"The Corset Diet---An Extreme Body Makeover Without Surgery!"
Obesity has achieved the dubious honor of the top health risk in
America, and is becoming a major concern in many other industrialized
nations around the world. Fat control catapulted to the top media
concern after Dr. Atkins and Dr. Phil hit the diet scene, but even they
miss the obvious, fun solution to permanent and healthy body reshaping
and figure control---wearing a gorgeous and fashionable corset!

Due to genetics, natural aging, and lifestyle choices, certain figure
challenges exist, or develop, for those seeking to achieve or retain the
classic hourglass figure. Wearing a corset works as an easy, immediate,
three-inch tummy and waist tuck. Ms. Grogan explains her five-step waist
training program to convert that impressive result into a permanent
waist reduction and weight loss of 5, 10, 20, or more pounds.

Waist training provides an “extreme makeover” without risky, invasive,
and expensive surgery. It’s a health-conscious, easy, and relatively
inexpensive process that can improve not only your posture and physique,
but also your attitude and entire lifestyle.

Students say:

"Ann, thanks so much for your seminar. We enjoyed ourselves greatly!" --Thia and Michael

"It was loads of fun at your corset seminar!!!! We both enjoyed ourselves very much. The couples were perfect, great personalities, relaxed and attractive! Think we made some new friends there. Your presentation was terrific!" --Alan and Laurie

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