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International Clients
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ROMANTASY is happy to receive many inquiries and orders from around the world. Below, we summarize some of the common questions you ask us, in hopes it will assure you of excellent quality and fit of your completed corset, plus delivery service that minimizes risk of loss or unnecessary customs fees incurred in international transit.
  1. Q: What languages do you speak and write?
    A: Our owner speaks or writes conversational Spanish. In addition, she can communicate in basic French, Italian and Portuguese. We can also translate your inquiry and our response into German. Our order form has been translated into German and is available upon request. With a few days advance notice, we are happy to refer to our friends your questions in the following languages: Russian, Dutch and Greek, including translation of this very page! Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a way to assist!
  1. Q: Do many of your clients come from out of the United States?
    A: Yes! Our estimate is that about one-fourth of our orders over our business history have been, and continue to be, international. We hope to increase that percentage at the earliest opportunity, because we realize that in many countries, it is extremely difficult to locate qualified custom corset makers to consult personally. We would like to insure that you become familiar first and foremost with quality corsetry, rather than merely with flimsy lingerie or would-be corsets! In finding ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry, you have found the best!
  1. Q: Do these international clients come to see you personally in San Francisco, or do they order by email or fax?
    A: Both! We are surprised at how many orders come solely from the web and email consultation, and how many clients find us on the internet because of our extensive search engine listings. We are also surprised when clients journey to San Francisco on vacation and make a special point to arrange a private corset consultation while here! We are happy to be part of an adventure for them, and plan a special tea party celebration to welcome them to our lovely city! To a person, our international clients appreciate our comprehensive and informative website, long and reputable business history in purveying custom corsetry, and friendly attitude. In turn, we welcome their appreciation of quality and understanding of what custom truly means and is worth, something that Americans sometimes do not appreciate! Americans, more than Europeans or Asian clients, are accustomed to disposable throw-away clothing of lesser quality. We do not fully understand that "custom" is really "haute couture" made-to-measure. During personal corset consultations, American clients frequently ask: "but I don't like this aspect of the sample corset I am trying on". Then we have to remind them that it can be changed according to their individual wishes and desires -- ROMANTASY's corsets are truly custom!
  1. Q: Do you have any clients in my country who would be willing to tell me about their experience with your corsets and business?
    A: Most likely, we can find a client in your country who has ordered at least one corset from us during the past eleven years! We are happy to contact that client to see if they would entertain an inquiry from you by email or telephone.  Remember: some clients want privacy and confidentiality, and may not be available to publicize their corset enthusiasm or satisfaction. In that case, you can read many comments about our corsets, responsible business approach, and customer service in current and past web journals, right on our website!
  1. Q: I am concerned about ordering only by email; what assurance and advice can you give me regarding fit of a custom corset long-distance?
    A: First, fit begins with accurate measurement! You should never take them yourself, and in the best circumstance, use an experienced seamstress or tailor to take them for you according to our comprehensive custom form. Second, we must admit that we prefer to see you in person to measure you, simply because of our extensive experience. However, assuring that your underbust style fits you, is extremely easy if you provide us a set of accurate body measurements. Third, achieving fit of overbust styles is admittedly more challenging, but not impossible! In case of overbust style orders, we will mail you a cotton sample corset made to your measurements, which you mark up, pin and otherwise modify to indicate needed alterations, described here: You mail the muslin and additional notations on a separate piece of paper back to your corset maker who then uses the muslin as your final corset pattern. In 99% of those cases, the final fit is just perfect! When we encounter any difficulties using this process, it is important to us to make further reasonable alterations in order to have the corset fit you! Most times we will pay for the alterations (you pay for shipping), but sometimes additional charges will be billed to you. That is because we cannot absolutely guarantee our fit using the mail order muslin process, since it is out of our hands once we mail the muslin to you. In that case, you take the responsibility to provide accurate instructions regarding necessary alterations (that is why we recommend that you hire a professional seamstress, tailor or dressmaker to mark the alterations). We do, however, come very close to perfection using this process!
  1. Q: How can I really know what fabrics are available from so far away?
    A: If you tell us the basic color you might like for your corset, such as peach or blue or red, we are happy to send you some color fabric swatches in the mail for your advance approval. We can send silk, satin, brocade, cotton and leather color samples. It is a bit easier for us if you first send us the approximate color you desire. For example, you can cut at least a 2" x 2" square out of a magazine page of the color you like, or find a crayon or pen and color in a square on a white piece of paper. Remember that "blue" can signify many different hues of blue from sky-blue, peacock blue, royal blue, navy blue, etc. Even "red" is not a simple color to understand! One person might mean "burgundy-red" and another might mean "orange-red". The more help you can give us, the easier our task becomes to find the precise color you have in your own vision and imagination.
  1. Q: Many of the corsets shown on your website are very ornate and elaborate; however, I must be more conservative in wearing my corset and only want to use it as a foundational undergarment. Can you help me?
    A: Of course! About half of our orders are for very simple black or white cotton or satin corsets, worn for back support, tummy control, figure improvement and foundation wear! Remember: we produce the design and style of corset that you individually desire: your corset is totally made to measure and custom!
  1. Q: How do you ship my completed corset?

    A: We wrap corsets in either plastic or white tissue, include a full set of wear and care instructions, and pack them in the smallest possible, air-tight heavy boxes to qualify for a small packet rate postage. We typically insure corsets for $100 to $300, and we bear the entire risk of loss by the common carrier we select, if the corset is lost in transit. However, please remember that sometimes customs on your end will delay notification that your corset has arrived, and may or may not impose customs duties for which you will be responsible. If you or we suspect that our carrier or your customs agents have lost a corset, we will replace your order in due time. However while we understand our client's frustration at such delay and/or loss, we ask your cooperation to give us a reasonable amount of time for the package to be received back in our hands if it is in fact not lost, but has been returned to the States. And we ask your cooperation to give us a reasonable amount of time to remake and reship your order.
  1. Q: Has ROMANTASY encountered any problems in mailing completed corsets internationally?

    A: For orders emanating from the US or outside the US we accept Master Card, Discover and Visa (please, no American Express). You may also pay by international money order made out in US dollars, or we can accept an international bank transfers . We can give you proper routing numbers for transfers, once we finalize your order and price. All transfer fees (both from your bank, and if any from our bank) must be born by client. We are unable to accept a check in your country's currency.
  1. Q: Does it take longer to get my corset because I do not live in the United States?

    A: No. Orders are given priority according to the date the order is placed, unless there is a special rush delivery date specified in the order form, typically associated with an additional rush fee. For example, some clients have a specific wedding date and must have their corset by that date! We ship all corsets by first class postage by air mail, unless you require otherwise. Sometimes, our shipments outside of the United States even arrive faster than our shipments inside! Most orders take from one month to three months and sometimes more, depending on the following: (1) individual corset maker's workload, (2) season of the year (there are more orders for end-of-year holiday delivery dates, so order early), (3) how difficult it is for us to find the specific fabric or color fabric you desire, (4) supply of corset-making fittings (sometimes the factories get behind in manufacturing front busks or bones and the corset maker will be delayed through no fault of her own), (5) loss or delay by the US or international post office, (6) examination by the customs agency, and other. When there will be a delay of more than 2-3 weeks beyond what we originally anticipated, we try to contact you to alert you, so you need not be concerned. Sometimes your inquiry will alert us that a corset we posted to you has been delayed in shipment, and we can start a tracing process to find your corset! But in most cases, you will receive your corset in a timely fashion with no delays, even if you live outside the United States!
  1. Q: Can you use a private mailing label?

    A: We are committed to your confidentiality, and are happy to use the name and address you give us, and list only our street number return address with no indication of the package contents, except that on customs declaration forms, we list, and accurately so, "one piece of lingerie" as the contents.
  1. Q: What credit cards do you accept and how do I pay?
A: For orders emanating from the US, Europe, or Canada, we accept Master Card, Discover and Visa (please, no American Express). You may also pay by a check or international money order made out in US dollars. For orders from other countries, we accept only international bank transfers. We can give you proper routing numbers once we finalize your order. All transfer fees must be born by client. We are unable to accept a check in your country's currency.
  1. Q: To give me greater assurance, who at ROMANTASY will handle my long-distance order?

    A: The owner, Ann, handles all orders. She answers her confidential email, phone and fax, thus you may rest assured that you have assistance from the top! You may call her to discuss your order and questions before placing it by fax or over the email. Since fall 2000, we provide confidential ordering services in our Miva Shopping Cart. In addition, Ann is an experienced corset wearer with a private corset collection of over 70 custom corsets at last count! She also welcomes coaching assignments to assist long-distance corset enthusiasts to improve their waist reduction and endurance in wearing quality custom corsets.
* * * *

We hope these questions and answers help give you the assurance you need to pursue your love of custom corsetry, and place your order with ROMANTASY. It is truly our pleasure to make new friends in the international society of corset enthusiasts, and we are always happy to assist!