From time to time after a corset order is placed, delays will occur. For many anxious customers who have just made an important fashion and investment decision, any delay seems inordinate and frustrating! Some individuals handle disappointment and delay better than others. Occasionally, a rare customer expresses extreme anger or even threatens to cancel her/his order! Cancellation usually cannot be done if work has begun; some purveyors such as ROMANTASY will permit cancellation at any time, but with a cancellation fee. ROMANTASY charges a $150 fee where no specific delivery date has been requested and promised and where the customer has signed a written contract specifying that delivery dates are approximate and not definite.

However, corset makers and purveyors like ROMANTASY, truly understand customer's feelings about unanticipated delays, and do their very best to comply with original delivery dates which are estimated at the time the order is placed. It would make no sense at all to assume that a corset maker does not want to complete an order and be paid for his/her work! Yet some customers by their behavior, seem to assume exactly that!

Sometimes through no fault of the order taker or corset maker, more than the normal estimated time will elapse before the corset can be delivered. Some businesses like ROMANTASY, will offer you a small token gift to apologize for the delay, even if we are not responsible. Once when a corset maker jumped from a three to six months delivery time due to impending retirment, we offered a gratis copy of our 45 page article on Reshaping the Body Through Corseting ($8 value by email).

Delays in delivery time for custom orders can emanate from many sources, most out of the control of the maker or corset purveyor who took and placed your order. Indeed, ROMANTASY lists no less than twelve reasons that delays may occur, in our Customer Information Form, Termsn and Conditions of Sale Contract, and we have added a few more below. We hope they make sense to you and encourage you to be patient, since the sterling end result will more than reward your positive attitude and cooperation!

1. customers make changes taking more production time, after placing their original order
2. customer delays returning mail order muslin to corset maker (delay beyond the seven days ROMANTASY requires for return of same)
3. customer delays booking a fitting appointment if corset maker requires customer to take the original action to schedule an appointment
4. specialty corset orders (such as use of special fabrics requiring advance approval, special trims, special piping, special patterning, add-ons such as D-rings that require the corset to be sent out to a leather maker rather than the corset maker; matching collars that must be made by another corset maker, etc.)
5. delays or damange caused by US Customs
6. delays or damage caused by US Post Office (including loss of the corset in transit--rare but possible!)
7. special fabric shopping required for unique color or embellishment trims or lace
8. unique patterning required such as for mixing two patterns or drafting an entirely new pattern
9. print mirror matching (so that each side of the corset in the front 'mirrors' the other side and matches the print)
10. time of year (holidays and Christmas result in huge numbers of orders and necessary delays, also some corset maker shut down their workshop for several weeks at Christmas or for inventory during certain times of the year, thus adding to production time)
11. corset maker's workload (multiple orders placed with one corset maker, including orders from sources outside of ROMANTASY which is uncontrollable and not knowable by ROMANTASY, result in delays)
12. Unanticipated emergencies or personal decisions by maker (corset maker becomes ill or must care for ill family member, or other personal life issues may cause delays in production. One corset maker decided to retire and thus, expanded her typical delivery time from three months to six, much to the consternation of ROMANTASY and our clients! However, corset makers are not fungible with any other person: your order is made personally by the maker, not by some assembly-line worker who can easily substitute for any other worker, thus delays must be tolerated or other alternatives sought)
13. part or full-time status of corset maker (many corset makers work only part time as they may be retired or have family responsibilities. Their delivery time can take longer.
14. availability of corset fittings in the marketplace (corset fittings are difficult to obtain on occasion as the demand is not great and the manufacturers frequently run out of them; some manufacturers require large minimum orders that a corset maker must wait to place until several clients desire the same corset fitting; many times the corset maker cannot purchase just one of a particular item, or the cost will be inordinate and will be passed on to you, the customer!)
15. mis-measurement of your body, or reading the measurments incorrectly, resulting in a misfit corset and requiring that a new muslin or new corset to be made. Generally, mistakes by the purveyor or corset maker will result in a replacement order with every time priority humanly possible being given to you to rectify the mistake!


Understand that corsets are made one at a time with loving care by unique human beings/craftspeople who like you, experience emergencies in their lives, and may encounter other production problems set forth above in our 15 reasons for delay.

Try to exercise patience and human compassion when this happens. You are not being singled out for retribution by them, the Post Office or manufacturer of fittings: sometimes mistakes are made and delays just happen.

Try to accept reality with grace. That is far better than taking your anger out on the corset maker, who may develop an unconscious resistance to completing your replacement corset! After all, you can catch more flies with honey than lemon.


1. At the placement of your order, ask your maker if you will be informed of any unanticipated delays as soon as they occur, so that you will not be surprised and disapointed at the end of the original time when you expect your corset to be delivered and it is not. Some makers are willing to do this and some are unable to comply. It is best for you to know in advance what to expect, either way.

2. Ask what happens if there are delays or damage in transit: Customs or Post Office. Does the maker wait to remake your corset until after her insurance claim is paid, or will he/she do it within a specified period of time after the corset has been mailed and not received? This could be the difference between one month or six months or more additional delay!


1. Follow-through with your obligations to set up appointments for fittings, and return your muslins. Do noT blame the corset maker if you fail to do that. We have had one customer take two years to return a muslin despite repeated contacts and requests to return the muslin. Meantime the price of materials and the corset maker's hourly rate went up. Yet who should pay the additional fee due? ROMANTASY requires that the muslin be returned within seven days of receipt or additional fees may be due or the order cancelled thereby!

2. Take all addresses and phone numbers with you when you travel for appointments. We have had customer lose their way to a fitting appointment or completely forget where ROMANTASY was located , then miss an appointment and delay their order! This customer action will also result in additional charges as well, in most cases.

3. About two weeks before your order is due, contact the maker and ask if there is to be any delay in delivery or if she/he is on time.

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