"Dear Ann, thanx so verrrrrry much for your reply! I want to personally thank you. I am a larger woman and I don't know if you know how incredibly hard it is to find my size. I know this sounds funny, but it is kind of embarrassing to submit larger measurements, that is, larger that the normal sizes stated on many web sites, but not yours, so THANK YOU for making me feel like a normal woman!!!! -- Niki (10/2/01)

"Thanks! I absolutely hated the 1960's because I didn't look like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Varushka, etc.,etc. Now at least I am old enough and confident enough to like the way I am put together. Nicole Kidman, eat your heart out! I'm headed to my 30th high school reunion next month and guess what I'm wearing? I know everyone will be looking at my figure, waist reduction, and at the lovely corset brocade, not at any possible pull in the satin. Regards." -- Beverly (2000)