the memories we cherish of each light that has perished.
My love to you all,
Jesse P. (Texas) 09/11/2001

You all have my deepest sympathy over this tragedy, even here in NZ there is a feeling of disbelief about the whole thing, what or who would launch such an attack is beyond comprehension. I pray for the victims and their families.
Alan (New Zealand) 09/12/2001

Amiga Ann,
Sólo espero que estos horribles acontecimientos no te hayan afectado a tí directamente. Me gustaría saber que tu, y todos tus familiares y amigos, estais bien. Cuando no se encuentran palabras suficientes para expresar sentimientos recurrimos a las más sencillas: Quiero recordarte en estos momentos mi amistad y simpatía hacia ti y enviarte mi apoyo y afecto. Con mis mejores deseos
Luis (Madrid) 09/12/2001

Many people I know in Australia have been saddened and shocked by the tragic news. I will join you in a minute silence for a future of love, hope and peace. Thanks once again for the email,
Nail (Australia) 09/12/2001

Hello Ann,

Thank you for your email. This is just terrible. I'm deeply sorry about this. But I'm very glad to hear you are O.K. I just can't believe this is real.

Here in Japan, too, this news was broadcast live. It was night, at 10 pm. Every TV channel changed to urgent news programs. I felt as if I saw the Hollywood movies.

Today I heard more bad news. A Japanese man got on a plane which was going to SF and went down in Pittsburgh. He is also twenty years old, and lived in Osaka. Now he is a university student in Tokyo, but he went to the same high school as one of my friends did. So maybe they were friends. This event brought great sorrow not only to a U.S. citizen, but also to people all over the world.

I hope that you and people around you will get over the shock of this tragedy soon and that such terrible terrorism will never happen again in the future.
Sachiyo (Japan) 09/12/2001

Thank you for your very kind note. I work in the Pentagon not far from the attack and was shocked as everyone was. We must and will come through this.
Elizabeth 09/12/2001

Ann, Thanks for your mail. I love America, and I am in shock! We have watched this catastrophe live on CNN. I can't work, we are all in shock. My heartfelt condolences for all persons concerned and their sacrifice.
I am speechless and write you later.
Simon (Switzerland) 09/12/2001

Hi Ann,
Where would we be without America? In Australian cities there has been such a massive spontaneous expression of love and sadness for Americans from all ages young and old. Some placing flowers, cards and signing books to express their sadness at different places. A lot of Australians have been keen to help. Australian families offering stranded Americans somewhere to stay while they are here. So much frustration and anger is being expressed by what has happened, I hope it doesn't get out of control. Some Australian people have attended church who would usually never attend. Praying for the missing, their families and the World's freedom.

News coverage has taken over the usual television shows so we don't feel so far away. I love diversity of culture and look for the good in others. What a pity others don't love peace. Now we are poisoned by groups of people who have no respect of this present world. My heart goes out from Australia in sadness and I am just one of the so many that sends our love to America.
Nail (Australia) 09/13/2001

Dear Ann,
We are also in state of shock. All Europeans and very particularly Spaniards understand fully your grief and concern. For the last 30 years we have been suffering the attacks of the ETA and more than 1000 innocent people have been killed. We all feel for Americans and pray for the dead while extending our deepest and warmest condolences to the families. I was glad to hear from you and I'm looking forward to hear more about you. Regards,
German (Spain) 09/14/2001

Hello Ann,
At first, we all over here feel very sorry with you all because of this terrible attack. It was an assault against the whole free and democratic civilisation, which was heavily stressed by our German Chancellor.

I personally saw it on CNN on my PC at work, when the first tower was hurt and it was thought that it was an accident because of navigation default. But then the second aircraft hit the second tower and the whole disaster got obvious. All in our office, among all hierarchies, were paralized and watched the CNN news. We didn't make any orders since Tuesday afternoon and European financial markets are running at very low volumes because no one wants to take advantage of the situation. Also many of us do not know whether some colleages or business friends were affected or not. We in particular were skiing in Switzerland in January with some people from a US broker, named SG Cowen, of which some colleages from the NY trading desk were with us and we don't know yet what happened to them.
Also Morgan Stanley, which we work together with, misses a lot of people.

I hope you feel a little bit more safe and secure now as the situation is calming down a little bit. Let's hope that such an assault will not happen anymore and that the people responsible for it will get caught and punished.
Greetings from Munich. Do well.
Thomas (Germany) 09/14/2001

Dear Ann,
Thanks a lot for your detailed information. We can easily understand your grief, and we think we share the feeling. Images of the disasters are repeatedly broadcasted in Japan, but information seems very restricted, and they do not report about the movement of common people. Tomorrow is Sunday in Japan, and we wish to pray for the people who were involved in the disaster.
Naoki (Hiroshima) 09/14/2001

Dear Ann,
Just like you and everyone else I am shocked about the recent strike on your country. I pray for your country. I pray for the victims. I pray for those who have to decide upon the right answers towards those who violated your country. I pray there will be no ground war, as I am afraid this will be the beginning of the third world war. and as I am afraid America cannot win a ground war in Afghanistan. I pray for peace. Friday 12 o'clock we remembered the victims of the strike. This morning we had an impressive service in our church, normally being dedicated to the work that will be done for the coming year in our community. Now we dedicated our songs and our prayers to the violence in the world, and especially in your country. Ann, let us pray, as this will be very important for this the future of our world.
With love and hugs and tears,
Joanne (Holland) 09/16/2001

Ann, You have every right to grieve in your own way, and as I wrote last Tuesday, or Wednesday, the letter you placed on your Web was worthy of praise. I'm sure your Web friends and others who read it were reassured that life is worth living and we will go on. We need to know there are others who have faith in our grief. We were "left behind" with a job to do. Precious time! Now, how will we use it? We can do little for those in New York, but much has to be done in our own neighborhood. Every kind word or deed to mankind will help. Such a little thing, but means so much! Love you dearly,
Mom 09/17/2001

Ann, Just a brief note to say I'm thinking about you and hoping that you are safe and well.
Sandy (London) 09/17/2001

As I watched the names of the victims go scrolling by at the bottom of the tv, I said a silent prayer for all the innocent lives that were lost, but especially for the children.

I can't imagine the fear that they felt, and their mother not able to explain to them what was happening. As a mother I had to explain to my children what they were seeing and the realization in their eyes that the explosion and the destruction meant that people were dead or buried alive. They watched with a blank horror. The only questions that they asked were "Why Mommy? Why did someone make them die?" I wish there was a logical answer, but there is not. I wish there was a valid reason, but there is not. The answer that I could give them was, "Some really brain sick people wanted to make a very powerful impact on the American people. They wanted to hurt us in hopes of quieting our voices and bring us to our knees. They wanted to try to manipulate us to do what they wanted us to do." That may not have been the appropriate answer, but it was the best way for them to understand.

As the days pass, we will get some answers, but who is to say that they are the ones that we want or need to hear. We are a strong nation, we are strong people, and we are survivors to the bitter end.

We got through tough times before and we rebuild and moved forward we learned our lessons and never make the same mistakes twice. Through every tragedy we see triumph. We call our victims HEROES, for they unknowingly lost their live to save someone else's. The passengers of the flight that crashed outside of Pittsburgh fought the hijackers to the tragic end. They gave their lives.

As time goes on and we start rebuilding our lives, every year on Sept. 11 we will always remember the attack on the American Nation. Some people will mourn, some will celebrate, but I for one will give THANKS! I will be able to remind my children and their children of how our Nation came together in a tragedy to support, pray and help one another.
Monica (Hayward, CA) 09/17/2001

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