View YouTube video of our lovely TG client, friend and fashionable model, Jenny Nelson! Corset and skirt modeled toward end of tape are by Sharon/Marcia for ROMANTASY, of course. Note the transition from Jenny's early presentation, to her very graceful present style and mannerisms. She's a great model of feminine comportment and presentation. With appreciation to Jennifer Leitham on bass.

Model: Lydia
Photo: (c) Jeanette Vonier 2006

Model:  Michelle
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  • Dear Ann, "Thanks for your information update. I do see all your pretty corset work on our (transgender surgery) patients." Warmest regards." Mira (Office Staff, Douglas Osterhout, M.D.) (7/16/08)

  • The feedback on my corset gown has been VERY positive!  I have never been so flattered in my life.  It brings tears to my eyes that I have ever looked that elegant. The efforts of your team clearly paid off!  My femme persona has stepped up quite a bit.  And I owe a lot of the energy to you and all your support.  I could just hug you and your team for the smiles I can show now.  I hope to be the lady you have come to know, and I will always be in your  debt for teaching me how to be a lady." Michelle (10/19/08; see her gown immediately right)

  • Dear Ann, "I usually wear my corset once or twice a week for 6-8 hours. It really gives me a nice feminine figure. I always am asked how I get such a nice waist and when I tell them it is a corset, they can't believe it. It's hardly noticeable even under my tight fitting clothes." Sincerely, Cindy

  • Dear Ann, "It's a funny thing - I live two totally separate lives, and so you are the first person I've ever told about myself ! Thanks for being so understanding - I was afraid I'd never hear from you again (really !)." Bev (7/8/01)

  • "Dear Ms. Grogan, First of all, thank you for such a wonderful site. I am a transgendered male and when I see a serious and compassionate site, I cannot express how much that means to me as a human being. It sure helps me feel less odd (if that's ever possible :-) . Your site does a great deal to explain about corsetry. Thank you and your company again for your kind attitudes." KJ (1/16/01)

  • Dear Ann, "I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I like my new corset I ordered from your company last year.  It fits real well with my padding, gives me a feminine figure and it's hardly noticeable under some of my tight fitting dresses and blouses. I am . . . enclosing a couple of pictures of me so you can see the results [shown above]." Cindy (2000)

A Perfect Fit for the Transgendered

Model: Michelle

Model: Amy

ROMANTASY is happy to welcome inquiries and orders from any transgendered MTF corset enthusiast be they crossdresser or transwoman, who has a serious interest in learning about and creating a more authentic female silhouette through quality custom corsetry. (In addition, ROMANTASY now welcomes the transman; please visit our Men's Stay page.)

Wearing a proper style, well-fitting corset has at least eight important results:
    (1) immediate, first-time-wear reduction of waistline by from 2 to 4" for almost any person,
    (2) improved posture and self-confidence,
    (3) better fit of female clothing,
    (4) proper positioning of the waistline at the female level,
    (5) moderate narrowing of a broad rib cage,
    (6) comfortable back support,
    (7) control of "love handles," and
    (8) reduction of appetite and hunger, which can result in permanent waist shaping and weight loss.

If you are a full-time transsexual, like our client Amy pictured here (wearing her first underbust Victorian corset by Sheri), you have most likely invested a lot of time and energy into improving your presentation and feminizing your image. You may nowbe considering facial and figure surgery to create a softer visage and an authentic hourglass silhouette. Why not first try learning important makeup contouring techniques and figure-shaping with corset waist training? Waist training is rapid with substantial results coming in only two to three months for a dedicated student.

Spend a few moments gazing at the images of the back of Amy wearing a black leotard at the right. You will soon notice a subtle, but clearly observable, reduction in her love handles as well as minimizing of the horizontal crease of fat at her waistline! In seven short weeks, Amy lost 1" in her waistline and more amazingly, lost one-and three-quarters inches off her rib cage.

Or, you may already have invested many thousands in making permanent body modifications with moderate to extensive lipo-sculpting or cosmetic surgery. However, we have heard enough sad stories about lipo to realize that it does little to sculpt out the sides of the waistline, and sometimes doesn't work that well to keep the weight off. Doesn't it make a lot of sense to protect an important and expensive investment in your image, confidence, and sense of well-being? Doesn't it make a lot of sense to invest in one single, rather inexpensive but top quality garment that will keep your waistline sleek and your figure slim over the years? Our quality custom corsets start at only $165--about the price of an expensive French bra or three flimsy department-store "teddies"!  Yet it will not roll over, bunch up, wrinkle, or fall apart after only a few wearings. It will take that waistline down 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and even more inches over time with practice, and no elasticized nipper or readymade Asian import will do that.

We've seen how corseting can immediately move torso flesh inward to narrow the rib cage visually.  And we've heard enough stories about how wearing a narrow-torso "ice cream cone"-silhouetted corset may even result in permanent rib slimming over time, although that will likely take one or more years of almost daily-wear, but we know from client experience that it /can/ happen. Take a look at Elaine in the two images on the right. After wearing our rib-slimming 1901 style corset by Michael Garrod (True Grace Corset Company) for one year every day up to 10 hours per day, we measured her ribs and verified a one-inch drop! We remain convinced it was rib movement inward, and not floss of flesh (as was most likely the case with Amy above), because Elaine dedicated herself for one full year, was already a very slim individual when she began corset rib training, had not much body fat content, and did not lose any weight during the process.

Therefore, we hope you will carefully peruse this page to learn more about corset magic and we hope to soon count you many thousands of our happy transgendered clientele who now know what we mean! Back to Index.


Some of our transgender clients customers enjoy the benefits of corseting while also enjoying the subtle pleasures of softer fabrics and a more curvaceous figure that is possible with certain styles and measurements. But what creates a feminine shape depends in large part on where the waistline is placed, how much reduction is possible before the back sides of the corset lace together and touch, and your personal aesthetics. A female waist is usually located one inch above the bellybutton while a male waist is usually one inch below. A 2-3" reduction maintains a male figure, while a 4-5" reduction begins to create substantial curves.

While the hourglass figure silhouette is the typical one associated with femininity, some MTF clients prefer the ice-cream cone silhouette which narrows the broader upper torso and with dedicated daily wear for a year or more, has been known by several of our clients to physically reduce their rib cage by about an inch. But that choice is yours to make and we are happy to advise you about that matter. Many clients prefer our Concierge Service to ensure they are choosing wisely and well.

It is important to carefully consider what your ultimate figure-shaping goals and step-by-step priorities should be. We happen to believe that it is not the size of the bosom that should be a first priority of the transgendered male, but moreso the waistline proportion to the derriere. About a .7 ratio of waist to hips (simply multiply your widest measurement by .7) is most identified as feminine, not the size of the bosom! In understanding this important point, some clients who order overbust style corsets, prefer to work with their God/Goddess-given figure, but enhance it in one or several ways. Interestingly, those ways do not all include padding!

1. Shape of the Corset Bodice:  You will see a lovely example of this at the very top of this page, and in the blue and cream leather corset by Sharon modeled at the left, as well as in the lovely blue pearlized leather overbust corset by Sue modeled far right, all three good examples of minimally-contoured overbust corsets worn by MTF clients, who look quite feminine. These clients chose to enhance their bosom or chest, and create cleavage solely with the curvilinear shaping of the Valentine Victorian corsets' pattern pieces, and not by adding additional padding. Note that you should never attempt to create cleavage by ordering a corset measured too tightly around the upper perimeter since that will only result in squishing out over the top of unsightly flesh.. However again, that choice is up to you.

2. Built-in or Additional Padding:  We can build padding into the bust cup for overbust corset , such as shown in the Sharon corset with inside view shown left.

3. Top Edge of an Underwire Style: Before you definitely opt for an overbust style because you want to focus on your bosom, remember that a properly measured underbust style corset typically constructed in four-layers of fabric with steel-boning, will Corset worn with jeansrise to just under the bra underwire and support and enhance the lift of your natural chest tissue. Take a look at the cute front-laced black cotton corset on the right, for a view of this, as well as how your pants might fit when worn over a corset.

4.Use of Makeup to Contour Cleavage: Examine the close up photograph on the left, of one of our transgender MTF clients wearing a black bodice top. You will see that she added a circumspectly-placed darker color of powder to enhance her cleavage. Back to Index.

Photo: (c) Jeanette Vonier 2006


We believe the most comfortable corset style for a first-time wearer to be the underbust Victorian. It is also the most easily disguised corset when wearing a corset as foundation wear underneath clothing (male or female), or in case you cannot reveal your corset interests at work or at home. It is easiest to become accustomed to, and laces down far more easily and comfortably than does an overbust style. It can be quite versatile when worn outside a dress like those wide belts seen everywhere in fashion magazines and on the Red Carpet in 2006-2008.

Wasp waist corsetIn addition, we recommend corsets constructed with inner spring steel boning which results in a thinner, lighter weight corset for travel or work, and for easy disguise under clothing. You may want to consider a corset made by Sheri, known for her comfort and strong but light-weight construction (creating more of a combination wasp-hourglass silhouette seen right in the black corset by Sharon, back view).

Of course you may start with an overbust corset style if you prefer that, but please make sure you carefully consider the above concerns as well as our list of 20 Questions to guide your style and design decisions.

Which corset maker and style of corset you choose requires some individual consultation with our trained staff. We will place an appropriate style order with the person best suited to your needs. Back to Index.


AmyTonyThe 1901style is "the" corset of choice for MTFs desiring to narrow the torso visually to achieve a slimmer silhouette and also improve the fit of bodices of women's garments. That's exactly what Amy is now doing, shown wearing her green satin and silk 1901 on the left at the top of this page. The lovely spiralling boning pattern of this unique corset (easily seen at the side in solid green satin on Amy's corset) slightly pulls the rib cage forward and inward visually. Over many months if not years of dedicated wear of this style, the ribs can actually move inward as shown above for Elaine.

The 1901 style is also amenable to creative designing. Take a look at the dramatic and unique application of lace in the black corset shown far left. Examine both the corset near left and right in larger size (click on the thumbnails) to see how shiny black satin has been interspersed with matte brocade to show off the diagonal panel pieces. This type of design also visually reduces your waistline when the corset is worn as outerwear. Finally, view the lovely blue satin corset enhanced with contrasting diagonal outer bone casings that also emphasize the waist, shown far right . View a lovely silk, cotton and satin 1901 corset by Sharon Morgan, worn by our former waist training student Bret, who after four years reports that his "weight and body fat are still very good -- weight is165 lbs. and body fat usually in 12-14% range, which is considered 'athletic; for my age." Also view our 1901 photo gallery. Back to Index.


Unfortunately some transgendered clients make poor choices and waste money on off-the-peg corsets in silk or nylon fabric that look glamorous and seem to be a good choice, if only to avoid having to openly admit one's desires to the saleslady. However, once home, if the urge to restrict carries away the newcomer away, she can can pull too tightly for the type of construction (plastic boning, irregular stitching, lack of lining, or flimsy fabric--but not on ROMANTASY corsets, of course!) or wear the ready-made corset for too long a time, and by either method stretch fabric beyond its endurance to shreds.

Department store corsets also have the disadvantage of being patterned for the female body, generally of quite different proportions than the body of a genetic male, as you likely know. The bottom perimeter will be generously cut, causing a man narrower in the derriere to lace tightly and entirely close the bottom edge of the corset, while having to leave a wide gap in the waist area and an even wider gap at the top. This may or will result in the corset eventually torquing and twisting on the body. Ouch!. However, well-fitted custom or even well-fitted ready-made corsets are designed to remain parallel in the back as a well-seasoned corset is tightened. An ill-fitted corset will not only likely torque on the body, but eventually warp or fabric begin to weaken or shred from improper stress. A man's ribcage may also protrude more than a female garment is patterned to accommodate, thus pushing flesh over the top edge of the corset, or the front busk away the top of the chest. This renders it almost impossible to hide a corset under normal business clothes, should that be the desired goal.

Far better for the transgendered client desiring a corset for support or for figure control is to take her hesitancy in hand, search out the specialized custom corset maker and engage in an open discussion of her personal corseting desires and needs. She also needs to be prepared to be measured close to the skin over undergarments to insure a perfect fit and optimum body-shaping from the custom made corset At ROMANTASY, we are not only comfortable, but actively supportive in helping you to discuss your needs and obtain the perfect corset for your individual needs, goals, and budget. Back to Index.


You should feel free to discuss your desired corseting goals and other choices openly with our staff when you come for a measuring and fitting appointment, or when you consult us by phone or email. This is extremely important, as you will see from the following situation.

Our former corset webmistress, Misty, was very disappointed with one of her first corsets made by a corset maker (not one we represent!) who did not ask what Misty's goal or purpose was. Misty was not yet experienced or comfortable enough to know the difference or ask questions. Thus, they assumed that Misty wanted a male corset and placed the waist too low. A very unhappy Misty soon gave up on the expensive corset and put it on consignment for sale at ROMANTASY! Back to Index.


Male trousers will generally fit without alteration over a female-waisted or male-waisted corset. However, once you begin to tight-lace (take your waist down 4 or more inches), trousers may or will begin to slip downward. Take a look above right at the front-laced black cotton corset worn with jeans, and you will see how pants will most likely fit over your corset. In addition, a corset having a rather thick edging or outside boning casings may show underneath a man's shirt. If you are concerned about this, simply ask for a corset with bones placed between the lining and the outer fabric (inner bone casings) and request a light weight fabric. Or if only outer boning casings are available, opt for a corset without lining.

Remember that you can always wear two undershirts over your corset, or indulge in a pair or two of pantyhose pulled up over the bottom of the corset to disguise the bottom edge. One clever customer even suggested that he might make foam pads to simulate his old tummy so his business colleagues wouldn't notice his substantial waist reduction! We'll let you know if that contraption ever gets to market. Please view above right, a front-laced corset worn over clothing but under jeans to see how your pants or jeans will most likely fit. On the right,Jenny wears a custom Sue Nice underbust Victorian; note how the black sides with silver front seem to narrow her waistline. Back to Index.


If you are pursuing a daily program of waist training, most men can generally have the same expectations as women who corset, that is, a reduction of from 2 to four inches in three six months. However, it has been said that men lose weight faster than women, although I have not yet heard the definitive reason why. Wearing your corset on a temporary basis, you can most likely lace down comfortably at about 3-4"  for about six hours.

However, you should provide us with two additional measurements to insure a comfortable fitno matter the style of corsetyou choose, or whether or not it is a male or female-style corset. First, measure vertically from above your hip bone to underneath your lowest rib. Generally transgender clients have lesser distance than do women. Standard is 2-3" for transgender MTF clients and 3-4" for women. The narrower that space, the longer it will take to reduce your waist. Second, measure across the widest part of your rib cage, usually several inches below your underchest line. This may be a wider measurement than immediately under the chest, but perhaps not.

Note also that you must submit measurements either wearing your hip padding, or not. If you choose the former, then you will need to always wear your corset over the padding. If you do not, then the corset will gap away from your hips, or you will have to lace it very tightly and close the bottom edge leaving the top edge wider open and risking torquing  or twisting of the corset on your body. The same is true if you send measurements over your natural body. If you then choose to wear your corset over padding, then most likely you will have to open up the bottom edge very wide while the top remains closer together in back, risking torquing. Neither one is better than the other; the choice is up to you.

To enhance your waist-training efforts, you might consider purchasing a wide belt while you are waiting for your corset to be delivered. It's not the best option to waist train with however, because it tends to pooch outward the lower belly (wear it with a body shaper or Spanx). One of our clients who sought maximum reduction first purchased a belt and wore it to bed every night for nine months. When he returned to ROMANTASY to be measured for his first corset, he had actually permanently sculpted his waist down some nine inches!  If Ann had not personally measured at both ends of that period, she would not have believed his remarkable progress.

To left, Rachael models her overbust Victorian corset by Sharon McCoy Morgan, to left in the above former section, Rachael models her underbust pink satin Jade Victorian by Jade, and to right, Tera models her front-laced strap vest Bella corset, both by Sharon McCoy Morgan. Back to Index.


No matter your corsetry needs or desires, from formal to foundational, cincher to full Victorian, fancy to functional, we are happy to assist you. Please visit our comprehensive corset page describing our three Lines of Custom Corsetry, standard pattern corsetry, and important general information about the magic of corsets. Back to Index.

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