"I love my new Jill corset! While I was ordering the corset to address my post-baby lower tummy, I found out that when wearing it, my back doesn't hurt anymore, I don't have the huge knots in my shoulders, and I haven't had one single migraine caused by my neck!  It all started in2002 when I was 21 with a five-car pileup where I took over 13 impacts. We all walked away, but a month later I started having severe migraines and back pain for days on end. For several months I lost most of the use of my left arm. Until recently my back hurt every single day. But doctors found no nerve or bone damage; my problem was all muscular.  When I got in my car (while wearing my corset), I actually had to adjust all of my mirrors again because with my back all straightened out, I am taller. Now I feel so much better both mentally and physically.I haven't felt this great since before the car accident. I shall certainly be hooked for life. Thanks." -- Angela (5/4/09)
" I do love my corset. Makes my back feel better when I wear it." -- Lea (9/18/08)
"You're right, it was good news when I received Jade's men's stays. Have been breaking it in and it feels very good. It has adjusted to fit very comfortably. Good back support and noticeably improved posture when I'm wearing it. Thanks for this design since it is much better than the one with the low back. If and when I get accustomed to wearing this I probably will be in the market for a slightly modified version, maybe one for tighter lacing and more waist reduction?? Again, thanks for a good product." -- Eric (9/11/08)
"I have started to wear my new corset daily for the two to three hours as you recommend during the seasoning process. I am very comfortable in it and it is a welcome addition to my day since it really takes much of the ache from my back. Thanks again." --Emma (7/08)
"It may seem counter-intuitive that a tight garment is comfortable. After two thoracic surgeries my already weak back was constantly in pain, even with strong medications. I couldn't sleep, which only aggravated the condition and I was desperate to escape this deprivation and pain cycle. When I realized that compression and support could possibly reduce or eliminate my pain, and finally got up the courage to arrange a corset fitting with you, I was greatly relieved. I immediately saw and felt that only a real corset could provide the support that I needed. You made the whole process so easy. When the corset I chose made by your corsetiere, Sheri. finally arrived, I was elated! The support I felt for my back and chest wall was fantastic! I was tempted to bypass the break-in period you recommend, because it immediately fit like a glove, but I followed your detailed instructions to protect my corset and accommodate my body to restriction. It has been nearly three years since I received my treasure, and it still fits like a glove and is comfortable enough to sleep in all night, now fully laced down and closed in back. My many 4-6 hour once-per-week car commutes were only possible with the aid and support of my corset. It is even clandestine enough to wear under a golf shirt. I can't emphasize enough the benefit that can be gained through proper support of a well-fitting corset! I encourage your prospective clients, both male and female, that have back or chest wall pain, to invest in a custom corset. It will be the one of best, if not the best, investments they will ever make. Thanks." -- Brian (7/14/08)

"A few months ago I was in a car accident and my physical therapist prescribed a medical corset for me for back support. After wearing it for about a month I found that it really helped my back and I liked the way that it narrowed my waist. The problem is that it is bulky under my clothes. I had purchased a Victorian corset from you a few years back but hadn't worn it in a long time I decided to try wearing it again and also found that it did also give some relief to my back the problem is attempting to lace it up myself. Recently I visited my therapist dressed in a suit which is my proper work attire and she agreed that the corset looked to bulky under my clothes suggesting that I try to find something more appropriate. Is there a corset you can suggest that I can possibly lace myself yet will provide the necessary back support I need. I am open to all suggestions. Thank you in advance." -- LorenĀ  (1/8/08)