Waist Not - Want Not
Corsetry Newsletter
July, August, September 2001
Volume 5 Number 3

WWD newspaper (San Francisco, Monday June 4) reported that traditional lingerie companies are FINALLY finding corsets...and issuing quick and dirty styles at outrageous prices.......buyer beware! Victoria's Secret (VS), the huge American chain lingerie store, now has its own "corsetiere" in New York City..but how qualified IS she? Do you know that it takes completion of about 50 to 100 corsets for a corsetiere to become REALLY good at construction techniques and fitting? Do you know the basics of good corset construction, so that you get what you pay for? Did you know that VS starts pricing its custom made-to-measure corsets at $1200...when you can get the same thing---totally made for your body----at ROMANTASY for $375??????? Did you see the beaded Cloe corset featured in the July Bizaare Magazine, for $3375? Sachiyo in MLY Designs
Sachi from Osaka, Japan, practices her corset modeling skills (corset by MLY Designs).

ROMANTASY corsets are not a fad, but our specialty for eleven years. Our owner Ann, has personally measured about 2500 customers and wears 60 custom made corsets by all of our makers. Our expertise is placing your order with precisely the corset maker and style to fit your budget, desires, and needs. Our makers hand-bead, hand-finish and personally construct your custom garment. They know what they are doing and they do it right! Why pay more for a national name-brand, less service and limited corset-making experience, just because it's a fad?

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  Sachiyo in MLY Designs

The Lovely Ann



Have you seen Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge," the new movie released on June 1? Full of corsets and gorgeous costumes. It's not a matter of NEED in today's fashion world: it's a matter of DESIRE. Maybe more a matter of LUST. And be careful: if you try a custom corset you might just get hooked...or laced, as has our most recent waist trainng graduate Lynn, shown below with her incredible story.

She just ordered her fourth corset in three months, and I thought I was the corset nut in the Bay Area! :-) We'll have her modelling a gorgeous purple lace confection by Michael Garrod soon.


Don't forget to order your corset in time not only for fall weddings, and to take to your gown alteration appointment (corsets take 2-6 months to deliver, otherwise you pay a rush fee!)...but to avoid H O L I D A Y demand and rush fees.

Yes, it's that time again...to start planning our holiday outfits. I can't tell you how many disappointed clients we have each year, those who wait until the last moment to decide they want a head-turning outfit for New Years...and have to pay rush fees of $50-$200...So plan ahead...now!


We are happy to be listed as a premier corset purveyor on www.primefetish.com, combining technical search capabilities with human editing.


We were extremely proud to be a part of the Cal Dreamin conference April 26-29 for our fourth year! held in the Holiday Inn of San Francisco, some 200 folks gathered to renew friendships, learn about many topics and view the vendor exhibit, where of course, ROMANTASY was much in evidence! Well done once again, Joan Goodnight and we hope to continue to be a part.


"Hi, your website is absolutely fabulous! I'm in love with it. Ever since I was a young girl I've thought about owning and wearing a corset or two. Now I've found your site and it seems like it may be a reality one day...thank you for making one of my dreams become a reality!" Kathy

"It has been several years since I visited your shop, and a couple of more since I moved out of Marin to Butte County. I returned to visit your site and am thrilled that you still present an informative, helpful and very authoritative resource to anyone interested in corseting. Your staff were kind and professional on my original visit, and the web site is embued with the same spirit that led them to be so. Thanks you, Sincerely," Sara


Ann Grogan, President and Owner
  The Lovely Webkittymistress Tata
Miz Purrrr-fect Assistant Webkittymistress, Tata.


We have had several customers recently who, when corseted, desired to create a more direct body line from under the arm to the waistline. These were crossdressers or transgendered individuals with somewhat prominent ribcages.

1901 Style Corset

We do not believe that such a profile is mandatory to achieve a more feminine body shape, but is rather a matter of aesthetics. Even Ann, a gg (genetic girl), shows some rib cage in her hourglass style corsets.

In search of the perfect corset to meet these client's desires, we recommended True Grace's 1901 style. The style is characterized by this desired straight line, several rows of lovely spiral stitching (bones are placed inside in inner boning casings which are not spiral), and a circular hip panel. When worn on the body, the style creates an in-out shape at the waistline, rather more precipitous and defined than the hourglass style corset. Here is a closeup of one of Ann's 1901 styles.

In one case, our client found this style to be the perfect choice! "I found that after tightlacing for several hours, the shape of my chest remainded in the modified configuration (I desired) for about one hour following removal of the corset. Although it slowly returned to its normal shape, this would seem to be a clear indication that the desired result will be achieved. I have found also that the deformation of the rib cage becomes easier each time I apply the corset." Some weeks later she wrote: "It seems to be pretty well broken in now and I wear it most of the day. I have started to wear it when I go out and find it very comfortable. I must admit that it quickly becomes addictive and I feel uncomfrotable going out unless I am properly corseted, as we know any lady should be."


ROMANTASY just completed three months of coaching of two students, Lynn and Sarah, both from California. We were extremely gratified to see that both students met 95% of their contracted goals. Here are their stories.


Lynn in brocade Sheri

Well, aside from having to eat a bite of "The Dread Mango" as a minuscule punishment for failing to report her weight and measurements promptly on Monday, and to add some spice to her coach's boring job---because Lynn was so good to stick with her program (! :-), Lynn met every goal and procedure in her program! She looks pretty darned happy to me on the night she showed off to 22 other corseted ladies and gents at the Fairmont Soiree, which coincided nicely with her graduation! Here is her wonderful corset cake which was shared by all, along with lots of dancing, comparing waist sizes, new corsets and general showing off!

Lynn's graduation cake
Lynn's graduation cake.

Lynn had the following amazing progress:

1. From a natural waist line of 29" to 25.5"
2. From corseting for 4 hrs at 26" to corseting for 12 hours at 24" plus belting for 4 hours at 22".

Lynn graciously consented to be the Training Buddy for Christine, as Christine tries the waist training program. Georgie, also in attendance at the Soiree, was inspired by Lynn's success and enrolled in the program! Kay, another attendee is being her Training Buddy! More on Christine and Georgie's progress soon.

Lynn in brocade Sheri


Sarah started her program on March 5 and finished on May 28. She encountered some major stressors but stuck to her program, with notable success.


About one-third into her program or after five weeks of being at home with a broken ankle, Sarah went back to 12-hour evening shifts in a computer manufacturing industry. I was a bit concerned that she might return to poor eating habits (rushing through meals and snack breaks) and fast foods. However, her motivation remained high to lose 10 pounds or more and make her goal of wearing her corset 12 hours a day at 26" closed from her original waist size of 35". About her work routine, here is what she wrote:

"Nope, I am not pigging out! I have a small dinner at 4:00 pm. On the way to work, I eat a banana and drink half a bottle of water (equal to about a glass). At the 8:00 pm break, I snack on a banana, apple, small 1/2 oz. box of raisin, 6-12 chocolate covered cranberries and one cup of coffee. At about 10:30 pm, I eat a small meal (leftovers from a day or two before), banana and almonds, plus drink a cup to two cups of water. Since I have a tendency to want to constantly eat something when other people are around, the cranberries and almonds work out great as snacks.

At the 3:00 am break, I eat an apple, 1/2 oz. box of raisins and drink another glass of water. When I get home I eat either a raisin oatbran muffin or drink a Slimfast.


So, despite being back to work and surrounded by all the others consuming FAT, such as fried potates, french fries, creamy soups, mounds of dressing on salads, I'm being a good girl and taking healthy stuff to eat!"

This is exactly the way to do it! The Coaching Program is set for three months precisely to help students establish habits of healthy eating that will persist after the program has concluded. It is important to take those habits into the work place, at home, and yes, even on vacation! While small indulgences are of course, to be expected and even planned and approved by me as Coach, a student must give the program we work out at least a three month trial period if it is to do any permanent good.

Six weeks into daily training less one day, Sarah reported she went shopping and purchased jeans size 32 instead of 34, and had lost ten pounds...the goal we agreed upon at the end of a three month period. So we set five more pounds as a goal. As you see below, she exceeded this goal, losing a total of 16 pounds!

As she progressed in seeing results, Sarah's attitude improved and her email correspondence took on a decidedly happy note! Facing some fallout from the dotcom debacle in California, she worried a bit about falling back into bad habits such as eating when she was nervous about the possibility of losing her job. We know that old habits are very difficult to break as I have to continually watch myself from falling back into eating ice cream after every dinner, and nibbling on candy during the day. She was in fact, laid off with two weeks to go in her program and she did not miss a step, completing the training on time and with success beyond her wildest dreams. Here are her results after 3 months:

1. From a waist line of 35 inches, to 31.5
2. From 190 pounds weight to 174 pounds
3. From corseting 8 hours a day at a 34.5" reduction, to corseting 24 hours a day at 32.5", or alternatively, belting for 10 hours per day at 28"

Congratulations, Sarah, and keep that svelt figure up now, because Coach Ann will be looking over your shoulder...errrr...waist line, all the time!


On May 9, Mr. Garrod and Sandy returned to visit Ann in San Francisco. We scheduled another great event at the Fairmont Hotel, dancing and showing off our corsets. Enjoy the photos.


MP Garrod and Ann
"The Man" and Ann.
  MP Garrod
"The Man" and his corset cake during May visit.
Haley looking good!
Ann, Melinda, Gene and Sheri
Ann, Gene, Melinda and Sheri at the Soiree.
  Ann and MP Garrod
A hug in appreciation - and a certificate, too!
Ann, Melinda, Sandy
Sandy, Michael, Melinda and Claire.
  Melinda and Rob
Melinda and Rob.

MP Garrod and Sandy
Nancy, Sandy, Marcia and Michael.

S*I*G*H....."The Corset Question" goes on and on...and on....

Regarding corsets, no matter how beautiful or how much seen on Hollywood starletts or runway models in Paris or Rome, "The Corset Question" remains a dark cloud over the garment and its aficionadas. I for one, was glad and hopeful this spring to see the frenzy of corset-love surrounding the San Francisco Talousse Lautrec art exhibit followed by release of the Moulin Rouge movie. But such renaissance of corsets always brings the nay-sayers out of the woodwork. Sigh, ho hum....won't we ever get bored with trashing corsets?

In our Contra Costa Times newspaper (Bay Area) appeared an article called "A Breathtaking Look". It stated: "Perhaps the upcoming movie 'Moulin Rouge' is to blame. (NOTE: why is someone loving corsets 'to blame?'...and to blame for what????). Whatever the reason, the world of fashion has made this frightening prounouncement."

"Frightening"? Whatever are they talking about? Now then, anorexic Hollywood actresses are frightening, maybe, hundreds of homeless and sick people on the streets of San Francisco are frightening, maybe, a rise in the rate of AIDS among teenagers is frightening, maybe, but corsets? Rah-llllly, dear....get a life!


"Dear Ms. Grogan, First of all, thank you for such a wonderful site. I am a transgendered male and when I see a serious and compassionate site, I cannot express how much that means to me as a human being. It sure helps me feel less odd (if that's ever possible :-)). Your site does a great deal to explain about corsetry. Thank you and your company again for your kind attitudes." KJ 1/16/01

" The first time I tried the waist training belt, I could barely get it to the first notch. Now, after a couple of days, I can cinch it up to the second to last hole, especially if all I'm doing is resting in bed." Sarah 2/6/01

"Ann, I received the Simple Pleasures cincher and I am thrilled. It looks wonderful. I am definitely glad I got that one. I can't wait until I find the occasion to get another one...I think this time I will go with one of the fancy models....the cincher makes my waist look so good. I have never had a figure like this before. I have learned how to tighten it myself, and even wore it under my dress to church this Sunday. I will send a picture of my wedding dress with the SP under it when I get married, as it does make quite a difference. I also found the informational letter you sent fantastic. But best of all, I really enoyed the postcards depicting corsets. I collect them so was especially pleased as I had nothing like them before. Thanks again!" Tambra 2/23/01

"Ann, Exceptionally beautiful site my dear! I have learned more about the pleasures, thoughts and just fun of corseting than I ever knew existed...Thank you. You are so refreshing. I wish more people could learn to have your passion in business but, few have found their work fun and habit-forming at the same time. Hugs," Shell 2/12/01

"Hi Ann - I really enjoy my underbust corset - love it when I am travelling and lounging around my hotel room. I was in Houston a couple of weeks ago staying at the Galleria and I walked the mall in my dress pants with a nice waistline!" D 3/7/01

"I am so excited about the level of customer service you offer and the quality of your corsets!" M 3/24/01

"Hello Ann, I was THRILLED to get such a wonderful surpise in the mail. My corset is absolutely wondeful and the fit is unbelievable. It is not only superbly crafted but extremely attractive. I am going to be equally as thrilled when the second one arrives. Thank you again." Susan 3/17/01

*        *        *



We're on to two new challenges for this quarter: two waist training students all at the same time! This will be exciting to see if they also are successful with the program we worked out individually with each one. Stay tuned for hopefully, more amazing proof about how corsets can really reshape the body! They will graduate on Weds., Sept. 12 at our next corseted Soiree, so please join us if you will be in San Francisco for some fun times to show off our gorgeous corsets and fine figures! Meantime, I continue to delight in introducing my English student foreign visitors to the world of corsetry. Here is Hanae from Itami, Japan, in her first corset ever! She loved modeling this one as well as a green China silk brocade one, both produced for Romantasy by Sheri!

MP Garrod&Sandy weed the garden! Here's The Man: Michael Garrod and Sandy, relaxing and enjoying Ann's garden and helping her weed it!

Ann Grogan
with Corset Dream Makers, Robby Cannedy and Martina Ostermann

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