"How do I go about choosing a corset style?"

This is a common question for newcomers to corseting, and it takes a bit of thinking to find the appropriate answer. In advising customers, we like to start by a question in return: "What is the reason you are interested in purchasing a corset?" Your answer will guide you to the correct choice of style.

Reasons for corseting are as varied as the styles available. Many people corset to achieve a more shapely and curvaceous silhouette, better posture, back support, or aid to a weight reduction program. Others wear a corset primarily as a foundation garment under their clothes. Recently, many people prefer to wear their corset over a daytime or cocktail dress, to show off its fine construction and elegant fabric. Some want to achieve a tiny waist on their wedding day or under a historically-accurate costume for attending period balls and events.

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The following comments are relevant if you choose a corset to wear as lingerie. If you wish the corset not to show under outerwear, you may wish to order a shorter corset, that is, underbust Victorian or even a waist cincher with inner boning, such as Romantasy's Point Counter Point Cincher, to minimize thickness of fabric. You may wish to order a front lacing cincher without busk because a steel busk only adds to the thickness. You can reduce thickness by forgoing lining or choosing a light weight fabric such as taffeta. Some corset makers use only outer boning casing which add to the thickness, so be careful to order the proper boning type to suit your purposes.

Some people want to waist train and achieve maximum permanent or temporary waist reduction in the shortest advisable time (about six months for a four inch reduction, which may or may not be permanent! Permanent reduction takes daily training and a devoted corset-wearer, to be sure!) They may wish to wear the corset to sleep in, or for many hours each day. Certain corset styles are more appropriate for this purpose than others.

For example, BR Creations produces an extremely comfortable and durable underbust Victorian hourglass corset that achieves this corseting goal. Or, Michael or True Grace, makes what we call the industrial-version with extra steels next to the front busk, a second 1 1/4" steel behind the front busk for extra tummy support, and extra boning all around the corset. Continued waist training is enhanced by one of his sturdy and elegant garments.

Although some might disagree, we find that the U-shaped seal belt or ribbon style corset, or a corset constructed of a stiff lattigo leather, are generally not advisable for waist training; a well-designed and patterned custom hourglass corset of cotton or satin is more appropriate and comfortable.

Finally, there are many corset customers who like to wear their corsets as part of a fashion statement. If the image you wish to achieve is a fetish or goth image, a corset in dark purple or black and made of rubber or leather may be appropriate. A more elegant look can be achieved when the corset is constructed out of luxurious brocade or satin. An excellent style to begin with is our cincher, because of its comfort for the beginning customer. Or, you may wish to wear the corset as a bustier top, and then you would select a Valentine Overbust style by Sheri or Dorothy, our newest corsetier.

You may find that one style will not do, and soon you will be ordering several to serve different purposes for corseting. You will certainly enjoy each style you select and wear, and others will appreciate your small waist and excellent posture!

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