"Hi Ann, just a quick note to advise that my training belt order was delivered Friday evening.  Quality 100%! I have worn about 3 times to break in - starting with first hole and have progressed to second hole for a short period.  Kudos to your manufacturer." 
--Brett 7/29/07
"Dear Ann,
I got a wonderful surprise when I got home from work. The belt had arrived. I had trouble putting it on at first since I had gained extra weight since the order. I struggled, put it on, and then got called back into work. I had so much pain driving to work that when I got there I took the belt off. It was amazing after the first half-hour with the belt off, my pants almost fell down! I put the belt back on about 4 hours later when I got back home. I think I was able to only keep it about one and a half hours and had to remove it due to pain. I got home from work today and put the belt on, with no trouble. I'm now closing in on the 3rd hour today, with the belt on. In short, I'm loving the belt and what it does for my figure. Now to cut down on the carbs, fats, and alcohol that I have been doing way too much off lately. I can't wait until I have a waist that looks like yours. I know this may take years, but I'm dedicated."

--Richard M 12/18/01



From our successful waist training student, Camille P.:
"I haven't reached my final (waist reduction) goal yet, so OF COURSE I'm continuing... and thanks to you, I know how I can achieve it! Corseted last night for 10 hours at work (a gruelingly busy shift), then came home and switched into the (training) belt. I was so exhausted I slept clear through the night, so I ended up wearing the belt for nearly 8 hours! And, as you predicted, it HAS gotten easier... still lacks that marvelous, comforting corset hug, but it will be effective."
--Camille, April, 2001


"I've had my training belt for almost a month and I've just started on the third hole. Today, my friends started noticing how small my waist looks. (They had no idea I had the belt on, which I wear all day). They were all envious. I can't wait until it stays this way without the belt, which I will keep on wearing!"
--PB, 1/19/01



"Hello Ann,
I recently purchased a waist training belt from you and have worn it for roughly two months. I love it! I now wear it constantly on the third smallest and for hours at a time and yes, it's very comfortable. How much do you charge to add two smaller holes! "

--Ted, August, 1999
(Ed. Answer: Please contact us for pricing, but a shoe maker or shoe repair shop can likely put the holes in for you with minimal cost).