We highly recommend this soft and lovely lingerie shop in our favorite local Bay Area village of Larkspur. Owner Marjorie is a long-time professional friend and associate, often there to assist with your selection. She always carries an amazingly wide range of sensual lingerie and lingerie-related gift items at all price ranges and styles -- from French and Fabulous to Provocative and Powerful!

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Wedding Resources

We are pleased to refer you to web businesses or individuals whom we personally know and trust for the quality of their product, excellent business ethics, and longevity in business. We are extremely discriminating in our listing practices, choosing unique web sites representing only the best of what's available. We hope you find that their products compliment or coordinate with your corset or costume, or that their services provide useful fashion, beauty, or self-improvement information. Let us know your experience doing business with our friends, and if we should add someone else whom you recommend!



farthingalesla.com - A friendly, great resource from Canada for corset supplies, corset building kits, patterns, costumes, fabrics, books of all kinds, and information such as how to set a grommet by hand or machine. Good prices and great information and photos!
Laughing Moon Mercantile - Talented proprietress and pattern designer/publisher JoAnn provides some of the best and most authentic of corset and costume patterns.
  Glamour Boutique 2 - We're a transgender (GLBT, TG) friendly, male to female transformation and crossdressing service. Our boutique is located in Las Vegas, NV, USA where Amy and her staff provide products and personalized services to help you become "The Person You Always Wanted To Be".   b Spiky Bras - Here's a novel art-to-wear concept for special occasions, by one of our model-artist friends, Laura. She's a delight and we think you'll love her original product! Just take a look! Back to top.



Classic Pumps supply stylish shoes from size 3.5 up to 12. Their shoes are very well made, chic and moderately priced, and Classic Pumps are very TG friendly. Our model Jamie has four pairs, with another on special order, and swears by them! Back to top.


Counseling Services
Counseling Services - Because we are committed to the full and free expression of the individual, as well as compassion and kindness as the highest human virtues, we are pleased to recommend the following educators and counselors. Persons of integrity and practicality, you may feel free to contact them for situational dilemmas or more complex personal issues you wish to discuss, or on which you wish guidance. Some take phone counseling appointments: Bay Area: Patricia J. Gray, Ph.D., FFAACS   We met Cornelia Powell by happy happenstance one day on the email. We think you'll agree she is a very special person, one who is devoted to living life from the inside out, and helping brides focus on exactly what matters most regarding the wedding ceremony and special connection that women share in such intimate rituals. Enjoy her online magazine, "Weddings of Grace" and her blog "The Woman You Become" (featuring an article on Baseball and Brides by ROMANTASY owner Ann). If you register, she will send Notes from Cornelia (Woman Becoming) Newsletter directed to all women, not just brides. View her lovely slide show, http://www.lineageofwomenmovie.com. Back to top.


California College of Arts and Crafts - CCAC (new campus in San Francisco, 1111 Eighth Street, and historic campus in Oakland, 5212 Broadway) has an outstanding Fashion Design Department, and sponsors fashion shows of exciting fashion designs by students. We encourage you to attend and support young corset designers! Contact them at:  infor@cca.com. The next student fashion show is listed here: http://www.cca.edu/calendar/all/2001 (Weds., May 7, 8 pm; admission $25) Back to top.      


Lumiere Designs, Sculptureware - We tried on this lovely jewelry at the July '04 Lifestyles convention and found it totally unique and shapeable to your neck. Something really different and elegant! Back to top.      


Transformations Make up & Hair - Transformations Make up & Hair was founded in 1990 in beautiful Austin, Texas and is owned and operated by Jon Davis (aka Beth Boye). Beauty is his livelihood. A licensed Appearance Designer and Image Consultant, Jon works with his mostly female clientele, as well as with ad campaigns, fashion shows and beauty pageants. Transformations is a natural extension of his lifelong experience as a transgendered person and is the basis for his belief that every TG person, especially those new to the lifestyle, should have professional image counseling to ensure success in creating their own unique style.  

Façade Couture - We've seen the fantastic results of air-brushed makeup, perfect for great beard coverage for the TG community, as well as for genetic women who wish to cover facial blemishes or scars, and achieve beautifully-smooth skin tones. Like ROMANTASY, this friendly business vends at the Esprit Conference in Pt. Angeles, WA each year, but hail from Western Canada. Check them out! Back to top.


Elegant Images by Jeanette Vonier - Our dear friend and professional associate, Jeanette, produces stellar images for every purpose from professional head shots to romantic boudoir portraits to wedding shots to general glamour or family portraiture. She is our primary Romantasy fashion corset photographer as well, and is preparing the important cover photo for our book, Corset Magic. Please visit her website and don't hesitate to contact her. You can view her wonderful fashion photography both at her own web site, and in our own gallery of her corset photography. Back to top.      



Fem Image by Denaë Doyle - Denaë Doyle is a Femininity Coach and an advocate for the transgender community. Denaë works with the TG woman (male to female) on voice, feminine movement, makeup, hair and wigs. She offers in the South Bay, California, private consultations on feminine poise.

Her Feminine Movement and Poise introductory video/DVD is geared towards the transgendered woman who wants to improve her image or redefine herself from "man in a dress" to "truly feminine".



Exceptional Voice - Kathe Perez is an excellent source for all of your voice training needs. This is particularly of significance to those wanting to project femininity in both voice as well as appearance.
Sami's Closet - a full-service web store for all dressing needs for the transgendered community. Ready-made quality corsets and good customer service. Ask for Joanna
Classic Curves International - Espy Lopez, President
- Hip and Bosom Enhancement Products
Espy is a long-time friend who offers a unique, quality product!
  Glamour Boutique 2 We're a transgender (GLBT, TG) friendly, male to female transformation and crossdressing service. Our dressing service boutique is located in Las Vegas, NV, USA, where Amy and her staff provide products and personalized services to help you become "The Person You Always Wanted To Be". The Just You Family have years of experience transforming men into beautiful women.  Back to top.



Raven Crone, Raven's Nest Productions' President, is undoubtedly a goddess-send regarding the web design and maintenance needs of any small to medium size, or specialty, business such as ROMANTASY. We found Raven in 2002 first as a Corset Magic book client, and then as a friend and web assistant. If you, like ROMANTASY, are devoted to high-class customer service, yet you work with the special challenge of tight margins and limited time available for multiple daily tasks, you may confidently rely on Raven to freshen up your website image, or simply keep it up-to-date with small, but critical, changes. Raven implements our requested changes in lightening-fast time (sometimes even hours), something new for us since we launched our website in 1995. Based on her own web clientele and extensive small business experience, she provides us with relevant perspectives on concept and design, even as she works on more simple technical matters. However, she is always willing to accept final direction from the business owner who knows her or his business best, and is rightly invested in ownership pride as well as the privilege of final decision-making. You may also rely on Raven's complete business discretion and protection of your intellectual property. We highly recommend her services! Back to top.