We've been known to go to a worried bride's home in San Francisco on her wedding day morning to assist train her Maid of Honor in helping the bride with her corset! If you need this kind of assistance, just let us know ($50 fee). However, you can manage it yourself, with some important advice. Make certain your Maid of Honor or dressing assistant knows these important tips before your wedding day, or the corset can cause quite a challenge for both of you!


1. Get the corset delivered at least two weeks before your wedding. Put it on at least every other day if not every day and cinch down 2". Wear it the first week for 2 hours per day and the second week, cinch down 3" and wear it for 3-4 hours a day. Try to wear it a few times during the dinner hour and leave it laced! This will insure that the corset feels comfortable on your wedding day and not something strange or uncomfortable on your body.

2. On the day of your wedding, don the corset at least two hours before you put on your dress. Then have your makeup and hair done with the corset well covered up and protected from spillage!

3. Start with a 2" reduction, and every 20 minutes, have your dresser cinch you about 1/2" tighter. Don't forget to insert the back protector and wear the corset over the CorPro to protect it from body oil and perspiration.

4. Be sure the back protector is right side out if the corset is worn as outerwear. Nothing can look worse than the white cotton lining of the protector showing beneath the back lacings of an ivory brocade corset!

5. Be sure to keep the sides of the opening in the back approximately parallel. Do not let the top edge nor the bottom edge touch during the process of lacing down.

6. Unless you have deliberately chosen for aesthetic purposes to tie the bow at the top edge of the bodice corset and have long laces hang down past the waistline, then keep the waist pulls at the waistline, tie a bow tie when done lacing and do not let the laces drag down below the bottom edge of the corset hem. Tuck them up neatly under the corset edge, or they will tend to look like 'horsie tails.'

7. Right before you put on your dress or walk to the back of the aisle, loosen the corset by 1/2 inch and your body will feel relieved and happy for the period of the wedding and after!

8. At the reception, go to the bathroom and get assistance to open the back of the corset about 1-2" so that you can eat a little and dance!

9. Bring a fan with you to the church dressing room and to your reception; use it if you feel faint at any time!

10. Go easy on champagne or carbonated water; your tummy will not be able to tolerate lots of bubbles easily!

11. If you follow the above advice, you will likely be able to remain corseted for at least 4 to 8 hours quite comfortably. This advice also applies to corsets worn as outerwear over a ball gown skirt.

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