"Tight-Lacing and Love Making---The Romance of Wearing Corsets"

The corset has a well-deserved reputation as the most erotic, romantic, and feminine of garments. But exactly how and why this reputation was achieved remains shrouded in mystery.

Ann solves the mystery by revealing the sensual symbolism of corsets, their beautiful materials and features, plus little-known tidbits of romantic corset history. She explores corseting as a means of sparking and enhancing love-making. She suggests specific ceremonies for use with a lover to encourage waist training (permanent waist reduction in a corset), and transform it into a romantic exploration within a loving relationship.

Students say:

"Ann, thanks so much for your seminar. We enjoyed ourselves greatly!"
--Thia and Michael

"It was loads of fun at your corset seminar!!!! We both enjoyed ourselves very much. The couples were perfect, great personalities, relaxed and attractive! Think we made some new friends there. Your presentation was terrific!"
--Alan and Laurie

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