Robby Cannedy
(949) 646-2042; fax (949) 650-7420

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Robby and Ann

Robby in Black Satin Robby and Ann at Bridal


In our first photo, Ann (left in glasses) joins Robby (right) at a recent lunch to celebrate the inauguration of their joint venture to expand ROMANTASY's corset availability into Southern California.  In our second photo, Robby models her very first corset at ROMANTASY's opening celebration, a simple black satin BR Creations corset.   In our third photo, Robby joins Ann at the February Bridal Faire, wearing her new Ballerina Corset by ROMANTASY, adorned with pearl and rhinestone busk covers Robby invented exclusively for ROMANTASY, with matching jacket and skirt. Finally, in our fourth photo, Robby discusses custom corsets at the August 22nd Neutral Corner meeting in San Diego.

In early April, Robby took her first appointment and order from a resident of Los Angeles, a gentleman desiring a corset for weight reduction and better posture.   Private measuring and consulting appointments may be made by contacting her at the telephone number or fax listed above.

The owner of nine corsets, Robby recently appeared on national television news with her husband, Larry.  ABC's "World News Tonight" filmed the couple dancing at San Francisco's Starlight Room top of the Sir Frances Drake Hotel.  Robby wore her newest confection, the Ballerina Corset shown above, and Larry debuted the new "Corvest," a corset for men disguised as an elegant and formal vest.

"I can't say enough good about corsets!" says Robby, who even wears her new cotton underbust corset to play 18 holes of golf in her hometown of Newport Beach!

And we know you'll love her infectious enthusiasm, friendly manner and extensive knowledge about the benefits of custom corsets.  Don't hesitate to contact her for an appointment if you live in Southern California or plan a visit there.