"The Hourglass Figure for Transgendered Men - How to Get It and How to
Keep It"

The hourglass figure represents the quintessential feminine body shape
and visual identification clue as to gender. In fact, scientific
research conducted at the University of Texas shows that a .7 waist to
hip ratio is universally known to attract favorable public attention
(especially male attention).

Thus, nipping the waist----not padding the bosom or hips----is where the
transgendered person should start, not end, her quest to improve a
feminine presentation, especially if she desires to pass in public.

Corsets provide an easy, relatively inexpensive, and nonrisky
waist-reduction alternative to invasive liposuction and rib removal. The
transgendered male can achieve an immediate two- to three-inch waist
reduction that can become permanent in three months with some attention
to a healthy diet and moderate waist exercises!

Ms. Grogan will tell you how and what works to create results. She will
explore the five elements of an effective waist-training program and
specifically how to set up an in-home waist-training program with the
right kind of training corset that fits and feels comfortable.

Students say:

"Ann, thanks so much for your seminar. We enjoyed ourselves greatly!" --Thia and Michael

"It was loads of fun at your corset seminar!!!! We both enjoyed ourselves very much. The couples were perfect, great personalities, relaxed and attractive! Think we made some new friends there. Your presentation was terrific!" --Alan and Laurie

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