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"Thank you for taking my inquiry seriously. I sent emails to a few other corsetmakers and you are the only one who responded and treated my inquiry professionally. I am very much interested in getting a good corset. Thank you again for your professionalism and attention to detail." Brandon (8/16/10; Editor's Note: we happily guide you through basic option choices so that you invest wisely and well in a product that best fits your needs.)

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** Back-to-Basics Line Corsets **
    for curious novices who want the best pricing for quality fashion corsetry
** Fundamental Line Corsets **
for good value with fun style options and ease of ordering.
** Elegant Line Corsets **
for those who appreciate superb quality, maximum design options, & personalized service

Specialty Corsets and Men's Stays
Sleep/Maintenance Corsets, "CorVest", Chest Buster, & Day Wear Stays

Skirts & Costumes
Pantaloons, Chemises, Maid's Uniforms, Babydoll Dresses, & Other
           ROMANTASY's "Simple Pleasures" Cinchers
           Four-Panel Underbust Victorian
           Consignment & Other Corsets in Stock
           Corset Accessories