Introducing "CorPro" (c) ROMANTASY 1998. We love this little stretch top with feminine lace trim. Pull it over your head and then put your corset over it, to protect against excess body oils. The less you clean or wash your corset, the longer it will last.


Send us your own Barbierella or we'll dress ours, in removable miniature corset, with collar, cuffs, and whip also available. By a renown miniature maker from Florida. As pictured fully adorned, $225.


1. "When you put on your corset, do you have to re-lace it every time?" -- JC from Austin, Texas. The short answer is "YES!" The reason relates to both body comfort and corset protection. Once moderately laced, the corset places a significant amount of pressure on the waist. If you try to undo the front busk without loosening the laces, you will find that it will likely stick at the waist clip with resulting struggle and stress on both you and the garment. So, why make it difficult when you can make it easy?

2. "OK, but I live alone. How can I lace and unlace by myself?" For a back laced corset, this can be done very easily unless you suffer from extreme arthritis in your hands. But it takes a lot of practice. We do not particularly recommend that you order a front laced corset, even though it is easier to lace, because your tummy can protrude out through the laces if you cannot initially close the corset, and the lack of steel busks in front may not give you proper posture, nor an anchor against which to pull down your waist.

You can start by looking over your shoulder in a mirror, but it might be easier just to do it by feel. Note that an excess lacing loop should exist on either side of the back at the waist. Use friction, not ribbon laces...the kind that do not slip out once you pull and let go. ROMANTASY offers these for sale in black, white, or cream for $2.00/yd., order 1 yard for every 3 eyelets.

Open up the corset laces to create about a 4" wide opening in the back. Clip the corset on. Reach around the back and start at the top (or bottom according to some wearers) of the corset. Find the top place where the lacings crisscross. Hook a thumb under it and pull out a little. Then go down to the crisscross and pull. Continue until you reach the waist. Crisscross the waist pulls and pull to tighten. Release the pulls and start at the bottom and repeat to the waist area. Do this several times until you reach your desired reduction.

One writer advises to keep the distance between the halves of your corset parallel as you lace down, "otherwise the effect on your figure of the lacing will not be good; if the waist is more tight than the upper part, the corset top may bulge outward and the edge will be visible under your clothing." The customer also advises that you take your time in lacing, and once you have laced as tightly as comfortable or desired, give the waist one more pull (with crisscrossed waist pulls) and tie a bow. ( Thank you. Inge, Norway).

3. "Does the corset eventually take on the shape of the person wearing it?" It usually takes on the person's general shape, starting at the waist indentation. This is especially true for styles using flat steel bones. A spiral steel bone may spring forwards and backwards a bit more, not retaining your body shape. This shaping is exactly why we do not recommend that you purchase some one else's used corset, nor loan yours out for extended wear!


"The Effects of Corseting"by Inge, Norway.

A corset is a very special part of an outfit. It has the capacity to modify your figure, your carriage and your movement. Your figure can be smoothed out, your posture will be upright and deliciously self-conscious, and your more restricted movement will seem more elegant. You are indeed a lady, and not a tomgirl!

However, the corset is not something to don with abandon and tightlace to the maximum. Such an approach will not only be deleterious to figure control but may cause substantial discomfort and spoil your growing interest in being corsetted and laced.

"Lewis Johnson tests Ann's waist size after 7 years of practice in corseting, while Ruth Johnson looks at her latest elegant creation!"


Some styles encourage a bit of a forward stance with hips thrust out toward the rear (traditional Edwardian), but modern day corset makers typically adjust the pattern to ensure comfort and accommodate to the more athletic modern female figure. Corseting is one thing; lacing another. The corset alone when hooked, gives you nice support and a firmness of figure. However, it is not until you lace up that you will realize the full and beneficial effect. The lacing develops the form of the corset style you have chosen, and coaxes out the waist profile appropriate to that style, either hourglass, wasp, ice cream cone, or other.



The bust will be lifted and emphasized; the hips will also be emphasized in contrast to the small waist. Your posture will be enhanced as you stand straight, move your shoulders backwards and find your head lifting upwards. Some styles encourage a bit of a forward stance with hips thrust out toward the rear (traditional Edwardian), but modern day corset makers typically adjust the pattern to ensure comfort and accommodate to the more athletic modern female figure.

 "Sheri Jurnecka presents her models at ROMANTASY's catalog release party, wearing her gorgeous creations; Sheri debuts her "Elizabeth" style in furry synthetic fabric with patent leather sides."

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To be sure, proper corset training takes a long time, particularly for women who are introduced to this sensual garment only as adults. You must only moderately lace, and continue wearing the corset on a regular basis as long as you can each day. You must not become discouraged when you cannot immediately close the back gap nor achieve your ideal of a small waist.

The best way to corset is to put it on every morning before breakfast. If you are interested in waist training and figure modification or weight reduction, you must stay in the corset for a substantial part of the day. Soon you may even be interested in trying to sleep with the corset loosely laced! In the spirit of adventure, it is worth experimenting at bedtime. You may be surprised at how comfortable this practice becomes. (Thank you INGE!)




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