ROMANTASY is seeking qualified corset makers

We invite you to join ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry, the premier custom corset purveyor on the web since 1996. Our website is extensive, informative, and enjoys a high level of daily traffic and resulting orders. The website has been developed and is consistently maintained with an investment of substantial resources reflecting our underlying commitment to the comeback of the corset as a popular fashion and foundation garment.

Our garments reflect the highest standards of construction or tight-lacing, historically accurate or high fashion costumes, and overall quality. Our orders are increasing!

If you share our perspective, are interested in working as an independent contractor, are an experienced corset or costume maker (limited experience is acceptable, if basic construction and patterning skills are demonstrated), can provide one or more of the following needs, and are committed to the following principles, please send a letter of interest stating your education and experience to:

or to:
2912 Diamond St, Ste. 239, San Francisco, CA 94131, or
Telephone (415) 585-0760

We will thereafter forward a detailed working agreement to qualified seamstresses.

Principles of ROMANTASY'S working relationship (to be formalized in writing) with professional corset and costume makers:

  • commitment to professionalism in terms of
      -meeting production deadlines, or bearing the burden for missed deadlines
      -adhering to the highest technical standards of the profession and as set by ROMANTASY,
      -maintaining high customer service standards

  • willingness to conduct business
      -in a consistently cordial fashion
      -by openly discussing and cooperating in improving internal working arrangements with ROMANTASY staff
      -by constant attention to improving external customer service

  • willingness and ability to accept responsibility for own work product and to replace or repair defective product

ROMANTASY'S present needs and preferred arrangements:

  • four week or less turnaround time

  • unusual styles, embellishments, fabrics or other not yet represented on our website

  • special styles needed: Ribbon Corset, Underwire overbust styles, 1600 styles, Regency period styles

  • patterning and production of designs copyrighted by ROMANTASY, or your own unique designs produced exclusively for ROMANTASY

  • willingness to be represented exclusively on ROMANTASY's website without establishing a competing corset website, with a six month notice to ROMANTASY before terminating this working relationship.

Thank you for your consideration, or referral to qualified seamstresses.