Photo: (c) Jeanette Vonier 1998


This cute simple set differs from the fancy set in that it has only one row of ruffles or lace and simple bows. The fancy set has multiple rows of lace, rosettes and other fancy trim and detailing. You may order the pantaloons either gathered just below the knees as shown on the left above, or in another historically correct pattern without gathering, as shown in the center above.

You may order the chemise without sleeves as shown in the left and right photos above (the pink and black sets), or with cap sleeves as shown in the middle photo (the ivory set).

Please use this form to send indicated measurements: 

Fabric is soft cotton: pink, white, ivory, black, or red. Please specify color of ribbons and lace as we can accommodate almost any color.

Sets in ivory, black and burgundy Victorian Corset shown on right produced for us by Jane Smith, Inc. Scarlett O'Hara Corset on the left produced for us by Sheri. All corsets Priced separately from pantaloon sets. See maker's page for pricing.

Below are some closeups of the detailing, and an example of a fully open-front pantaloon produced by Diana for ROMANTASY. Specify if you want a fully open-front one or one with three discrete snaps between the legs


Waist Detailing

Chemise top Detailing

Fully open-front pantaloon

Waist Detailing Chemise top Detailing Leg bottom Detailing

Split leg Detailing


Split leg Detailing

Sleeveless chemise and loose-leg pantaloons in fine cotton
with one row of lace, ribbon and rose trim, set -- $225.
Cap sleeve chemise, add -- $25.
Elastic leg pantaloons (as opposed to loose leg), add -- $25.
Extra fancy set (two rows of lace, extra rose trim), add -- $40.
Waists 40" and over, add -- $35.
Bosom 44" and over, add -- $35.
Waist 40" and over plus bosom 44" and over, add -- $50.
Shipping $10 US, $20 out of US, $25 Asia