The Society of Janus
Silver Jubilee Fashion Show
A Retrospective of Love & Pain
True Grace Lily corset.
Paladin struts his stuff disco-style in a leopard print corset by Hoss.
Jacqueline (left) & Vicci Gold (right) in fabulous fantasy make-up. Jacqueline in True Grace Spoon Busk Victorian with rhinestones.
Attack of the 50 foot woman! It's Anneka DeHaven in pvc-striped Hoss corset.
"The Boyz": Former Mr. Gay San Francisco, Tom Basch (left) and Tommie, 2nd runner up/Ms. Closet Ball (right) in matching leather rainbow corsets.
Sabina (right) in silver Millennium ensemble by Sue Nice.
Girls just wanna have fun! Anneka, Sin and Elizabeth in Sheri Jurnecka corsets.
Chablis watches Mr. Gay San Francisco cinch Tommie down!
Ms. Vicci Gold gets ready for the show as make-up artist Miles K looks on. Vicci is wearing a Sue Nice lace-covered Victorian.
Taking their bows to applause, Hank & Ann.