June/July 1998

From Our Non-Resident Newcomer Expert to Corseting

(Ed. note:  With this issue we are introducing comments from newcomers to corseting.  Some of their advice may save you countless minutes or more of agonies in learning how to navigate your new corset.  Our first writer's comments will certainly put a smile on your face as well!  As a man learning the joys of corseting, he is also beginning to understand the joys of order and discipline!  Enjoy!)
 "The Subject is Socks"
The subject today is socks or stockings.  You can forget many things in life with a corset on, but not putting on your socks first;  anything else is an absolute no-no. 
For the second time since receiving my new corset, I forgot to put my socks on first.  So when I tried to put them on in the usual manner, I found that I couldn't get my leg up high enough for success. Then dropped the socks on the floor in the process (mistake number two, to be followed by mistake number three).
While seated, I bent stiffly forward and promptly tumbled to the floor--got my socks but now getting up became a major problem.  This beached whale rolled over on all fours and managed with the help of the good ole stable bed to stand up.  Whew!  No wonder we men gave ladies a hand getting up and down.
So here are my tips:
1. Start dressing well before you must go out.
2. Put your socks or stockings on early in the process.
3. Stay off the floor.
4. Sit on the front of chairs and do not lean back.
--Otto from Arkansas

(names and addresses are changed for confidentiality purposes)

:"As a new member to the Web but as someone who has found you and your shop to be most helpful, I just had to send one of my first messages to you. You are doing a wonderful job...


"I am dumbfounded at the creative beauty of your corsets.  Please send me info.."



Do you think that CYBOUTIQUE, Frederick's of Hollywood, and other retail/mailorder shops do corseting a service or disservice, to offer plastic boned, lingerie-style off-the peg corsets to newcomers to corseting?  Should we corset enthusiasts urge new customers to save their funds and invest in a custom garment, sometimes at three times the cost, in
order to insure a fair experience with a good corset?

In answer to our first question, of whether or not one would start lacing from the top to the waist, or from the bottom to the waist, we have no general consensus and no overwhelming opinion.  It seems that whatever works is fine.  Personally, I find that when lacing myself or another, I go from the top to waist first, so that must "feel" most natural to me.

Comments are still welcome on this issue.

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