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Elyse models her "Madame" corset
by Sharon

- Testimonials

The Jeanette
Jeanette models her "Jeanette" corset
by Sheri

"Lovely, everything arrived, great...love the little matching corset magnet! Will let you know how my day all goes, thanx a million for everything Ann...Now I can't wait to get a cinch corset next!!!!" -- Love Elyse, San Francisco, 8/16/06
"Hello Ann, hope all is well with you...The Wedding was a true fairy tale!! Did Ken send you pic's? I was surprised that I had held my Bouquet the whole time hence not getting the greatest picture's of my waist in corset. I would be happy to come over sometime after honeymoon with the corset and have you take pictures if you'd like, or you may have enough already--just a thought. I got so many compliment's on the corset Ann, I can't wait to wear it again!" -- Elyse xoxox  (9/13/06

- Introduction

It our pleasure to help you answer the question we most often hear from Brides:

"How can I achieve the most trim and curvaceous figure with the best possible presentation in my wedding gown using a foundation corset, or incorporating one of your corsets as outwear in my wedding corset ensemble?"

It is also our pleasure to help Brides address the ubiquitous concern of how to trim a few inches off their waistline figure with a suitable waist-training corset!

ROMANTASY has specialized in custom corsetry since 1990. We're advised hundreds, if not thousands, of brides and their Bridal Party members, who appreciate the figure-enhancing qualities of custom corsetry. We delight in assisting you to design a simple and sexy corset as the most effective possible foundation garment to improve the fit of your wedding gown, or as elegant or ornate outwear and part of your visible wedding ensemble.

An added benefit is the fact that a corset provides everyone maximum long-term value for the often substantial wedding wardrobe investment. Specifically, after the wedding, a wedding corset, or even a simple foundation corset, can be paired as outerwear with a skirt or even slacks, or you may continue to wear your corset for undergarment figure-shaping for many, many years to come. We do hope, however, that you only wear your wedding dress once, and that it be a very happy occasion for you and your lucky Sweetie!

- Corsets as Foundation Wear

Today, one often sees readymade gowns that simulate corsets in their boned bodices. At ROMANTASY, we amusedly refer to these gowns as "wannabe corsets." However and too often, readymade gowns--even some expensive designer gowns we've seen which were purchased in high-end boutiques and bridal salons--typically provide no, or inconsequential, figure-shaping. A substantial, figure-enhancing foundation garment is required.

However, the proper foundation garment is often not discussed by bridal salons more interested in promoting a fantasy and making an expensive dress sale, than in helping a bride bring her fantasy to the most beautiful reality possible. Some salons simply don't bother to mention a foundation garment at all.

This question leads to our assurance that a fine, haute courture made-to-measure corset, may be the perfect solution for you! It will readily and comfortably enhance your figure, reduce your waistline instantaneously and comfortably by from one to three inches, smooth out curves, improve the shape of and support for your bosom, and result in an immediate, oftimes dramatic, improvement of posture, including the best possible fit of your wedding gown and silhouette.

- Corsets as Outerwear

As many of our brides do, you may choose almost any style our ROMANTASY corsetieres  produce, and team it with a coordinating skirt, sleeves, stole, or jacket to create a dazzling corset ensemble for your special wedding day. Even a simple waist-cincher corset can be worn over the midriff of a full wedding gown for proper waistline reduction and shaping. The very same instantaneous waist-reduction and figure-shaping results from wearing a corset as the bodice of your ensemble, as it does from a foundation corset.

Just imagine any of the more vibrantly-colored corsets shown on our website, executed in traditional ivory, white, or a more adventurous color satin or brocade.

Even mothers-of-the-bride, maids of honor, and bride's maids will appear elegant and stylish with a corset-dress, or corset bodice underneath a jacket.

- Corsets for Pre-Wedding Waist-Trimming and Training

You may also wish to purchase a comfortable, underbust Victorian Training Corset (or Waist-Training Belt) to be delivered from one to three months before your wedding date. This garment or belt can be worn daily and combined with ROMANTASY's specific, simple, written Nutrition and Movement Program to enhance a pre-wedding exercise program you have implemented, or boost your progress in trimming off a few waistline inches or even pounds.

This unique process with which ROMANTASY has achieved remarkable success and recognition, is called "Waist Training," and you may read about it in our book, "Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure".

- Bridal Consultations In-Person and by Email

To provide you with the highest quality, personalized design assistance, and wardrobe preparation advice for your important day, we suggest either an in-person Bridal Consultation in San Francisco, or an email Bridal Consultation.

Our Consultations are designed to ensure that you choose wisely the correct style and silhouette for your corset to address your specific, individual figure issues and concerns (Is it your lower tummy? Is it an ample bosom? Is it a pear shape? Is it an uneven torso? Is it a pear shape?), the best ROMANTASY corsetiere, the most suitable and durable wedding fabrics and embellishments. In addition, we will assist you understand and consider the entire construction process, timetable, and proper pre-wedding seasoning steps, as well as how and when to don your corset on your wedding day, then follow suitable nutrition and dining steps to ensure hours of comfort. We will advise you and a member of your Bridal Party, how to properly season the corset, when and how to lace the corset on, and what kind of a wearing and nutrition program to follow on your wedding day to ensure your maximum comfort.

Because Bridal Consultations are so detailed and time consuming, our special fee for this service is $250. Included will be a copy of our two corset catalogs (value $25) and as well, a copy of our Corset Magic  book CD (value $30), so that you may start your shape-up body-toning program at home, even before your corset is delivered. Our unlimited email consultation (and written instructions) may be booked in advance with a $75 fee.


We hope you are inspired by the lovely images in our Bridal Gallery and also in the Bridal Bliss Collection of Wedding Corsets by Sheri for ROMANTASY. We sincerely hope that you choose ROMANTASY as your preferred corset maker, and we look forward to working with you.