Waist Not Vol 2 No 4

October/November 1998



Ann models Sue Nices' new PVC "Folsom" Corset

Press Coverage

Fall has found the ROMANTASY corset world active, in the local and international press, with corset orders growing! One third of our orders come right off the Internet, or as a result of customers finding us on the internet and visiting Romantasy. We've received inquiries from Japan and Germany, France and Russia!

We've been photographed by the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, a major northern California newspaper, and are expecting an interview soon to complete the article on corsetry.

Our corset boutique and the couples' class on corseting were recently filmed for British television by September Films, for a spring, 1999 show entitled "Sex in America." This film company is one of Britain's leading independent television companies, having been nominated for the British equivalent of the Golden Globes award (the Indie Awards) and enjoying an average of 10 million viewers.

Our students for the intimate and informative corset class included old friends Ken and Mel Pratt, Anneka (one of our next corset catalog models) and Paladin, and Romantasy's own Wanda and corset customer John. The sensual history of the corset, its symbolic component parts and the magic of tight-lacing were explored. The class will be offered again in San Francisco in early December, so please inquire if you are going to be in town.


Exhibits and Lectures

ROMANTASY sponsored a booth for the first time ever at San Francisco's famous Folsom Street Fair in late September. Despite the rainy and cold day, our gorgeous models all turned out to show off their custom corsets. At the well-attended booth, we were happy to introduce Sue Nice.   She, her sister and a model came down from Sacramento. Along with Monique of Spiked Seductions, they helped promote our corset program and passed out over 2000 postcards! I got laryngitis from talking so much to our many, many booth visitors!         

FolsomFair2.jpg (11320 bytes)
Ann (in True Grace Rubber Corset) & Michael
FolsomStreet.jpg (14132 bytes)
Our booth, Folsom Fair
We just returned on October 17 from presenting a corset lecture at Carla's boutique and transformation salon in San Jose. About 15 people attended and had the opportunity to try on a wide variety of styles of corsets, plus learn how the corset can immediately create a femme figure without any further enhancement. We thank Ashley, Melanie and Gina for lending us their supple bodies to model corsets!

Earlier this fall we visited Neutral Corner in San Diego, where about 40 people enjoyed dinner while we presented our corset lecture. It was a lovely trip and a wonderfully friendly group! Thanks, Ellen, for the invitation and warm welcome. And thanks to Robby and Chamelle for adssisting at the lecture.

Ann speaking at Neutral Corner, San Diego, August 1998
  AnnAndGreg.jpg (7535 bytes)
Ann & Greg
Grand Duke Candidate Sponsored

Here's Ann and Greg (at left), ROMANTASY's candidate for Grand Duke, and Ann with Empress Alexis Miranda (at right). 

Greg is now Crown Prince--congrats and best wishes for raising lots of money for AIDs education!

EmpressAlexis.jpg (5954 bytes)
Ann with Empress Alexis Miranda
First Corset Presentation Ceremony Held:  Instruction, Corset and Dinner!


Kenandanne1.jpg (5576 bytes)
We also inaugurated our Corset Presentation program with Anne and Ken from southern California. At our candlelit boutique one August evening, Ken presented Anne with a stunning red velvet corset by True Grace, and the couple enjoyed special hors d'oeuvres during an intimate introduction to the magic of corseting. Afterwards, they left for a pre-arranged special elegant dinner at La Traviata restaurant, one of my favorites in San Francisco! "Sooooo special! We enjoyed every minute!" says Ken.

"Dear Ann,

The meal at La Triaviata was SPECTACULAR!!! The entire evening was a dream come true. Not the least of which was watching my beautiful wife, in a beautiful corset, snuggly carrying on conversation and EATING---slowly, with a glow on her cheeks, a smile on her face, and a general feeling of Love.

Thank you for the presentation and the planning that went into the evening. Already there is discussion in the house about a reversible, long-line Edwardian corset....We've read and taken to heart all the articles and advice you gave us and I'm going to practice re-lacing some of her older corsets with both the x-o-x method and also with two or three separate laces for various section. Experimenting with the multiple lacings will be fun and educational.

In any case, rest assured that we will be back and you and your evening will NEVER be forgotten.

With snug embraces,"

K, San Diego 9/25/98

KenandAnne2.jpg (4991 bytes)
We hope you will enjoy our new site re-organization scheduled to launch in the next month. It will make it easier to choose a specific style of corset, will address the typical questions we receive from our visitors, and will expand on three areas of special corset interest we note: voluptuous sizes, men and corsets, and bridal corsets.

Have a wonderful peaceful and prosperous fall season!

--Ann Grogan (Wanda, Christine, LeCharles and Alicia at the boutique)

roman_2.gif (4131 bytes)


jfox3.jpg (8320 bytes) "I had Ann fit me for my corset in September of 1996. I chose a black floral brocade BR Creations basic Victorian corset with extra stays that would provide about a 4-inch waist reduction. The hardest part was the waiting; it takes about 12 weeks, but my corset was completed right on time, 2 weeks before Christmas. Unpacking it with great excitement, I was not disappointed; it is LOVELY! I slipped it on and laced up, remembering Ann's instructions not to lace it too tightly until the fabric "breaks in." But I did sleep in it that night!

I wore it as often as I could, but that wasn't enough. Mainly I wore it at night. When I wrote Ann to tell her I was jealous because she could wear it every day, she replied, "Why can't you try it under your regular clothes?"

With that encouragement, I did. I found that worn under a bulky sweater or sweatshirt, or under my business suit jacket, the corset was invisible. I wore it every day from then on. During the summer I experimented with a piece of spandex pulled over the corset, and I've considered adding a padded belt over the corset during the day, to maintain my male torso shape. I can also wear the corset under a polo shirt and with shorts, so long as I don't tuck the shirt in.

At first you feel very prim and proper, but after about two weeks, it felt very natural to have it on. Then it seemed strange to take it off! I now wear it laced loosely all the time rather than try to tighten it a lot for a short time.
All day long I love the gentle "hugging" feeling of support it gives. When I drive to work in the morning, I love to wiggle a little in my seat to feel my body settling in to its shape for the day.

When I'm in my feminine attire, I love the hourglass figure! I usually wear a powerslip type garment over the corset and it gives a wonderfully smooth shape. I didn't even mind having a couple of my skirts altered to fit my new, smaller waist! After a week of 20-plus hour corseted days, I was able to lace down three inches quite comfortably. After a month, I had lost an inch from my waistline! I am really looking forward to ordering my next corset!"    --Judy Fox, San Diego (spring, 1998)

Ed. note: I saw Judy at the Neutral Corner meeting of the transgender community held recently in San Diego where Chamelle, Robby and I presented a corset lecture. Judy looked great in her corset when she modeled for us. Way to go, Judy! Keep up the nice "work"!

Judy.jpg (8149 bytes)
Judy in her first BR Corset

"Jewels Fit For A Queen!"
Pandora Gorey    

PandoraArtcl1.jpg (8227 bytes)
Miss Linda Bee & Pandora Gorey
It has been many a year since the Ritz Hotel in London saw such a fine display of Ladies and their jewels and it has long been the dream of Count Alexander von Beregshasy and his mother, Baroness Ilse, to recreate such a display.

On the night of June 24ththeir dream came true with the celebration of the Count's 35th birthday and launch of his "Queen Marie Antoinette Collection" of exquisite costume jewelry.


Count Alexander is an "Artist Extraordinaire" with a sincere love of the eighteenth century royal courts of Europe and in particular, the French court which inspires much of his collection. originally the Count started by recreating by hand the famous jewels which belonged to "The Four Beauties of Versailles," Madame de Pompadour, Madame du Barry, Princess de Lambel and Queen Marie Antoinette. All of these have since been on display at the Palace of Versailles in France and have been so well received that the Count has carried on to recreate the jewels of many other famous beauties of the European royal courts in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Many of the original jewels have been sold to private collectors but the Count keeps a record of the jewels from the catalogues of the London, Paris and New York auction houses. He works closely from detailed photographs and descriptions and also attends the auctions to view items whenever possible. All pieces are hand constructed with sterling silver and/or gold plate with Cubic Zirconia, flawless rock crystals and Swarovski crystals to achieve a perfect copy of the original. Indeed, many of Queen Marie Antoinette's jewels were made with foil backed crystals!

Of the 13 guests for dinner at the Ritz, the eight ladies wore complete suites of Count Alexander jewels which consist of a tiara, necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings. As most of the royal jewels are in diamond, the Count decided to design a few special pieces of his own just to add a little color to the party with simulated amethysts, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

PandoraArtcl2.jpg (18800 bytes)
Baroness Ilse Von Beregshahy bejewelled by her son, Count Alexander
PandoraArtcl3.jpg (13840 bytes)
The ladies attending Count A's Birthday Party adorned by his jewels.
The Count is also famous for his jeweled stomachers which were popular in the French royal court up until the Revolution. These large pieces of jewelry are worn on the front of a dress bodice and are triangular in shape measuring up to 8 inches across the base and 15 inches long. They are worn with the point downward and serve two purposes. First, they display fine jewels in yet another location on the body, and second, they make the waist of the dress bodice appear smaller above the wide pannier frames worn under the skirt. Stomachers are particularly difficult to make as they are hinged in 3 to 5 places so they will be flexible enough to move with the dress bodice.
Count Alexander takes private commissions and has even created his own personal version of the "Heart of the Ocean" necklace from the film Titanic. The necklace is popular this season with London brides. His work can only be viewed in London by Appointment, however, photographs of specific pieces can be obtained.

Please make inquires of Romantasy Corset Boutique, phone 415-585-0760.



writinghand "I'm very impressed that you responded so quickly, and personally, too! Your excellence bodes well for the future, and I'm looking forward to doing business with you." E, August 1998

"I was most pleasantly surprised to receive the wonderful 1998 corset catalog. Together with the extra information give, I think it is the best publication on the subject I have ever seen. I have been interested in corsets from my early youth, say about 14 years old and I am now 70!" -P, July 1998

"Ann, the True Grace corset is incredible. I love it. Nice and tight. The first time I tried it on it made me shake all over...real intense. Thanks!" --D 11/98

"Dear Ann, thanks so very much for getting my new corset to me so quickly. I love it!!! I would like to join your Extended Pleasure Plan as well...I wear my new corset to bed each night and also wore it to the Halloween party on Saturday night. It is just wonderful." -Joanna 11/98

"Dear Ann,

Wow! Am so excited, this morning when I got up the postman knocked on our door delivering your parcel. I ripped it open immediately and nearly fainted when I tried on my new BR corset!

It looks so gorgeous! Can't wait to wear it out. Am running around in it already the whole day..." --Susanne, Melbourne, Australia 10/26/98

(Ed. note: Do NOT, repeat NOT, tight lace down a brand new corset and wear it for over 2-4 hours the first day! We hope our happy customer read her instruction sheet and sloooooows down, closing it only about 2 inches the first day for about 7 times thereafter, and reducing it by 1/2 increments after that.)


Lori (on left) with corset under her jeans
"Corsets are always seen or shown in either a fashion or more fetish fashion manner. What are your thoughts about corsets shown in a sports casual manner?" Bryan, July 1998

Our Field Rep, Robby Cannedy, was the first person to actually show me how a corset can be worn for sports! Because from time to time she suffers from back strain, and because she is very active and loves a wide variety of sports, she ordered a white cotton BR Creations corset to wear on the golf course. Yes, she plays 18 holes of golf with her back protected from inordinate strain as she swings ... and swings ... and swings!

One of our favorite transgender models, Lori from Chicago, recently walked into the boutique wearing tight jeans, her black BR under the jeans and peeking out at the top, over a jean blouse. She wore it with black button earrings and black sandals, quite a cute and sporty look

Those of you who know me, know that I wear my corset every time I travel to provide back support in lifting my suitcase, or lugging about my heavy shoulder strap purse.And we sold a cotton BR to a painter who wears it under his t- shirt and overalls for help while lifting heavy paint buckets and equipment.

It seems that the same principles can apply for any type of sport from bowling to fishing to water skiing. A cotton corset or one made of pre-shrunk fabric can be washed safely, so wearing it over a bathing suit or under a wet suit should work just fine.

I've always wanted to sky dive while wearing my corset (not tight-laced of course) but have hesitated until I can figure out how to land fashionably without my five inch heels ... (just joking....).      

Have a wonderful fall season, and check our website out in early December for our special holiday "Waist Not--Want Not"!


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