Our November home page is devoted to miracles and one of them from God: rainbows! Itís still my favorite month containing not only my birthday, but in my opinion, America's most significant national holiday, Thanksgiving. What can we be thankful for? We have much to be concerned about in America and around the free world, and much left to do to defeat terrorism and protect ourselves. But donít fail to appreciate the small miracles that are revealing themselves since September 11. I wish for both Americans and our international friends and family, the comfort and energy of new-found patriotism and unity, strengthened families and healed relationships, re-aligned values and priorities that focus on courage, heroism, and spirit rather than materialism. Most of all, I hope you notice the miracle of love going around the world as we each in our own way, pray and work toward a democratic world community, one that respects both men and women, old and young, and all religions devoted to peace.

Ann Grogan, President

ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry...
... is internationally acclaimed as the world's most distinguished custom corset purveyor, with over eleven years' tradition and expertise in tight-lacing corset design and non-judgmental expert advice on waist training and the best style of corset for you, considering your investment goals. Our business, located in San Francisco and on the web, represents an unparalleled ensemble of artisan costume and corset makers providing the widest variety of comfortable fashion, functional and fetish styles for any occasion! We also have corsets and corset products such as lacing cord and back protectors for immediate sale. If you are searching for a reputable corset business devoted to your individual needs, here are 17 reasons that ROMANTASY is happy to help! We provide corsets by mailorder, via our Shopping Cart, or by telephone consultation; a personal visit to San Francisco is never required, but is always welcome! Here is a preview of our latest, comprehensive mailorder catalog. We also provide lovely gift certificates for corsets and other products.

Ann GroganWhen you visit San Francisco, we invite you to arrange an exclusive private corset consultation with our President and Owner, Ann Grogan, or contact us for personalized email assistance to our valued Internet customers. You may also visit our representative Corset Dream Makers in Newport Beach, California, or Cologne, Germany. Please inquire about joining our international team. We also invite you to sign our mailing list. If you are new to corsetry, we are happy to provide a guided tour through our website, or you may go to our site Search Engine to continue.

Our esteemed clientele of international corset enthusiasts includes both ladies and gentlemen who share our appreciation for vintage quality, the challenges and rewards of dedicated body contouring, and fashion-forward haute couture.

You may enter our magical world of corsetry now, or enjoy our Corset of the Month photo and Ann's message below.

November's Corset of the Month

Our "Rainbow Valentine Victorian"

by Sheri, symbol of a natural miracle and harbinger of good things to come.


Corset of the Month

The October, November, December 2001 Edition Newsletter is Here!
Carol We are pleased to donate 10% of sales of all Simple Pleasures cinchers shown here, to the New York Fire and Police Widows and Childrens Benefit Fund through December 2001, to honor and help our September 11 fallen Heroes' families.
If you presently corset waist train or have in the past lost substantial weight or inches while wearing a corset or belt, and wish to be interviewed for a book-in-progress about body reshaping, nutrition and health matters, please write us. If you either (1) provide information we use, or (2) refer us to a registered nutritionist or corset-friendly physician with knowledge in nutrition who becomes a consultant or editor for our book, we will gift you a FREE email copy of the 250-pg. manuscript or a $100 gift certificate towards purchase of a corset (must be used during 2002. Gift certificates are transferrable.)

Stars Events and Announcements Stars

SAT., Nov. 17, 8 pm - BAL DE GRACIEUSES
You are invited to visit this webpage to learn details about the elegant corset Bal de Gracieuses scheduled in Dusseldorf.

Soiree WEDS., Dec. 12, 8 pm - CORSETED SOIREE
Top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel - Come celebrate at a corseted dutch treat cocktail party. Advance reservations required with $12 door charge for live combo/cake: (415) 585-0760. Dress up and show off---we always have a ball! "Thanks so much for the bash. We had a lot of fun. Let us know about your future events, Peter and Amy."

SAT., Jan. 26, 2002, 7 pm - TGSanFrancisco COTILLION
Design Center Galleria, San Francisco; tickets at ROMANTASY

It is my pleasure...
...as President and Owner of ROMANTASY, as well as owner of over 50 corsets crafted by our distinguished corsetiers, to personally assist you design the most appropriate corset for your individual needs and desires. I am also happy to share my experience and ideas on complimentary clothing and creative ways to wear, care for, and enjoy your corset. We create waist profiles from wasp waist to Renaissance to pipe stem to the classic hour glass figure. We also specialize in serving full-figured customers. Please inquire about our day wear corsets, training belts and corsets, business wear, wedding corseted gowns, health and gentlemen's posture corsets or evening wear corsets, transgender, and fetish corsetry. Additionally, we sponsor Gender Image Salons and Makeup Application Services and personal shopping services to enhance or accompany the public debut of the feminine presentation.

We invite you to use our completely confidential telephone (415-585-0760), and email, or write us (2912 Diamond Street, Suite 239, San Francisco, CA 94131) to arrange your corset consultation and measurement in San Francisco. Thank you for sharing our love of exquisite corsetry. Please enjoy our website!

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