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Training Belts

Photo: (c) Weiferd Watts 1998      Models: Pharin and Jill

Waist Training or Celtic Design Leather Belt (shown on right).


Please view our client's experiences and comments about our Training Belt.

Please Note: Production time for belts varies according to the maker's location, time of year, and other items. Typically, plain belts take from 2 to 4 weeks from order before shipment; patterned belts take from 2 to 8 weeks. If you desire or need a firm date, kindly let us know that upon placing your order so that we can let you know whether or not we can comply. The full purchase price will be billed upon placing your order to save time, as the belt will ship direct to you from our maker, including wear and care instructions.


Kevin Holbert is an accomplished leather maker, who produces our Training Belt. Consisting of sturdy lattigo leather, this 2 1/2" belt features a roller buckle for ease in dressing, and is handsome enough to wear as a fashion accessory.  Many customers wear the belt to bed or over daytime clothing, during the time they are waiting for delivery of a custom corset. We are pleased to report that regular wear of a belt, like a corset, can result in permanent reduction of the waistline, or maintenance of a reduced waistline. We now offer for a $10 upcharge, an extended underflap to prevent skin pinching when belting tighter, see middle photo.
Training Belt

Training Belt

As these belts are made up to your order and size, be certain that you give us an accurate size (snug natural waist size). We cannot exchange these belts nor refund your purchase money or give credit once the belt is delivered to you.

Training Belt

Our decorative belt now uses a leafy design similar to the photo at left. You may specify color of belt and also, of leafy design as well.

Order belt by submitting snug waist size. It will arrive with the first eyelet at 2" below that size and four additional eyelets for successive reduction. You may expect the belt to initially feel tight, but over time and use, the belt will more easily fit and be tightened. One of our customers actually lost 9" in 9 months of daily wear!

If tummy control is one of your goals, you might consider ordering a Point Counter Point Cincher or the Simple Pleasures, two of ROMANTASY's popular Private Label corset collection to maintain the waistline while sleeping, rather than a Training Belt, as the Belt may tend to emphasize an obvious tummy while the two cinchers are wider, to cover the tummy area.




We are happy since 2000 to have David back on our team, producing the hand-tooled, handsome, detailed, authentic Celtic-design belts, collars, and wristlets or gauntlets, shown above and at the beginning of this page! Specify two colors (one for basic belt and one for the design element). Please be aware that each belt is individually handmade, and the Celtic design will or may vary a bit from those shown, as David will exercise some artistic license in his creation made especially for you! Also please be aware that you cannot wear your belt with the buckle in back as shown at the top of this page (that is a fashion belt only). The reason? Once you buckle the belt in the front of your body, the buckle will not slide easily around to the back. Thus for tight-lacing, waist-training purposes, your Celtic design will primarily show at the back of your waistline.


If you have any questions about training belts, please don't hesitate to contact us, or you can learn more and check out our pricing by proceeding to our on-line catalog of training belts.