Tim before  Tim after Tim R. from Sacramento, CA is shown above left at 210 pounds in December, 2000. Tim then lost 15 pounds by himself, purchased a BR Creations corset from ROMANTASY and lost yet another 8 pounds while seasoning his new corset. During the program and by May, 2001, Tim lost another 17 pounds and 4.5 inches in his natural waist line to reach a 31.5" measurement. He exceeded his original goals. Tim now wears his Training Belt at 28" (inside measurement) to maintain his striking new waist line (R). Congratulations Tim---you look swell.
    Amy seen left, modeling her adorable blue and black floral silk Sheri training corset before she started training on February 19, 2007, came to us after two years of living full time as a transwoman. She wanted to sculpt her feminine figure silhouette, and reduce both her rib cage and "love handles," but lose little, if any, weight. She started at 152 pounds and in three months of six-day-per-week corset training, went to 148 (4 pound drop), started with a snug natural waistline of 30.5" and went to 28.5" (2" drop), and started with a rib cage of 34.5" and went to 33" (1.5" drop). Take a look at Amy's amazing photo as it morphs from how she started to where she was half way through the program (seven weeks). Notice how her love handles are disappearing, and that she had already narrowed her rib cage by dropping 1.75" as the flesh melted away. In addition, in her profile photos that also morph, notice how her posture is straightening up, with her head aligning properly over her spine and her tummy pulled in. All photos were taken by training coach Ann, with no direction whatsoever given to Amy, who assumed the natural pose she desired! Finally, immediately below notice our happy Amy at her graduation celebration at the Fairmont Hotel Corset Soiree in May, 2007, dancing with Ann and former student Bob from Detroit. Below left you will see Amy in her new 1901 green silk and satin corset, which she is now using to sculpt more precisely and narrow her upper torso.
    Many full-figured men and women contact us and ask if corseting will work for them. Our answer is always a resounding "Yes!"--if they are motivated as any other student must be.  In three months our student, Ms. X, went from 335 pounds to an impressive 285 (a 50-pound weight loss) and dropped five inches off her waistline. Examine her 1.5 month photo progress record, by carefully comparing her 'before' photo on the left, with her mid-way photo on the right. Note in the side view, how her posture has improved, her head is held more correctly in alignment with her spine, her derriere and lower tummy have moved inward and slimmed down, and her upper chest has slimmed down.

Note in the back views, how her waistline has slimmed down (see obviously disappearing crease at waistline) and how her upper arms (biceps) have also slimmed. We congratulate this dedicated waist-training student and wish her the best in her continued lifelong program to improve her nutrition and overall health!
Before  After 1.5 months   
Before  After 1.5 months   
Bob decided in August of 2005 to challenge himself to lose body fat and a few inches from his already-slim waistline, plus a few pounds to get back to his 'fighting weight.' His corseted photos most clearly reveal his progress in three months. In November at the completion of his coaching program, Bob's body fat dropped from 13.1% to 9.7%, he went from 168.8 pounds to 161.5 pounds, and his natural waistline shrank from 31.5 inches to 29 1/8 inches.

Note in the right 'after' photo how his corset closes in back. Without too much effort, Bob can now wear this corset at that level reduction for hours and hours. He continues his waistline-maintenance program using tips learned during training, such as breaking his food intake into six meals per day, and planning snacks in advance to take healthy alternatives to work, rather than grabbing cookies and chips out of the vending machine!
Before After  
View a lovely silk, cotton and satin 1901 corset by Sharon Morgan, worn by our former waist training student Bob, who after four years reports that his "weight and body fat are still very good -- weight is165 lbs. and body fat usually in 12-14% range, which is considered 'athletic; for my age."
M. Xavier, a long-time Romantasy corset model, friend, and corset enthusiast, started her coaching program in early January 2005. After three months, she lost three inches in her waistline (from 30" to 27") and dropped 13 pounds (from 137 to 124)! Note in her 'after' photo on the right, her slimmer face and sculpted neckline, plus note that her ribs, even while wearing her pretty blue satin corset, are more clearly defined, indicating a slimmer waistline.  Way to go, Melinida!
Before After                  
Our June 02 graduate Denna!  Denna dropped from 130 to 110 pounds, and went from a 31" snug natural waist (shown left above in a striking gold brocade Sheri overbust corset) to a 24.5" snug natural waist (show right above in a standard white brocade Sue Nice corset (only $280.), an amazing 6.5 inches of reduction in three months of training.  Denna was obviously an attractive woman before training, but look closely at her 'after' photo, showing a defined bicep, shoulder and neckline area, and slimmer face, plus a slimmed-down waistline.  She was determined to cut a fine figure at her son's wedding and a major party she planned to attend in July, and she made her goals in time. Congrats!
Before waist training program.
After waist training program.
Camille before Camille after Lynn started the program in mid-2000 with a 29-inch natural waist line shown above on the left. Lynn wears her lace-covered white BR Creations Bridal Victorian laced down to 26 inches. Lynn achieved a 4.5-inch waist reduction in three months with a one pound weight loss per her goals, shown above on the right. She now laces down to a 23-inch reduction outside an elegant Sheri green brocade Victorian corset (or 21.5 inches inside the corset) shown on the right.
Before After     
Here's Lynn one year after training, showing off her new waistline and Sheri's corset in forest green brocade underbust Victorian corset.  You can see that with "maintenance" occasional corseting, proper attention to healthy nutrition, and moderate exercise as described in the "Corset Magic" book, it is possible to keep a svelte figure over time.

Even if you add a few pounds back on lost during training (/no student has ever added them all back on!/), you will have the knowledge to implement a mini-waist-training program whenever you wish to drop those additional pounds.
Christine before Christine after

Christine started the program in 2000 at 136.5 pounds with a 30" natural waistline, shown on left. It was difficult to train with her overbust corset, so she ordered a gold satin underbust style and completed her program. At the end of her program Christine weighed 128 pounds and had reduced her natural waistline to 27.5", shown on the right. She could wear her corset at 25" (23.5" inside) for ten or more hours!

Christine, a practicing ER nurse and long-term friend, managed a very active job while corseting, but quickly learned that she was most comfortable training in a underbust Victorian corset, compared to her overbust corset.

During training, she discovered that she loved veggies, especially celery, and soups, as she learned to cut back on fatty foods.  We appreciate her help with a detailed review of our "Corset Magic" book manuscript, helping us understand complicated medical and anatomical issues related to corseting, and the useful information she contributed on nutrition, the human body, and exercise dynamics

Before After

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