"I received my Sheri corset last week. It was wrapped so artistically that I was almost hesitant to open it--almost. When I did open it, I was not only astounded by it's incredible beauty, but also shocked to realize how small it was, and that my waist is really that short! The fabric is gorgeous, and it is readily apparent how much skill and care went into the crafting of this garment." Angela (1/27/11)
"Ann and her stable of corset-makers and seamstresses do exquisite work. Anne was especially great when planning my wedding outfit. Her wedding consultations are worth every penny, and I highly recommend that service. She helped me pick the perfect person to make my corset, skirt, gloves, etc. The results were just wonderful- everyone was amazed by my wedding ensemble!" Nicoloe (Yelp review; Sept. 2010)
"I received my new navy and magenta Sheri corset and it is beautiful!" -- Natalie (11/6/08)
"Corset is amazing, color perfect--will definitely order from you again!" -- Ayn (9/20/08)
"I picked up my corset on 12/26. Wow!!! it is Beautiful!!!! Sheri did a absolutely wonderful job!!!  I read ALL the wear & care instructions right-off. I had a wonderful Christmas and soon,... a wonderful NEW YEAR!!! You ladies do the same." -- Rikki (12.29/07)
"First off I wish to express how happy I am with the custom corset created for me by Sheri. It not only looks beautiful but seems quite durable and sturdy for many years of use (I hope!)." -- Jennifer (11/29/07)
"Hi Ann! I just got back from Big Bear and got my Fedex package from my neighbor...OMG~!  It's absolutely beautiful!!  I couldn't stop touching it and am very, VERY impressed on how well made it feels and looks.  Definitely a quality piece of work.  I am very excited to start learning how to put it on and wear it, but will obediently read your words before trying.  Plus, this gives the two CorPro's a chance to catch up in the mail so I can wear those w/ it.  Please pass on my grateful admiration to my corsetiere on your team, Sheri, as she did a spectacular job.  I will definitely give you progress reports as I slowly start my training. Warmly and enthusiastically yours."  -- Susan V. (6/13/07)
"Sheri's corset has ALWAYS fit awesome. I was ready to lace tighter from day one and had to really control myself during corset conditioning and seasoning. It doesn't matter what my waistline has been, it has fit like a second skin or suit of armor. I can't stress how comfortable it is. It is my favorite and now can be worn 24 / 7 as it is easy to conceal under golf shirts."  -- Brian K. (6/10/07)
"Hello Ann, I love this corset! It's remarkable and I can't imagine how I lived without it before. If I wear my corset all day long and then I take it off I feel heavy, then I put it back on and feel light again... and interesting feeling! I will send pics when I get tripod. Thanks for this remarkable corset. You were right--it worth every penny!"  -- Nikolay (4/19/07)
"Dear Ann, Hello! Sheri's corset arrived last week, and it's  gorgeous!  It fits beautifully.   :-)   I wore it to an afternoon tea party this past Sunday, and got LOTS of compliments! Not only is the corset stunning, but it's fairly  comfortable, as well (even for a corset novice such as myself!). Thanks" --  Margaret (2/20/07)
"Hi Ann. I picked up my new reversible Sheri corset at the post office on my way home from work today and it looks great! The pink flower embroidered denim on the inside looks so good that I am having a hard time deciding which side I want to wear showing, the denim or the pretty pink satin with ivory bone casings!" -- Brittany (10/25/06; Canada)
"Synchronicity!!!  Just plied my way out of it, in a word, WOW!  Must read the paperwork, rules, etc. before I actually begin "training" but oh my goodness, I love how it makes me feel/look!  It is lovely and pleased with my selection. Glad to have met your acquaintance and looking forward to a future friendship." -- Cynthia (2/14/06)
" Received the corset on Monday or Tuesday after the Saturday you sent it. It looks great! Have not had an opportunity to really wear it yet. I'm hoping to take a day of work soon a really give it a try.  Thanks." -- Brett (3/21/05)