Dangerous Curves: Voluptuous Women in Corsets
An English Tea Party and Fashion Show
Presented Sunday, October 22nd, 1996 at The City of Paris
Introduction: Ann Grogan Owner, Romantasy Boutique. Lily corset by True Grace Corset Company, London
Pussy Galore, Pussy's Sidekick, James Bond and Spy Vicci Gold, Deborah Ann Steele - Das Designs, Frankie Alizaga and Ken. Deborah's leather corset skirt by Leather Stitches, San Francisco
Varla and Skippy Alex and Mike
The Eternal Triangle Lady Divinity, Heather Brice Newcomb and Danny
Court Ladies and Manservant
Babette, Iris, Susan Olsen and Ken
The Game of Cat and Mouse Molly Bolt, Lee Ann and Danny. Molly's leather corset by Seraglio, South San Francisco; Lee Ann's corset by Voller's, London
Belle Star and Jesse James (updated) Heather Brice Newcomb and Johnny. Victorian corset by B.R. Creations, Mountain View
The Seduction of Man: Anne Bonney, Mary Reade and Pirate Night Lace, Elizabeth-Mistress of house of Differences, and Jim. Night Lace's leather corset by Stormy Leather, San Francisco, Elizabeth's corset by Mollie Paigen, Brisbane
The Queen Dispenses her Bounty Zoe, Jack and Mike. Leather corset by Stormy Leather
Englishwoman and Horsie Elizabeth and Danny
A Night at the Opera Rose Heyman and Frankie Alizaga