"Dear Ann, thank you so very much for your reply! I am a larger woman. I don't know if you know how incredibly hard it is to find my size. I know this sounds funny but it is kinda embarrassing to submit measurements that are larger that the normal sizes stated on the web site. so THANK YOU for making me feel like a normal woman!!!!" Niki (10/2/01)
The Perfect Fit for the Full Figured
"I absolutely hated the 1960's because I didn't look like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Varushka, etc., etc.. Now at least I am old and confident enough to like the way I am put together. Nicole Kidman--eat your heart out! Everyone will be looking at my waist reduction and the gorgeous corset brocade, not the pull in the fabric! No big deal. I'm headed to my 30th high school reunion next month and guess what I'm wearing? I'll see if I can get a photo for you then." Beverly

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Many people see one of our sample small corsets on our antique mannequin display, and complain that corsets are only for small ladies or slender bodies. Not true!
Susie looks super in her Sheri Overbust Edwardian in sky blue silk dupioni with tiny rose braid trim.

Susie looks super in her Sheri Overbust Edwardian in sky blue silk dupioni with tiny rose braid trim.

In fact, in our opinion, corsets look best on voluptuous bodies because they emphasize curves and more effectively show off the waist. Voluptuous bodies are generally more "plastic" than slender ones, which means that they can compress faster and more comfortably at the waistline. For example, if our customer is voluptuous, we frequently recommend an initial reduction of 6 to 8 inches for a first custom corset instead of the more traditional 4 inches.

We also recommend that a customer not wait to order a corset even if they are on a diet or in a workout program. Order the corset now and wear it during the dinner hour to control your appetite, encourage you to eat more slowly and take smaller bites. If you wish further details on permanent body reshaping, please order our Corset Magic book, and consider enrolling in our three-month coaching program, where we had one client go from 335 pounds to 285 and drop 5" off her waistline.  Minor, healthy lifestyle changes will be taught and reinforced so that these changes remain after training is completed.


Marcia models her silk brocade and satin overbust Victorian by Sue Nice.

When preparing a custom order, if is important for our full-figure clients to consider their measurements carefully. Generally, the lower rounded bottom design will ensure that the tummy is adequately controlled and supported, rather than squished out in an unsightly manner. The rib cage must also be carefully measured, keeping the tape measure especially secure horizontally and not letting it drop in back. Measure too tightly at the rib cage and a corset will create unsightly "toothpaste" over the top! With your torso photos and careful compliance with our measurement guidelines, we will assist you come up with a corset that both permits you to sit comfortably yet also create full torso support without creating unsightly bulges. We will also guide you to the proper ultimate corset style and corsetiere on our team who can best enhance your gorgeous curves!

Better yet, please consider becoming one of ROMANTASY's models by letting us know of your interest. At the present time, in order to be considered for a modeling assignment, you must live in the Bay Area in order to work with one of our local photographers. If interested, it is far better if you have a ROMANTASY custom corset or have corset experience with steel-boned corsets, and not just lingerie-style "wannabe" corsets. To express a serious interest please send us: (1) some snaps or professional photographs of you in a dress or gown; (2) experience modeling, if any, (3) head shot/face close-up, (4) number, waist size closed, maker, and description/colors of corsets you own; photos preferred, (5) availability, (6) if you have a car, and (7) if you have an agent or not. Typically we offer corset credit/portfolio image only for customer or amateur modeling. No commercial use may be made of these photographs which will be copyright to ROMANTASY or the photographer.

Also, please visit our Full Figure Gallery, and Dangerous Curves: Voluptuous Women in Corsets page, view our YouTube video, or view more photos of beautiful voluptuous models below.

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