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October/November/December 1999

IT WAS A LONG HAUL, but ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry is happy to announce that we are alive and well and operating in cyberspace full-time!
A Photo Preview of ROMANTASY's

"Corsets for the Millennium" 

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Ann in ROMANTASY's Wasp Waist Corset with rhinestones ($550) and Paul C Leather Corset with Collar, Gauntlets and Anklets ($650 set)
pinksnake.jpg Gogi In Sheri's pink "snake" leather Valentine corset ($495)
queenheart.jpg Miss Sue Nice in "Queen of Hearts" Corset ensemble in velveteen - good choice for your Millennium party! 
($495 outfit)
larry_corvest.jpg Larry looks handsome in the Corvest, along with wife Robby in True Grace lace-covered Lily Corset ($325)
rob_busk.jpg Robby dresses her corset up with crystal busk covers
ann_buskc.jpg Note Ann's beautiful rose busk covers

Millennium Corset Outfits: Don't forget to order your Millennium Corset Outfit soon... the parties are being planned....don't be left out! Think PVC, silver leather, rhinestones, feathers... let us design a knock-out getup and go outfit for you! And don't you gents forget the Corvest... in silver satin, perhaps? With matching bowtie on black shirt? Zowie! See sidebar and click on each image to view our suggestions.
Valentine corset by Sheri Jurnecka
"Valentine" Rainbow Corset ($425 as shown in brocade, waists under 32") and Ballroom Skirt ($175 plus fabric) by Sheri

Michelle in classic black brocade
 Michelle in classic black brocade Valentine corset ($350) and ballroom skirt ($175 plus fabric) by Sheri J

New Customer Savings: Progress goes fast on reducing our prices to pass on to you, our customer, the overhead we are saving after closing our retail outlet! Yes, we are gradually reducing almost every price, and we urge you to contact us for a firm quote as our reductions sometimes exceed our ability to get them on the web page! In addition, we now offer first class mailing with insurance at no additional charge, a savings of $10! And don't forget our tight-lacing Sheri's Sincher introduced in August at the price of $150--now dropped to $145. We almost immediately sold all three that we displayed in the boutique the last week of retail operations!

Progress, however, on re-designing our website goes slowly as is to be expected when there is lots of energy and lots of ideas and desires to throw at it, rather than cash! Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy our new Overview Page, new page for Isabella, and new order form, all designed and implemented by our erstwhile Sr. Webmaster, Jay!

New Jr. Webperson Sought: We are looking for a Jr. Webperson to maintain the site in order to free Jay up for major redesign work, so if you live in the Bay Area, preferably San Francisco, please send us email or call 585-0760 and let's discuss your background and experience.

ROMANTASY co-produces Fashion Show: We hope you saw our 25 Year Retrospective Fashion Show at the Janus Jubilee on September 24 at the San Francisco Ramada Inn. ROMANTASY was happy to join Hank of Foot Worship on Sutter at Polk Streets, to co-produce the fun event! All 300 in attendance, including our corset maker Ruth Johnson (and husband Lew) plus Sue Nice as one of our 22 models, were quite appreciative of the variety of styles represented and energetic choreography. Please stay tuned for our photos, ask about any styles you might like to order, and congrats to Janus, the Bay Area's premier umbrella organization for responsible, educated erotic play with power!
Devil-woman or corsetiere? You decide... Susie Q in horns and ready to tempt you! 
Miss Nice herself! 

Click here 
for more photos from 
the Fashion Show

New programs from Isabella: We're happy to be co-venturing with Isabella and Tom, in a new fast-production program called "SPECIAL DELIVERY", custom corsets in under three weeks! Plus we are co-producing a new photographic postcard the couple will distribute on their Halloween visit to New Orleans, and introducing a new corset style with this newsletter! So read on, and let us know what you think.

Two Corset Dream Makers Oriented: How truly wonderful to be able to answer your many calls and letters to have our great ROMANTASY corsets in other parts of the country! Yes, we oriented a new Corset Dream Maker/District Consultant, Mary from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Nancie from Seattle. As soon as you see their individual web page lauched along with Robby's and Martina's, you are welcome to contact them directly for a personal fitting appointment and consultation, or to organize a Home Corset Party!

Market Survey in Progress: During our final two weeks in the retail business, we distributed a survey to elicit input from customers regarding (a) what six items convinced them to turn to ROMANTASY to purchase or inquire about a custom corset, and (b) what six phrases best suited our new business name of ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry. It was fascinating to note that with respect to doing business with us, price fell towards the bottom of the list of six, or did not even appear thereon! Also noteworthy was the fact that customer service is less important than pleasure, beauty, elegance, style and shape! Regarding shopping with us, our customers are more concerned about, in order:

  1. variety of styles and expert corset makers available
  2. our many years in the corset business (almost 10!) with about 2000 customers
  3. direct email or personal access to and expert advice from the owner and staff-all experienced corset-wearers
  4. non-judgmental advice on body contouring for both women AND men
  5. support services and information such as extensive advice on how to wear the corset and care for it
  6. a lifetime 10% discount for corset customers!

And in case you are curious, the phrases that our respondents preferred in order, to go with ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry, were:

  1. A small indulgence for lasting pleasure
  2. (almost a tie with no. 1)
  3. Shapely elegance
  4. Personalized luxury
  5. Celebrate the obvious (a sleeper and a surprise response!)
  6. Stylish elegance
  7. Shapely designs, affordable elegance

Which do you like? Send us your answer! We'd love to hear from you! Meanwhile, back to my drawing board to begin my process of learning html from my new mentor and beautiful model friend, Anneka, so I can do rudimentary maintenance on the website! And do re-visit us from time to time and sign our confidential mailing list (we never sell or give it away, and we do not send spam) for notices of major progress, products, sales, and new corset styles or makers.As ever, we love your questions, comments and just plain occasional visits to see what's new.

Hugs and tight squeezes,

(who remain our personnel for exhibits, modeling and may soon join our team of CORSET DREAM MAKERS; don't forget to inquire if you are interested
in becoming a Corset Dream Maker!)


ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry is pleased to announce a web special that follows our tradition of providing unparallel service and style! Isabella Costumiere will deliver your CUSTOM order to us in under three weeks. You may call for pick-up arrangements in San Francisco, or we can mail it to you at no extra cost. This is an unbelievable coup for ROMANTASY customers who frequently have to wait up to three or more months for custom. We know of no other maker on the web or in realtime who can deliver custom that fast!

Three conditions apply: (1) order complete and pre-paid, (2) underbust styles only (because overbusts require a fitting or mail order muslin), and (3) fabric, lace and trims in stock. That's it! Isabella has a full line of fabrics from which to choose, thus you will have a wide range of choices, and we will post color/design samples on her web page post haste. No interminable waiting! No frustration wanting that long-desired corset! Check Isabella's page out!

Butterfly Corset by Isabella
Click for larger view

This fanciful strap corset has special embellishments and an unusual bottom hem design that will draw favorable attention to its wearer! We love the suggestion of a butterfly, thus, the new style's name. You may choose a sophisticated gold satin body with pale palomino chiffon straps, bust inset and bows, or deep purple satin with iridescent rainbow chiffon perfect choice for your Millennium Party coming up.... 
Butterfly Corset by Isabella
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Sabina in silverHere's Sabina, modeling BR's newest creation for midnight of this special New Year: silver leather with black leather piping up front boning casings, and tiny rhinestones. And Sue Nice created the perfect headdress a la Star Wars, while Sheri completed the outfit with her gauntlets and collar! Zowie! Order now or you'll miss being the STAR!


Sue is the proud parent of the evening gown category winner of Miss Gay California, with a gorgeous white satin and crystal corset worn in the pageant held in Sacramento the first week of September. Congrats Sue and winner Tiare! We keep hoping for a photo...

Ann in Waist Cincher
Click for larger view

Hello Ann,
I recently purchased a waist training belt from you and have worn it for roughly two months. I love it! I now wear it constantly on the third smallest and for hours at a time and yes, it's very comfortable. How much do you charge to add two smaller holes! --Ted August, 1999

(Ed. Answer: $10, but a shoe maker or shoe repair shop can likely put the holes in for you with minimal cost) . 

Waist Training belt - and one happy guy!
Click for larger view

Waist Training Belts are great choices for those with limited budgets, yet want to get started reducing their waists right away, and save for that great corset! We don't recommend them for individuals with tummy control issues, since long term wear may actually serve to increase the tummy "lump" rather than reduce it. In the latter case we would recommend the reasonably priced "Simple Pleasures" (see this cincher featured on the home page as our Corset of the Month modeled by Ann in a pumpkin dress for Halloween!). Belts are great ways to reduce: we had one customer who in nine months, reduced his waist by nine inches, and Ann verified it on both ends of that time period! Belts come with roller buckles for ease in dressing, 2 1/2" width in heavy lattigo black leather. Ask about the more decorative versions shown above in hand-tooled red and black scrolled leather ($95 standard sizes; $59.95 regular version standard sizes).


Want to Learn to Make Corsets and Don't Know Where to Go?
By Michael Garrod, True Grace Corset Company, London

Michael & Sue
During my 18 years of professional corset making I have been asked on a number of occasions by a youngster where they can go to learn corset making. I too, wondered about this back in the seventies when I was experimenting with cheap table top machine-but then I wasn't seriously considering it as a profession good enough to sell. I didn't really know anybody in the business and it took me quite a while to find the few wholesale stockists in the UK in order to make them. I hope my experience and these comments help the aspiring corset maker. (See Michael at left, during his recent ROMANTASY visit, with corset maker Sue Nice)

Click here for Part 2 of the October/November/December newsletter

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"I am curious about the medical advisability of corsetry. I have heard that when you wear a corset or other supportive device similar to a corset, it causes the muscles previously used to support the torso to become weak through lack of use. While I would love to own and wear corsets, I am concerned about this aspect of it. Thank you." -Denise 9/6/99

Dear Denise,
Your question is a good one and also one I hear from time to time. Let me assure you that the most serious danger inherent in the moderate wearing of corsets is that you will develop a Big Time love affair that will demand your attention and investment the rest of your life! The operative word here is "moderate." Remember the Golden Mean: Aristotle was correct! Any sensible person knows that.

By way of background to my following comments, please consider the following. First, as you know, I am neither a doctor nor am I medically trained, and cannot therefore dispense medical advice. Second, my comments are based on my own personal 30 year struggle with a chronic back problem and occasional painful back spasm, plus corset sales to and conversations with about 2000 customers, more or less, in my 9 years in the corset business. Third, I recommend you consult with a physician and orthopedist to express your medical concerns about corseting. However, please consider the following when you choose your physician.

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A 5" reduction!Horrific or admirable? Grotesque or aesthetic? Nothing seems quite so controversial within the world of corset-wearing and voyeurism, than the merits and demerits of extreme waist reduction. Read on, if you'd like to know more about tight-lacing...

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Dear Ann,
I sincerely appreciate your detailed and rapid response to my corset questions. It is nice to find a place on the internet that still has humans operating the computer!
--Bret 9/6/99
Hello Ann,
I received the corsets today. HOLY #$%@^ I must humbly -. There is no comparison! These corsets are so comfortable, and yet, my corseted waistline is now 27" (I didn't even have to try to accomplish this). The best I could do with the off-the-peg was 28 ½" at a comfort level that doesn't even approach these corset. Kudos to Ruth! Forget this silly nonsense about ordering anymore off-the-peg. (I'll bet you knew/predicted this!). I am REALLY interested in the 3 week custom corset deal. Less money too? Can't beat that. You know I'll be calling! You're the greatest!
--Charlie 8/14/99
Well, it's been a week now and I am VERY happy with my BR Corset. While I have been trying to follow your directions, a custom made corset is so wonderful that I find myself wanting to go too fast. I am VERY happy with my figure and the way I look now. Thanks!
--Jasmine 8/99 
It's been one month now and I am happier with my BR Corset than I was at the beginning. As we discussed, it took me a long time to make up my mind and purchase a corset. I had ben using various over the counter waist cinchers, girdles and long line bra's to achieve a better figure. It was difficult to justify the cost of a custom made corset. I say "was', because now I understand the difference and what was missing. I am down 3 inches around my waist but more importantly, I have achieved the "right" figure. My corset helps with the rib cage as well as my hips. I have a real woman-like figure and we're not done yet! So, for all to know, "YOU TOLD ME SO!" I am much happier with my corset than I ever have been with all the other garments and I have the real lady's figure now. I am ready for skirts that are one size smaller and thy fit my hips better too! My more-fitted style dresses fit me much better than I had ever dreamed. Best of all, as you can tell by this letter, I FEEL BETTER, TOO. Thanks for everything, more to come as I progress.
-- Jasmine 9/6/99
I have only briefly checked out your website. What can I say? Absolutely brilliant! The section on corsets for voluptuous ladies is of a special interest to me as I would love to meet a lady of voluptuous size who wears a corset...
-- Trevor 9/14/99

I love the feel, the fit, the lift and support that this, my first, corset (the Simple Pleasures Victorian) gives me. I embark on a new chapter of my life! You have opened a new door for me and I truly, truly thank you.
-- Greg 9/10/99

Dear Ann,
To not have an actual physical ROMANTASY to visit? It just won't be San Francisco to me after this. I do understand the logic, and admittedly we haven't been in for more than a year, but gee, you did so much for Madam and I by just being there at the right time and place in our lives. In any event, best of luck to your new and "improved" cyber venture. God will cross our physical paths again, I'm sure. Regards,
--Dave 9/99


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We were surprised that not one person told us the name of Widow Norton's deceased husband! Now aren't you curious, since our June/July newsletter contest has ended?

It was a sad but sweet closing of ROMANTASY 'realtime' on August 29. Many old friends dropped by to share their best wishes. Mixed feelings, some sad, some glad, but ever changing, like life.

Corset maker Michael Garrod expressed his appreciation for our years of retail support with gifts for all staff members and a lovely new burnt gold sequined Lily corset for Ann modeled at the Janus fashion show on September 24, and shown on our photo section from the show. Thank you Michael, for your encouragement and support, and for creating such lovely confections for our customers over the six years we have worked together. We look forward to many more of your gorgeous corsets!

And thank you, Dave, for your understanding of the poignancy of closing our retail venture (letter above). We did our personal best in the retail struggle with some successes and some failures. We look forward to great things in cyberspace, where we will continue to do best. We have been gratified over the past month at the many, many calls and emails with congratulations, encouragement and nice new orders, plus visits for personal fitting appointments by customers from as far away as Paris!

Hey Dave, you're going to model at the next San Francisco CURVES Grand Corset Celebration in 2000? Right? Right! Believe me, it's a smile in its mother's eyes right now as the energy flows back to home! Save April, as we might also enjoy another visit from Michael to keynote the CURVES weekend!

Looking to the Millennium Have a great All Hallows Night (San Francisco's favorite celebration!) and enjoy the crisp fall weather and lovely changing colors of the leaves, like the changing colors of our lives. Keep an eye out for our Millennium page and ideas for outfits, As ever, yours, with her head in the stars and her imagination soaring, tight-laced and loving it!

-Ann Grogan

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