Corsets for Sale

This great, handsome corset is brand new, made for a lady measuring 45, 34, 48". If you are "squishy" and like tight lacing, this elegant corset is for you! Lined in sturdy black cotton, the front and back are of rust-burgundy Chinese brocade with black satin sides to further minimize the waistline. Original client was 5'8" in height, with a full bosom (C-DD cups will work well) with a front center corset measurement of 13.5". Rib cage was 38.5" and pelvic bone is 46.5". Closes at 26".
Originally: $515. SALE PRICE: $495.

These brand new little cinchers are great starter corsets. Great value, as they are hand washable in cold water, reversible for two different looks! Light weight not for tight lacing but very sturdy (no waist tape, no bonding, single boning). Can tolerate a 3-4" waist reduction with proper wear. Great for maintenance corseting and for sleeping, fashion wear, too! $235.

"Black brocade royal satin lining BR Victorian". This great short corset (10" front busk) is for someone with a 29-31" rib cage, who can cinch down to 19" when the corset closes in back, and with a 37-10" hip measurement. Owner wore the corset five or six times. It is in clean, excellent shape and an excellent value for this top quality BR Creations corset! No garters. Originally: $410. SALE PRICE: $250.

"Brocade Victorian Corset" by Dorothy Jones. For a tiny waisted person. Lovely shiny gold and black brocade corset, closes at 15", ten inches tall. Worn in a fashion show once and tried on several more times. New corset.
Originally: $450. SALE PRICE: $200.

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