Waist Not--
Want Not
Volume 1 Number 5 Sept - Oct 1997
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We are both happy and sad to announce that ROMANTASY boutique will be leaving its little alleyway which we have made famous for seven years in business! Termites have eaten us out of house and boutique, as it were and construction starts September 1. So we are using this challenge to find a larger boutique space and one that is easier for our visitors to find than Moulton Street!


After a lengthy search, we finally found a great new location at 2191 Market Street at Sanchez in San Francisco's Upper Market district. The new store is much larger and features a special lounge dedicated solely to corsets, featuring many samples to try on and our complete portfolio for relaxed browsing. Please come visit us and see all the new things and experience our new store." Click on the map Icon to see a magnified view.


Ann in a
Point Counter Point Cincher

   Photo: Raymond Tom

Meanwhile, corset sales of our newest "point counter point" waist cincher new corset button in our list of corset makers is hot--hot--hot! Here I am in my latest Point Counter Point, just in time on August 16 to remember the anniversary of the death of The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis the Pelvis! I wore it around the boutique all day quite proudly showing off the cutest of my recent collection of PCP's, and it was quite a hit. (You, too, can order an Elvis cincher in petite to XBBW, front laced for $199. P-L, or $229 XL-XBBW. Check out sizes, etc. on Dorothy's button).


We wish we could go to the Rubber Ball this fall as we did last fall, but alas, the move has made us stay close to home.

But look for our appearance in the new Secret magazine in an article on gentlemen and corsets which I am writing. Jurgen, the editor, and I have been corresponding on the pleasures and challenges of publication and running a fetish boutique as he does in Brussels.

All the best and we hope to see you during September at our new location.


Love and Tight Squeezes,


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