The Millennium Cincher by Sue Nice. Photo: (c) Jeanette Vonier 1999

On occasion we are asked to distinguish ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry from other businesses and corsets being offered these days, more frequently than in the past, on the web, in retail boutiques or via mail order catalogs. We are happy to provide the following information for your consideration. We are convinced that by ordering your garment from ROMANTASY, you have chosen the most reputable and client-centered corset purveyor in the world.We are also convinced that your investment will be repaid many fold by the information-rich, nonjudgmental and enjoyable relationship we hope to form with each client, to last for years!

We invite your consideration not only of our own words but that of our 6000-plus customers who have enjoyed from one to ten corset orders or more, made by ROMANTASY. You may read their comments regularly on our Kudos and Corset Kisses webpage, or speak personally with our owner, Ann Grogan, for references and for more information.

Please realize that we do not maintain a retail outlet or showroom but do see clients who make advance private fitting appointments. Please call or email to schedule our fun and educational Corset Salon.

About the Company

  1. ROMANTASY stands for longevity in business (since 1990; on the web since
    1995 as the first corset website).

    Thus, you may be assured of our attentive service and delivery of the product you order.
  2. ROMANTASY's owner is a corset enthusiast who regularly wears corsets by our team members, as well as corsets by other corsetmakers around the world. By late 2004, she owned 65 custom corsets and 24 standard corsets. Thus, she can easily help you distinguish differences in styles, construction techniques, fits and "feels" of each corset on the body, and zero in on the perfect style--for you!
    Owner Ann's wardrobe includes over 50 custom corsets. We are therefore personally and intimately familiar with the products and corset houses we represent. We speak from what we know, experience, and love.
  3. ROMANTASY is a pioneer.
    In 1989 we established the first American retail outlet for two fully custom corset makers, after a historical period of no such business in this country.
    In 1995 we established the world's first website featuring custom corsetry, and we remain the most active internet business in the field, enjoying up to 1000 or more website visitors a day.
  4. ROMANTASY's advice will have your individual needs primarily in mind.
    We are like an independent insurance broker: we have no motivation to direct your choices towards one style over another, or to one maker over another, if that style, maker, fabric, delivery time or price point is not suitable for you! Your individual needs and desires are foremost. Corseting should be a matter of choice, and the corset selected should fit your lifestyle and budget, not the financial needs of the business, business owner or corset maker.
  5. ROMANTASY represents the world's largest collection of custom corset makers.
    Thus, we offer the widest variety of styles, fit and feel of a corset. Each corset fits and feels differently, and rotating several belts contributes to a longer life per corset. These facts lead many of our clients to place orders for two corsets at a time, or periodically order another corset from a new maker we represent.
  6. ROMANTASY provides the finest tight-lacing custom corsets available.
    We represent several professional corset makers who are internationally known for over 20 years for their tight-lacing quality. Other makers on the web or in retail, may claim to produce tight-lacing corsets but sooner rather than later, bones protrude through the top or bottom edge, bones torque in unevenly sewed casings, grommets come loose, the lacing rips or snaps, and worse.
  7. ROMANTASY has secure online ordering via its Shopping Cart.
  8. ROMANTASY has special expertise and supportive, nonjudgmental advice to offer on corseting for men, lot transgendered clients, for brides and for full-figured clients.
  9. ROMANTASY's (1) catalog and (2) wear-and-care brochure (gratis to clients) are both comprehensive, and feature beautiful professional color and black and white photography.
    Rather than just promote products and leave the client wondering after sale and retrieval of their corset, our catalog provides a comprehensive, information-rich survey of makers and styles, and valuable information on wear, care and waist-training, and our brochure provides detailed reformation on how to break in and preserve the beauty of the corset for years to come.
  10. ROMANTASY carefully screens potential corset makers.
    Owner Ann, plus each ROMANTASY corset maker, personally wear and test fit samples of each potential maker's corsets. We also verify the commercial responsibility of the maker so that delivery dates are met absent some emergency reason. Thus, some potential makers are rejected as inappropriate for the customer relations and product quality standards we maintain.
  11. ROMANTASY stands for passion, romance, adventure, commitment, lightness, fun, frivolity, femininity, elegance and edginess in fashion corsetry.
    This differs from other approaches which promote corsets solely or primarily from a position of darkness, fetishism, S&M or sexuality.
  12. ROMANTASY is convinced that everybody can look and feel great in a well-fitted and carefully chosen custom corset.
    However, corsets may not be for everyone; we encourage clients to fully understand the benefits and see how corsets can fit into their lifestyle before placing an order.
  13. ROMANTASY offers six exclusive, unique private label corsets.
    These include the Butterfly Corset, the Scallop Trollop, Simple Pleasures and Point Counter Point Cinchers, Sheri's Sincher, and the Spanish lambskin Vest Corset.
  14. ROMANTASY supports moderation in waist training.
    We advise that our clients attempt to wear their corsets for longer periods on each occasion, rather than attempt a more dramatic reduction for only a short period of time.
  15. ROMANTASY offers a range of price points.
    This range accommodates almost any investment goal or need. We have the business flexibility to vary the terms of delivery and design suitable payment plans.
  16. ROMANTASY continually seeks out and adds new corset makers and unique corset styles.
    We approach fashion academies, search on the Internet, and welcome your referrals. We are proud to provide to the most qualified young corset makers, a business outlet to both exercise their considerable skill and develop supporting, mentoring contacts within the corset world.
  17. ROMANTASY believes in doing business in a supportive, cooperative fashion.
    Thus, we refer you to other corset makers when we are unable to accommodate your needs. We believe this will best serve to preserve and advance the art and craft of corset making, to which we are ultimately dedicated.