Corsetry 101

For the newcomer to corseting, this workshop explores the basics of choosing the perfect style corset to achieve your individual goals. You'll learn the difference between a readymade corset and a truly custom corset, what the costs are, and why you might choose one or the other. A wedding corset is quite a different thing from a corset for daily wear and waist training. Learn the 13 elements of a good corset, how to locate a qualified corsetmaker with good customer service, how to season a new corset, and the basics of waist-training.

Students say:

"Ann, thanks so much for your seminar. We enjoyed ourselves greatly!" --Thia and Michael

"It was loads of fun at your corset seminar!!!! We both enjoyed ourselves very much. The couples were perfect, great personalities, relaxed and attractive! Think we made some new friends there. Your presentation was terrific!" --Alan and Laurie

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