"After I sent you my confirmation of receiving the corset, I put it on. WOW! What great workmanship and wonderful  quality! I now have the hour glass figure I've been looking for. I'm looking forward to wearing it as much as possible to train my waist to this shape permanently. Wearing a corset does curb your appetite as well. Thank you so much -- the wait was worth it." -- Cliff (9/23/08)                          -- more happy clients!    
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Sharon McCoy Morgan represents the best in youthful, creative custom corsetry in America. Since the late 1990s and for ROMANTASY since spring 2004, Sharon's unique designs as well as her standard, well-priced custom work are known around the world, with her "Bella" corset to be modeled in a 2007 issue of the German magazine, Marquis. Sharon's corsets provide a warm yet sturdy embrace. She will undertake any imaginative project, and specializes in creating the "ice cream cone" silhouette excellent for lengthening the short-waisted torso or figure and minimizing the rib cage. Aside from her active corset production, Sharon instructs on costuming at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she consistently achieves the highest recognition for her costume and teaching expertise, always shared with a willing smile and her winning Southern charm.  Please view Sharon's gallery and her Featured Corset Photo View Sharon's YouTube slide show
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