My Dear American and International Friends: Time passes slowly for those in deep mourning over the international tragedy that took place on our soil on September 11. Our personal tears are mixed with yours, and we accept with gratitude, your love and support, and offer ours in return. We will never forget our fallen Angels. With firm resolve we promise to look over their loved ones, and with great courage, we promise to defend and nurture the free society they left behind.

Although this is a very personal tragedy experienced differently by each individual, still we urge you to express to your leaders and elected representatives, not only your prayers for their wisdom, but also your support for an international coalition of resolve to end terrorism in this world. Here are some great ways that you can help. At ROMANTASY, we thank you for your present and continuing business as we, like you, overcome this adversity through consistent economic, political and moral efforts to lead a loving life in a free society. I also thank Melanie, my assistant webmistress, for donating her time and love to contribute these pages to our website.

The news media around the world is a steadfast defender of the civil liberty of free speech...or so it has been in America --- until you come to ABC television News: We received information that ABC News has apparently, in late September, forbidden their newscasters and personnel to wear the American Flag Lapel Pins or Ribbons, on the basis that it may "OFFEND" some people. I wonder "WHO" they would offend? I also wonder if this is part of what Bin Laden and his ilk are expecting to happen as a result of his dastardly attack? If you feel as I do, that this is an extremely ill-advised policy, please send an e-mail expressing your opinion via this address:

Ann Grogan, President
October 1, 2001