Corsets for Sale

Cotton Corset

A washable corset side-front laced for those with arthritis or problems back-lacing (also a back lace!). Black cotton lining. Sturdy tight lacing corset closes at 30-31" made for person with 34" waistline. Originally: $310. SALE PRICE: $285 

  Underbust Corset

This white satin underbust corset is for a voluptuous gal with a 36-40" waistline and a 54-56" hip. Made for lady 5'7.5", rib cage of 42", hip bone of 47". Lined in dark gold satin, perfectly reversible! A great value at a $100 discount, never worn!
Originally: $345. SALE PRICE: $245.

BR Corset

"Underbust Victorian" by BR Creations. This striking burgundy and black satin BR is brand new and fits the following measurements: rib cage 32", waist 29", and hips 39". Front busk 10" made for a lady 5'5". Never worn and tried on once! A treasure! Reversible to a burgundy lining! Closes at 25".
Originally: $365. SALE PRICE: $345.
  Sue Nice Underbust Victorian

"Underbust Victorian" by Sue Nice
Great for waist training, and patterned for a transgender (male) client, this "workhorse" corset is hand washable (per our instructions sent with corset) and may be tight laced for many hours of wear. Excellent starter foundation corset, or for outer wear with informal skirts or jeans. Made for person with rib cage 33-35" (typical male ribcage), original snug waist of about 31-32", hips 36-37".
Originally: $395. SALE PRICE: $325

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