Private Gender Image Salons

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- Introduction
Our unique Philosophy and Method
Salon Staff
Seven Basic Topics
Makeup Application for Special Events
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- How to book a Salon

Dana before Monica's magic.

Dana steps out --
in silver lamé.
Dana after Monica's magic.


The world of femininity is yours to explore during our private, comfortable, confidential and elegant transformation and education Salons for gentlemen.

Especially for those new to cross-dressing, but also for those from all segments of the gender community wishing to update their image and refine the techniques of makeup application and skincare, our three-hour Salons are completely private. We are delighted to serve both individual clients, as well as couples with the significant other or wife in attendance.

Over the past several years we have offered our Salons, we have been consistently gratified by the positive client response to our gentle approach. Therefore, we strongly encourage those who are a bit hesitant in considering our Salon to inquire further, based upon the information presented below. A quick telephone call to us at (415) 585-0760 (please leave a message if we are not in), to discuss your concerns and interests, will prove us to be friendly, responsive and considerate of your confidentiality needs and personal desires.

To participate in a Salon and begin or advance an exploration of your feminine self, is to advance the process of becoming more fully human and integrated as a person in your business, personal and spiritual life. But let one of our recent clients express it in his own words:

"You said that you thought I would begin to feel better and better about the new me and that this exploration would make all things more enjoyable. You are so intuitive. Things are so much more pleasurable."

Our life at ROMANTASY is especially blessed and made more pleasurable by the opportunity our clients give us to serve and learn from them.


ROMANTASY's special approach is to work with you to co-create from the inside out, a comfortable, feminine and elegant look and feel for either a day or evening appearance. While we are able to create a "far-out" fantasy look for our experienced clients, for beginning or intermediate clients, we prefer to enhance your natural personality and simply bring out an elegant beauty that feels comfortable to you.

We not only "do" but also teach at the same time, so that you can later practice and implement what you learn at the Salon. We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right, and being able to do yourself. Thus, we encourage you after the Salon to take the time and pay the proper amount of attention that your feminine self deserves to express her most beautiful self.

You may choose to arrive en femme, or arrive in a business suit and bring your clothes with you to change into, or request that we prepare a selection of feminine outfits, accessories, wigs and makeup/skincare products for your shopping pleasure that evening.

A confidential questionnaire will be sent to you in advance, once you book and deposit a reservation fee, to help us tailor-make the evening to meet your particular interests and experience level. Please call for your reservation date and booking fee. (415) 585-0760


ROMANTASY owner Ann Grogan will design the Salon for you, and select the proper additional consultant from our staff to provide makeup, wig styling or hair care services, eyebrow waxing and sometimes, nails.

Our consultants include:

Monica Molton brings 15 years of experience in Hollywood and most recently, at major San Francisco hair and makeover salons. Her expertise revolves around both hair and makeup services, with special focus on creating illusions through sophisticated and subtle contouring techniques. Her skill level and results are extraordinary. ROMANTASY frequently books Monica to provide professional makeup for our corset models such as those seen here. Advanced clients as well as novices would particularly appreciate Monica's knowledgeable approach, sophistication, and her fun-loving nature.

We are very pleased to announce as of May, 1999, the addition of TWO very talented makeup artists. One is a former Miss Gay Arizona, Miles K. Miles works as a representative for Borghese Cosmetics and we cannot speak highly enough about his talent with feminizing the male face. The other is Kristine Burget, owner of a Hair Salon in the popular Soma area of San Francisco. She's our corset client, one of Ann's main hairdressers as well, and a bubbly personality who will make you feel right at home!

Introducing Miles K. (former Miss Gay Arizona) and Harmony. And here is Mile's Magic on Harmony -- pretty glamorous! Yet another great "look" on Harmony, compliments of Miles K.

Our second new addition is Emma, or David W., a well known chanteuse who entertained the Second Annual Corset Celebration that ROMANTASY sponsored at the Bedford Hotel a few years ago. David also loves wearing our reversible Point Counter Point cincher and may be modeling for our fall catalog! You might also see David advising customers at the Laura Mercier counter in a well-known San Francisco department store!

Mary Jo Lassin occasionally travels from Los Angeles to join Ann in makeover services, specializing in both glamour and daywear looks. She can provide wig styling tips as well as makeup tips. Her present work involves both theater and stage actors, plus private clients. You will enjoy Mary Jo's rapid work, no-nonsense approach and high energy style.

You may now request Salon assistance with your choice of artists, and some students have even benefitted from separate sessions with two artists, since each has his or her unique style.

Mary Jo prepares custom-blended foundation for "Dana" "Dana" after -- Mary Jo's magic! "Dana" as a blonde -- smashing!


You may choose three of the seven salons listed below:

1. Creating the feminine figure by corseting
2. The art of feminine movement and gesture
3. The etiquette of dining, entertaining and serving
4. Feminizing your visual image
5. Basic fashion styles and color analysis
6. Transforming into your femme self (1A)
7. Updating your personal feminine style (1B, for advanced clients)

You will benefit from a 10% discount on products if you choose to purchase anything at the Salon or within a few days after. And you will receive a special gift that evening to memorialize the experience and record the information. Registration fee for evening: $400.


For special occasions such as a party or going to the theater or opera, you may want to look your very best with flawless, appropriate and more complex makeup. Thus, we also offer our straight makeup application service. This service does not including instruction in products, application or colors, all of which are typically covered only in the full Salon.

Again, we meet in our private, comfortable San Francisco location with easy street parking, and we offer refreshments as well. You may request a male or female makeup artist with advance reservation and deposit of $50 (non refundable if you do not cancel or re-schedule 48 hours before your appointment):

  • A simple day or evening look created in about one hour -- $150.
  • A more glamorous evening look created in about 1.5 hours -- $185-200.
      may include eyelashes, rhinestones, glitter, high fashion eye colors, complex contouring, some brow shaping or
      creation of new eyebrow arch using wax foundation to disguise natural brow line) -
  • Opportunity with either makeup service to change into your evening wear before or after the makeup -- $25.


We also offer the following services: shopping, accompaniment to a CD or regular lounge after the Salon, or afternoon tea.

If you wish us to accompany you out to a lounge after the Salon, we are happy to add an additional hour to your Salon for a small fee. In addition, on another day we can provide a 2-4 hour shopping expedition, or plan to share afternoon high tea at the Sheraton Palace Hotel or a cozy Victorian tea room in our neighborhood.


Beck Motor Lodge, 2222 Market, 621-8212
Ramada Plaza Hotel, Civic Center, 1231 Market, 626-8000
(close to downtown with underground BART system entrance at front door, then four short stops to Romantasy location)
Savoy Hotel, 580 Geary Street, 441-2700
(near theater and downtown district, with $14 taxi ride, or short walk to BART then four stops to Romantasy)
Best Western Civic Center, 9th Street and Harrison Street, 621-2826
(close to downtown with short walk to BART then four stops to Romantasy)


We require at least a one-week advance notice and a completed confidential questionnaire, to book a Salon. We prefer at least two weeks notice, if possible. You may call us after 12 noon PST daily except for Mondays at 415-585-0760, or fax us at the same number (call first) to obtain a brochure, or to book a Salon, shopping expedition, or request that certain products be made available at your Salon. We will discuss the final fee for your total Salon, depending upon your choices of services. Once a deposit of $100 is paid to reserve a Salon appointment, there can be no refund, only a re-scheduling of the Salon with 48-hr. advance notice (otherwise another $100 deposit will be required to re-schedule).


Monica starts to work her magic on "Harmony". Here's Monica fast at work on Harmony, March, 1999 The New Look! Our favorite.
"I want to say how much I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in your Salon and afternoon of shopping. The makeover, training, recommendations, guidance and totla experience is one I'll never forget. I feel that everybody was a great assistance in feminizing my total representation, and helped make me feel more comfortable and confident. You were expecially helpful by offering assistance and support while we were shopping...I hope to return to San Francisco for another Salon in the future."



From "Brie" (novice):

(Before Salon) "I know that I will entrust myself to you and your staff completely. Although I just met you on the phone I do feel as if I have known you. You seem so kind and you have been so helpful. You convey a sense of happiness and pleasure in who you are, what you are, and in what you do, and you seem to enjoy sharing those good feelings. I have never done what we are contemplating (the salon)....I am, because of you and how you relate so comfortable with people. Thank you." Lynnwood, Wa 10/98

Monica defines eyebrows on "Brie"
Sassy1 (After two Salons, evening out, and afternoon shopping service) "I just wanted to tell you again how much I truly appreciate you, your staff, and the (image and shopping) services you offer. It was a memorable weekend, one that must happen again and one that I will NEVER forget. Quite simply, thank you."
(Two weeks after returning home): "I want you to know that the red head (Brie) finally went out in public! In fact, had dinner at a nice restaurant in Vancouver with two friends, M and her CD husband B. Spent close to three hours fully dressed, in complete makeup, some done by me and poorly, but most adjusted by M. Wow! What an experience. Sooooooo scary. But when no one said or did anything I began to relax. By the time I had my third drink the red head's attitude arrived and all of a sudden I realized that I did not give a hoot what anyone thought or said. It was absolutely magical. Now I have a new problem: I have nothing to wear. I must get some new clothes and jewelry and a purse, of all things!" Sassy2

"...I believe that you, Wanda and Monica treated me, no accepted me for who and what I am, and that made the difference. I never once felt silly, stupid, wrong or perverted. You and your staff made me feel good and accepted. You can't possibly imagine how gratifying that Ann, showed me how to walk through the door. I am free. I don't ever want to go back into that dark, scary and lonely closet! I will be who and what I am and that's the way it should be. I owe you so much and I could never repay you in full measure. You are a very special and unique human being. The world, especially mine, is a better place because of you. Forever your friend in Seattle, Brie"

From "Kelly" (novice):

(After Salon) "I really do appreciate your help, and gentle pushes. You've been a great friend! Hope to see you soon." 10/98

Here's a photo of our two "new" students, Brie and Kelly, just six months later, enjoying themselves at Esprit (TG conference) in Port Angeles! My, you've come a long, long way!

And that's not the half of it. Brie reports she has increased her wardrobe and image expertise about 1000% and Kelly is going out regularly with her T and CD friends, as well as her understanding wife. We congratulate both of our first-timers from our Image Salon!

Brie and Kelly

Ann and Kelly

From "D" (intermediate):

(Before Salon) "I'll be in next Wednesday for the Salon. I did a transformation in London years ago when I was there; it was somewhat enlightening for me. I was scared to death but had a good time. Doing it with friends would be great....Ann, you always have been a very good friend and I credit you with getting me to finally accept what I am and what I always wanted without feeling guilty. That shift into complete confidence has helped me in most parts of my life and I am very grateful. I may have gotten there on my own, but no doubt it would have taken me a lot longer. Thanks." 10/98

From "Kaye" (novice):

(After Salon) "Dear Ann, I want to tell you how grateful I am for what you and Monica gave me Friday night. I saw a different person, someone that has been there for a long, long time but could never find her way out. It was revealing and transforming in ways I'm not yet sure about, and it was the first step of a process to come. I couldn't have gotten there without your guidance and care. Thank you." 11/98

From "Rita":

"June 1st, 2000 was Rita's big day; she finally came out of the closet, not into broad daylight, but at least into a wonderful San Francisco evening.

"The precise description of me is hard to pin down; I have worn items of feminine clothing at various times and under various circumstances all my adult life, but always in private. I am flattered by TS friends, some of whom have told me that I think like a TS, but I wasn't even a fully qualified TV in practice, as I lived in a comfort zone of acceptance by my partner, and I never got around to full presentation.

"This year into early retirement, with my TG feelings getting stronger all the time, I finally decided that it was time to do things properly and liberate Rita. I had been dealing with Romantasy (exquisite corsetry :-) in San Francisco, and as well as clothing they do gender image salons, so I took the plunge and spent a wonderful evening with an expert makeup person seeing what could be done with me. I told them I would settle for the "frumpy dowager" look, but I think they did a little better than that. I bought a wig, in a fantastic shade, which I like to call sunny auburn, and was completely overwhelmed by the image that finally appeared before me. It was an intense experience to find that Rita really did exist physically, and that she had an image which I would never have imagined, and which was very satisfying to me at least.

"What was most satisfactory about my evening with the empathetic and helpful people at Romantasy was that I came home with some fairly detailed notes and instructions that will help me to work on recreating what they did for me.

"Please enjoy the photo results of my visit with Romantasy."

Please see additional photos and testimonials.