"Hi Ann! Thank you so much for your help!  My husband and I have been long time admirers of Romantasy and the corsets you make.  They are beautiful.  One day, I hope that I will be able to afford the real thing!  I would also like to take this time to tell you how much it means to us as consumers that you personally handle e-mails, etc.  Personalization at its best!  Thank you again for all your help! Thank you." Gail T. (6.5.07)

"Ann, the corset has helped as a slimming aid and as a way to keep from wanting to eat as much. I think seeing how much the corset takes me in, is a major motivation to wanting to look that way all the time! I try never to forget anyone and certainly never anyone who is willing to help me as much as you did (at the SCC convention). Thank you for your compliments--they mean a lot to a girl like me."  -- Debbie D. (3/6/07)
"Hi Ann, I received the cinch fine, and it's perfect. Comfortable and pretty, just as you described.  Thanks so much!" -- Andrea (2/16/07)
"I have received my cincher as promised. I love the little thing and plan to wear it often. Soon I hope to send you a picture of me wearing it." -- Emma (7/16/06)
"THANKS ANN! LOVE the Waist Cinch. I feel rich in it. WOW! Fits wonderfully. I'll be a repeat customer! Have a fabulous week." -- Laura Y. (5/17/05)

"Dear Ann, WOW. I just returned from Europe three days ago to find the package with my cincher in it on the desk in my room. I made a beeline for the desk, leaving my suitcase unopened on the floor, I was so eager to see my new garment. When I opened the package and took out the cincher, I was stunned by how gorgeous it looked, and by the feel of the satin and the colors and just about everything!! Wow, wow, wow!! I practically tore off my sweatshirt and t-shirt to slip the cincher over my little undershirt!! Having read all of the literature that was sent on how to lace properly and how far to lace down, etc, I took out my mom's old sewing tape measure and obsessively measured to make sure I was not going down more than 1/2 inch. I can hardly describe the wonderful feeling that I experienced when I wandered about my house, admiring myself in any mirror I could find. I couldn't stop gaping at how gorgeous the cincher looked!! I felt like a princess :) Even my brother thought it was "pretty cool." I love the hug of the cincher about my waist. When I have a bit more money, I am ordering another. I have to stop myself from wearing it continually, and it's just agony to be parted from my dear new garment! I wanted to thank you for your kind notes and for the timely manner in which the payments and paperwork and shipping were taken care of. And please thank the creator of the beautiful cincher for me. Again, all I can say is WOW! -- Cheers and Thanks." -- Freya

"Hi Ann !  Just wanted to say hi and tell you how really happy I am with the cincher. I'm doing well with the 3 inch reduction (everyone thinks I either lost weight or got bigger breasts !)." -- Thanks again!  Gina

"Dear Ann,  Under my wedding dress the Simple Pleasures cincher pulled my waist in a good three inches, down to 22. I have to tell you - when I undressed at the end of the evening my new husband's eyes fell out of his head when he saw me standing there in just the cincher and a G string. It was then that the full slimming impact was obvious. He has asked me to thank you personally!" -- Pam, Australia 11/27/01