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Martina Ostermann

February 2000,

Dear Corset Friends,

It has been a long time since I wrote my last letter, and it has been an equally long time since I visited Ann, my dear friend in California. But finally, I returned with two friends from Koln to San Francisco to spend my vacation and New Years. We passed the Millennium watching spectacular fireworks from the top of Twin Peaks above Ann's lovely new home in Glen Park. It was truly wonderful!

The next weekend, Ann took us to one of her favorite places in the world for a weekend vacation. We visited the beautiful beaches of Big Sur, and rested in a cozy cabin with a fireplace. Of course, we stayed up practically the entire night before the fire chatting about corsets, our lives, aspirations, hopes for the New Year and future, and trying our best to catch up since we last saw each other over two years ago. We couldn't do that in just one evening, but we did our best!

We also talked about corsets, analyzed the newly re-designed website and projected business development, almost every evening at Ann's home during the dinner the way, my favorite dinner was Mexican enchiladas, which we brought back home from a neighborhood restaurant at least four times in three weeks! I eventually earned the official title of "Enchilada Woman" which Ann threatened to write on a banner and make me wear home!

Just before I returned to Germany, we decided to treat Ann to dinner at my favorite "hip-cazh" restaurant in the city, Bix, on Gold Street. For such a dinner you must be well dressed, of course! Ann and I managed to squeeze into our favorite corsets and tight-lace to nothingness...well, almost to nothingness, as we had to save room for the fabulous food. We decided to try to make it through the evening without loosening the laces.... I wore my new Sheri's Sincher in black brocade with a lovely chiffon front lacing and bow. Ann wore her Spanish Vest Corset in lambskin leather. You can see us together in the photo here.

Our evening at Bix started with a drink at the bar while we enjoyed jazz played on the piano. We attracted a lot of favorable attention from other guests at the bar! Some men smiled at us when they realized we were both wearing corsets, and we really enjoyed their comments.

After a short while, our hostess guided us upstairs (so we could further show off our wasitlines!) to our table overlooking the first floor area.We ordered a huge meal and even four desserts, which we shared. Since we ate slowly and engaged in leisurely conversation between courses, Ann and I were able to enjoy the meal AND leave our corsets fully laced!

The evening ended about two hours later when we realized it was getting late and we were about the last people in the restaurant!

Ann and I resolved for the New Millennium to do better than in the past, and personally visit each other twice a year! Ann is thinking of coming for the next Bal de Gracieuses in Germany in November. We are going to do our best to meet our goal.

The next day we returned to our home in Koln where Ann and I took up our periodic email correspondence, to continue to share events of our lives, corset conspiracies, and what we know to be our lifelong friendship!

I hope my webpage visitors will call me in Koln to discuss their corsetry needs, as ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry has added many new and unique styles to their offering,s and will soon add a creative new latex corset maker to their distinguised group of corset houses--so stay tuned to the website!



June, 1998

Hi, Martina here; I'm ROMANTASY's German District Consultant on corsets! It seems a long time since I visited California this past January to see my friend, Ann, and share our love of corsets. But thanks to email and the telephone, we keep in regular touch to discuss the new fabrics, corset makers and styles.

During my January visit I ordered a new corset to add to my growing collection...of three! It's a green Point Counter Point by ROMANTASY, and I expect it to arrive daily. I'm so excited to see it and am planning to wear it to the wedding of my girlfriend.

Holland Martina Model

Another girlfriend is about to purchase her first custom corset, but she cannot decide which one she likes the best! One day she is up for a black leather from Paul C, then she thinks she likes a red PVC by Sheri. Poor thing: an embarrassment of riches!

I've enjoyed conversing with some German men corset customers, many who find me on the net, and some referred to me by Ann, when they have visited her boutique in San Francisco. They seem happy to learn they can schedule a personal consultation and measurement, plus peruse fabric swatches and photos of designs. It makes long-distance ordering a little more personal and fun!

A very nice couple from Holland just sent photos of her new blue brocade BR Creations corset, for which I thank them! The process was a bit complex and lengthy, but they received the corset they designed in due course, and it is gorgeous as modeled (at right) by Lisette of Holland.

That's it for me for now; Akasha my new kitty, is demanding attention, as always. I will look forward to hearing from you to discuss your corset desires and dreams!


October 1997

Hi! Martina here...I'm writing from my home in Monheim just outside of Cologne, although I feel like an honorary Californian, having spent nine months of 1996 studying dance with Anna Halperin in Marin, and working Saturdays at ROMANTASY boutique for my last two months in California. I returned home at the end of July, 1996, but enjoyed a visit from Ann in late October. We held a corset workshop for a few of my friends.

I'll be happy to receive your telephone call (011 49(0) 2173 965244). If you can visit me in Monheim, I can show you samples of fabrics, photos of various styles and let you try on corsets from most of our corset makers.Martina Ostermann

I'm missing all of my ROMANTASY and California friends, and looking forward to a return visit this spring plus possibly participating in CURVES 1997. Oh...and I'll be ordering my third corset soon, so watch out Ann...I may catch up to your 28 corsets yet! (I own a gorgeous leather corset by Sheri Jurnecka and a beautiful brocade one by Ruth Johnson of BR Creations).