The Benefits of Corseting

(Corset Art)We think you will agree that a corset is one of the finest items of apparel you can own. Both elegant and practical, you may choose to show it off by wearing it over a sexy leather or chiffon mini-skirt, or you may prefer to emphasize your waist by wearing it under a summer dress or business suit. Of course, bridal and formal gowns are naturally enhanced by the corset. Aside from the acclaim you will receive when wearing your corset, you will derive additional benefits of excellent posture and support for back muscles. Indeed, some customers order our Victorian corsets for medical purposes, rather than wear more unattractive, traditional orthopedic and industrial versions.

A little known fact is that wearing a corset can enhance a weight-training or even weight-reduction program. Wearing the corset lightly laced every day or every other day for about a month, at about 6-8 hours a day, while focusing on exercise and eating a healthy, low-fat, low-sugar diet will maximize reduction. For example, one of ROMANTASY's customers lost two inches around her waist in 6 weeks, while our owner, Ann, lost one inch in 4 weeks.

While we recommend that your corset accommodate an ultimate waist reduction of four or five inches, it is certainly possible to order it to comfortably fit your present waist size: there is never any need to suffer or make major changes in your body image. Even if you never intend to "tight-lace", the first time you wear your corset, you may expect to comfortably reduce your waist size an inch or more.

It is a little known fact that men enjoy corseting, too. Indeed, 60% of our custom orders come from men who desire the benefits of a more shapely figure. ROMANTASY staff are pleased to assist our gentlemen customers with orders.

In addition, we have fitted an opera singer and another friend of ROMANTASY, with bra cup sizes of DD and K. Corsets, with or without straps, can provide needed support and enhance the full-figure.

However you choose to wear your corset, you will surely feel like royalty... and we expect that you will soon be considering another color and design for a second or third corset to add to your wardrobe!