Graduate's Evaluation

  1. What was the most memorable part of your waist training period?
    That was of course just before I started my training, when my Training Buddy gave me the gorgeous white wedding corset. I was hooked immediately! But during the training period itself, being able to lace that corset completely closed for the first time was the biggest thrill.

  2. What was the most difficult part of your waist training period?

    Dealing with my husband's complete rejection of my desire to corset... and being told he thought I looked like a freak (this coming from a guy who's dated some of the HOMELIEST women on the planet!).

  3. What did you learn about corsets and corseting that most surprised you?

    That a corset is not simply another item of lingerie. While corseted, I feel supremely self confident, powerful, sensual. My troubles seem easier to bear in the constant, tight embrace... much like a comforting hug.

  4. From the overall program, what was the easiest part for you?

    Eating sensibly. The changes made to my diet were all healthy, reasonable suggestions.

  5. What was the most helpful part of the program to keep you on course?

    Specific, consistent, weekly corseting goals. I always knew exactly how many hours to put in daily, in anticipation of moving on to the next step. Frequent email communication with Coach Ann was key to keeping me motivated and focused.

  6. In what way/ways could we be more helpful to you and other students in the future to keep you on course?

    I was very confused about the difference between inside and outside measurements. If I had understood completely, I would have ordered my current BR much smaller and never been obliged to train with that yucky belt! My suggestion then, would be to make certain your trainees have their next properly sized corset on order as soon as their goals are determined. Or at the very least, emphasize how many weeks it takes to have one made, if they choose not to make that commitment!

  7. What one sentence piece of advice would you give to a corseting newcomer who decides they want to seriously waist train?

    Pamper your body... exercise, good foods, gallons of water... and corseting will reward you in so many delightful ways... mental, spiritual, emotional, as well as physical.

  8. Camille&Ann dancingDo you have any future waist training goals?

    I would like to achieve a corseted waist measurement of 21-1/2" (23" over), and see how close that gets me to a snug waist (uncorseted) measurement of 25" if I maintain that level.

  9. After the program, how often do you think you will wear your corset?

    Most likely a few hours daily.

  10. What will you go back to eating or drinking that you had to give up during the program?

    Hot, spicy foods and coffee by the gallon.

  11. What new habits that you adopted for the program will you keep after the program?

    More consistent exercise; healthier foods; no carbonated sodas; LOTS more water and juices.


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