Mignonette, The French Maid
(All photos this section (c) Jeanette Vonier 1997, models: Nenna and Ed)

What more could Lord Edwin Pynthrop want than a mischievous French maid to serve his brandy? Mignonette is all decked out in the most exquisite, custom-fitted silk chiffon minidress designed exclusively for ROMANTASY. This precious maid's outfit is enhanced with a black corselette tightly laced in contrasting white and worn over a dainty white silk apron. Note the dress' ribbon-tied open sleeves and sexy low back! Molded bodice cups edged in delicate white lace reveal maximum cleavage, and five layers of lace-edged white silk petticoats modestly hide a matching sweetheart G-string. The outfit is complimented by a heart-shaped hat, affixed with a comb. Not only perfect for at-home play, the corselette is designed to wear later over an evening dress to make Mignonette's butler boyfriend, Alexander, take notice. The white lacing can be exchanged for a black lace.

HatJane Smith, Inc., for ROMANTASY designs another version of an especially proper ruffled and embellished satin maid's cap and matching lace and rose-trimmed collar (custom set by Jane Smith, $100). And here is another version of our "Betty White" apron, just as Betty--the perfect homemaker--wore it on The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 50s!