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- Testimonials A Perfect Fit for Men
- Introduction
- Corsets That Maintain a Man's Shape
- The Most Comfortable Style
- Some Cautions for the Corset Consumer
- Private Fitting Appointments
- Fit of Clothing
- Reasonable Reduction Expectations
- Conclusion


"Apologies for not getting back to you sooner - best friend's wedding ate our lives for a while. The new CorVest IS FANTASTIC!!! We love it. I think he looks truly fantastic in it. The boy, in true boy fashion, says "I like it very very much. It is very very nice. However, I will add that he spent a great deal of time in front of the hallway mirror checking himself out. He's NEVER done that before, in ANY article of clothing! We'll get pictures taken and sent off to you soon, and I've already told all my friends about what a wonderful job you've done for us. Many Many Many Thanks!"  -- Dani and Don 6/1/06

Hello Ann,

I received the custom corsets today. HOLY #$%@^ -- I must humbly apologize. There is no comparison! These corsets are so comfortable, and yet, my corseted waistline is now 27" (I didn't even have to try to accomplish this). The best I could do with the off-the-peg was 28 ½" at a comfort level that doesn't even approach these corsets. Kudos to Ruth of BR Creations! Forget this silly nonsense about ordering anymore off-the-peg corsets. (I'll bet you knew/predicted this!). Less money too? Can't beat that. You know I'll be calling! You're the greatest! -- Charlie  12/99  Read on for more from Charlie


I am so pleased with (my new corset), it is impossible to find words that describe how it feels to now be able to do things that I wasn't supposed to do any more in my life! I've had people come up to me and say, "I thought you broke your back? What are you doing on the track riding?" They can't believe I am back riding again, or working out or shoeing horses. -- Chris Rule  2/13/00  Read on for more from Chris


Military men and "dandies" too, were known in the eighteenth century, and even into this century, to wear corsets to achieve proper military stance and fit of the uniform, or to cut a fine figure The weight belts that men wear in modern gyms are direct successors to military corsets for men, and a near relative to the waist-training leather belt ROMANTASY offers. Our research and experience demonstrate that many modern men corset and perhaps for a wider variety of reasons than do women.

Corsets That Maintain a Man's Shape

    Lately, many more men than in the past have been ordering ROMANTASY corsets to fit their natural waist, but achieve better posture or fit of business suits or formal wear, or to provide back support or address medical conditions.

    Indeed, our new Corvest pictured above, is an example of a "manly man's" corset whose time has come. The corset looks like a formal vest on the outside, yet is boned and zippered inside, and laces in back to comfortably reduce the waistline by three inches.

    Our first Corvest customer, Larry, ordered it to help him fit into a fifteen year old tux, and to share something of his wife Robby's excitement, as she took over the Southern California territory for sales of ROMANTASY's corsets. Robby came up with the idea and design for this interesting garment. Perhaps you saw our customers featured on ABC television national news at the end of March, 1998, dining and dancing together "a la corset" at the Starlight Room top of the Sir Frances Drake Hotel in San Francisco.

    In the first week since debuting the corset disguised as a vest, three orders were placed, and regular orders and inquiries followed. We are finding that men in their twenties and thirties enjoy the unique style of the Corvest and are ordering them for clubwear. Recently, an opera singer who had lost 50 pounds and wished greater back support and stomach control while he performed, and a 50-ish physician with impending "love-handles" ordered the garment.

    We make a simple satin version without the brocade front for true foundational wear, and we now produce a leather front Corvest in black cowhide for more adventurous cowboys and members of the leather community!

manwithdog.jpg (25538 bytes) Simple waist cincher, note the cummerbund (left) or underchest versions (right) in plain cotton or satin are also popular. Our corset maker made a handsome cummerbund corset in black and gold with matching bow tie to compliment the True Grace corset modeled for us at the 1996 CURVES fashion show (below). redcorset.jpg (14354 bytes)
blackcorset.jpg (17939 bytes)

Recently, the owner of a made-to-measure men's suit store ordered a corset with a high back to provide support for his chronic back strain. Yet another ordered a corset as support after liposuction. Ann's painter ordered one in basic white cotton to wear under his work shirt and overalls, to provide support in lifting heavy paint buckets and equipment. Another customer ordered two medical-style corsets with lacing on the side front for easy closure, the corset to ameliorate scoliosis and the side lacing to assist him dress himself because of palsy he was suffering.

The Most Comfortable Style

We believe the most comfortable style for a first-time wearer to be the underchest Victorian. It is also the most easily disguised corset when wearing under male clothing, in case you cannot reveal your corset interests at work or at home. Inner boning creates a thinner, lighter weight corset for travel or work, and for disguise, although this construction (compared to extra boning or outer double boning) may not provide maximum waist reduction if a feminine shape is desired.

Which corset maker you choose requires some individual consultation with our trained staff, and we will place your order with the corset maker best suited to your needs.

Some Cautions for the Corset Consumer

Unfortunately some men make poor choices and waste money on off-the-peg corsets in silk or nylon fabric that look glamorous and seem to be a good choice, if only to avoid having to openly admit one's desires to the saleslady. However, once home, if the urge to restrict carries the newcomer, away with enthusiasm, he can pull too tightly for the type of construction (plastic boning, irregular stitching, lack of lining or flimsy fabric) or wear the ready-made corset for too long a time, and by either method stretch fabric beyond its endurance to shreds.

Department store corsets also have the disadvantage of being made for the female body, generally of quite different proportions than the body of a male. Top and bottom will be generously cut, causing a man narrower in those regions to lace tightly, and touch top and bottom edges while leaving a wide gap in the midriff area. However, well-fitted corsets are designed to remain parallel in the back as the corset is tightened. An ill-fitted corset will likely torque on the body and eventually shred from improper stress. A man's ribcage may protrude more than a female garment is patterned to accommodate, thus pushing the top of the corset outward away from the chest and rendering it impossible to hide under normal business clothes, should that be the goal.

Far better for the man desiring a corset for support or for figure control is to take his hesitancy in hand, search out the specialized custom corset maker and engage in an open discussion of his personal corseting desires and needs. He also needs to be prepared to be measured close to his skin over undergarments to insure a perfect fit and optimum body-shaping from the custom made corset.

Private Fitting Appointments

You should feel free to discuss your desired corseting goals and other choices openly with our staff when you come for a measuring and fitting appointment. This is extremely important, as you will see from the following situation..

Fit of Clothing

Male trousers will generally fit without alteration over a female-waisted or male-waisted corset. However, once you begin to tight-lace (take your waist down 4 or more inches), trousers will begin to slip downward.

In addition, a corset having a rather thick edging (such as BR corsets using velvet) or outside boning casings, may show underneath a man's shirt.

If you are concerned about this, simply ask for a corset with bones placed between the lining and the outer fabric and request a light weight fabric. Or if only outer boning casings are available, opt for a corset without lining.

Remember that you can always wear two undershirts over your corset, or indulge in a pair or two of pantyhose pulled up over the bottom of the corset to disguise the bottom edge. One clever customer even suggested that he might make foam pads to simulate his old tummy so his business colleagues wouldn't notice his substantial waist reduction! We'll let you know if that contraption ever gets to market ...

Reasonable Reduction Expectations

You can generally have the same expectations as women who corset, that is, about four inches in six months. However, you should provide us with two additional measurements to insure a comfortable fit no matter the style of corset you choose, or whether or not it is a male or female-style corset.

First, measure vertically from above your hip bone to underneath your lowest rib. Generally men have lesser distance than do women. Standard is 3" for men and 3-4" for women. The narrower that space, the longer it will take to reduce your waist. Second, measure across the widest part of your rib cage, usually several inches below your underchest line. This may be a wider measurement than immediately under the chest, but perhaps not.

One of our customers who sought maximum waist reduction, first purchased our fine leather, roller-buckle waist training belt at 2" wide. He wore it every night to bed for nine months. When he returned to ROMANTASY for his first corset measurement, he had actually permanently sculpted his waist down some nine inches!  If Ann had not personally measured at both ends of that period, she would not have believed his remarkable progress!


No matter your corsetry needs or desires, from formal to foundational, cincher to full Victorian, fancy to functional, we are happy to assist you.

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