"Could you please pass on hug and kiss from me to Michael? I cannot tell you how sad this news of his retirement makes me, for if ever there were a sweeter, more gracious gentleman, I would be hard pressed to name him." Wanda C, 1/29/03

"I have 2 corsets from True Grace, I will always treasure them. Mr. Gerrod is such a kind gentleman, things will not be the same." Glenda H. 1/29/03

Think of him knowing he now is the wind in the trees, the sun in the sky and the sparkling in the stars at night. Any time you look out of your window or go out in the garden you can meet him knowing him around you.Try to think of him with a smile on your face because this will be the way he thinks of you now.I think I will put the message you sent on your German Romantasy website, maybe he would like that. Melanie (Langenfeld, Germany)

I'm sorry to hear of Michael Garrod's passing. Sorry for your loss too of a corset maker and friend. Big hug, Sarah (Sacramento, CA)

I am comforted knowing he is at peace. I will always carry fond memories of Michael in my heart, and cherish my lovely True Grace corset all the more. My love always, Lynn (Capitola, CA)

I am so sorry to hear that. Please let me know if I can be of any assist. Take Care, Wanda (San Francisco, CA)

I am very sorry to hear of this. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of loss. Charlie(Connecticut)

So sorry to hear the sad news. Sheri (Oakland, CA)

It is with great sadness that I hear of Michael Garrod's passing, a great loss to our corset community. He will be greatly missed but his corsets will live on for years to come. Abby (New Zealand)

I'm so sorry that your friend is gone. We are made immortal by those who love us, so Mr. Garrod lives on. Elizabeth (Butte, Montana)

I am so very sorry for this loss. Sue Nice (Burbank, CA)

I feel a great sadness over the loss of Michael. I met him only the one time, but of that meeting I remember him as an extraordinary gentleman... and of course a most magnificent corset maker. Warmest regards, Gwen

I'm so sorry to read the sad news. I still remember how my eyes practically popped out of my head when he showed me that beautiful red Corset he made. He will be missed. Melinda (San Diego, CA)

I am so sorry to hear about Michael's death. I know you will miss him greatly. Jeanette (San Rafael, CA)

Thank you for the letting me know. It's good that you became such good friends with him. I hope that his family is doing fine. I hope you're doing fine too. xoxo AJ (Los Angeles, CA)

Thanks also for your message "In Memoriam" of Michael Garrod. I'm very sad that he had to go like this and so soon! Still, the passage where you say that this was "the beginning of a new passage and soul's adventure for our beloved and distinguished corset maker" comforts me a little bit. It's good to know that he has not disappeared, but that he is somewhere out there and feels better now. Kind regards, Sylphide (Germany)

I visited him a year or so ago; he was indeed generous, and I can imagine working for us to the end. David Kunzle (Los Angeles, CA)

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