Waist Not - Want Not
Corsetry Newsletter
January, February, March 2002
Volume 6 Number 1

CarolROMANTASY is happy to announce that from sales of its Simple Pleasures cincher since Sept. 11, we have donated $182.50 to the NYC Police and Fire Widows and Children Fund. Because we vow never to forget, we will continue to donate 10% of sales of this cincher for the entire year 2002. Our prayers and love continue forever to go out to our victim's and heroes families, and we hope that they find some peace in this country's eternal gratitude.

In This Issue




I, for one, am happy to see the New Year arrive! What life lessons have been put upon the plate of us Americans, and many of you from around the world. We are closer than we realize, for better or worse, and let us work together to insure it is for the better!

I am dedicating our January home page to small things and urge you to read our message, and use this year and the good fortune of our lives, to ease the burden of others by reaching out with the kindest of words and gestures. You never know how the smallest thing you do can make a huge difference in someone's life, forever!

My thanks to all my new internet and personal friends, clients and customers, suppliers and corset makers, of course! I am happy that business has continued, after suffering a minor fall-back this fall after Sept. 11. I hope you will have a fulfilling 2002 full of good friends, good business and lots of love!

Ann Grogan   Tata
Tata, Webkittymistress, guarding the winter garden


Bracli G-String

This is a nice time of year...one to focus on love and romance. We still suggest our Bracli Mallorcan pearl G-string as the sexy gift of choice...so check it out. Dont' forget to take time to hold hands and spend hours exploring the delights of kissing and hugging...it's still the best gift you can give!



Sometime between May 9 and October 10 was born The Corset Club. . . It's not exclusive and you don't even have to own a corset, or a corset made by ROMANTASY! All membership requires is a hearty appetite for corsets and celebrations! It started with Mr. Garrod/True Grace Corset Co. (London) over two years ago when 12 of us gathered for dinner and dancing to celebrate his visit to San Francisco. Then on May 9., 2001 he visited again and 23 gathered for a corseted Soiree at the Fairmont Hotel, and danced the night away! We followed up with an October 10 celebration of GiGi's graduation from her Waist Training Corseting Program, and you can see her considerable success here:

Gigi before   Gigi after

Kay & Lynn Simon & Ann The Girls

Dena & Christine

Here's Christine (on right in Jane Smith corset) and Deena (in Sheri corset). Christine graduated in September from the waist training program, too!

Not only does everyone have a tremendous time of joyful dancing and conversation, we seem to delight almost every other person in the room, including the band! our Soiree to the Top of the Mark created quite a stir and we were serenaded personally by members of the great dance combo, Pure Ecstasy. You'll see Ann enjoying such attention! Plus, we were approached by men and women alike to inquire: Why are you wearing corsets? What are you celebrating? We received the same warm welcome on December 12 when new friends joined us, including Karim who flew up from Los Angeles!


Aiyana Marcia
Ann & Melinda   Haley   Nancy

Everyone wants to be a part of looking and feeling great, and special...and they can and so can you. Just plan your next visit to San Francisco to coincide with our next Soiree, (check the home page for dates) and RSVP (because we have to reserve a table plus pay a door charge, usually $12 per person). That includes cake and hors doeuvres, but drinks are dutch treat.

Please enjoy our fun photos from the Soirees below, and see you next time!


Pam Henricksen

Hi Ann

I hope you remember me, I'm Pam Henricksen from Australia, and I purchased a SIMPLE PLEASURES CINCHER back in April for my wedding on 12th October.

Well the day came and went and I felt like a princess! I followed the training instructions to the letter and as a result felt completely comfortable all day and evening,whilst achieving the look I was after.

Pam Henricksen

You suggested at the time that I send you a couple of photos, so here they are. I hope I did you (and the corset!) proud!
Many thanks for all your help and I wish you, all your staff and families a very happy and more importantly, a safe Christmas season.
Fond regards,

Pam Henricksen



Q. Dear Romantasy, As a health and wellness consultant, certified personal trainer, professional fitness model and a lifegevity coach, several of my clients request waist training as part of their programming. Please send me all information and pricing as well as measuring training to assure my clients the best fit. As well do you wholesale to fitness practitioners? Please reply A.S.A.P. Yours in fitness, Jaynie F. Higgins 8/24/01

A. Yes, we will work with fitness trainers and have served several of their clients in the past. Just give us a call or email and we'll provide advice on the perfect waist training corset. You might want to advise your client to purchase our email book manuscript: Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure, for $15, or $25 by snailmail, containing over 50,000 words of information on diet, nutrition and weight loss and toning with the use of a corset!




The Aiyana

Whew! It is taking a lot of work but we will be launching the web pages for Jane Smith, Inc. and Melanie, two bright young stars in the corset making world! As part of our commitment to the comeback of the corset, ROMANTASY is always happy to provide a forum for young makers to support their business viability and to hone their skills. We insure that their quality is already great before we launch their web page.

You've seen some of Jane's work from time to time in our fall newsletters and home pages (Corset of the Month for October), and Rita Opal introduced us to Melanie from Vancouver. We are happy to welcome them to our collection of the finest corset houses in the world!

Mona Corset
The Mona

Jane produces custom corsets with simple, elegant lines and features two adorable vest-style corsets as well as The Aiyana, an overbust strap corset seen above with red feather trim. Melanie specializes in historically authentic corsets....absolutely historical! She researches the patterns and production techniques and is meticulous in reproducing them, using about twice as much boning as normal or modern patterns use.

For the month of February we offer a special on either of these maker's corsets: a 15% discount if the order is fully prepaid and placed by February 28.


The Cotillion and the Coronation

I was honored to help out a bit at Empress Chablis' fund raiser, "The Art of the Shoe" at a South-of Market art gallery this fall. Enjoy the photos of her great supporters!

Ann & Gina Ann
Chablis Leno & Chablis Tommie

First we visit the Cotillion on Saturday, January 26 and this year, are honored to serve as a judge for Miss TGSF. Then we delight in early March in a huge social occasion as our models and friends, Empress Chablis and Emperor Tom, take their final bows and the new monarchs are elected. We are happy to have contributed several door prizes to events they sponsored as they raised thousands of dollars for local charities.

Please call (408) 619-2908 for tickets to the Cotillion. See you there! Ann will be debuting a smashing new Aiyana corset style by Jane Smith, photographed for Professor David Kunzle's updated book on corsets, now in production!

Ann & David Kunzle
Author David Kunzle and Ann, August 2001



"Thanks! I absolutely hated the 1960's because I didn't look like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Varushka, etc.,etc. Now at least I am old enough and confident enough to like the way I am put together. Nicole Kidman, eat your heart out! The scrape is negligible and falls off to the side. Everyone will be looking at my reduction and at the brocade, not the pull in the satin. No big deal. I'm headed to my 30th high school reunion next month and guess what I'm wearing? I'll see if I can get a photo for you then. Regards, Beverly"

"Ann, Just a note to say what a pleasure it is to wear my Simple Pleasures cincher which arrived the other day. The fit is perfect. It looks great and feels wonderful. I am very happy. Plan to wear it under my tuxedo to my sister's wedding on Saturday. Thank you so much. Best wishes, Will" 9/7/01

"Dear Ann, thanx so verry much for ur reply ! i want to personaly thank u .. i am a larger woman i dont kno if u kno how incradibly hard to find my size. i kno this sounds funny but it is kinda embarassing to submit larger measurements, that are larger that the normal sizes stated on the web site so THANK YOU for making me feel like a normal woman!!!! Niki" 10/2/01

"Hi Ann, My corset has arrived safe and well and it is just so beautiful! Ruth is a genius,;it fits so well and gives Abby such a fantastic waist line especially when I get that extra inch in once I have seasoned it !! ( I put it down to a little winter spreading at the waist line !!) I am wearing it at the moment lightly laced :-)) and feel so good, I just threw on the first skirt and top I could lay hands on and tried it on--- oh, its just fantastic. Now I have to start thinking about outfits to go with it so as to really show off my curves. I think the fabric just has such a classy look. Enough, I could go on for ever !! :-)) Thank you for the gift, I think I might put a little lavender in it for Abbys room at my house. Thank you so much Ann." Abby (New Zealand) 10/19/01

"Hello Ann, I'd like to thank you again for all the info you put on the website! your writing is so friendly, kind and fun! by reading it makes me feel like i'm part of an exclusive club. : )" Carrie 10/11/01

"Hey Party Animal, Last night's Corset Club Soiree at the Mark Hopkins Hotel was such a GREAT time!!! Yes, I do believe we all looked positively breath taking!!! See you next time!." Lynn 10/11/01

"I just wanted to let you know I received my corset. It is beautiful! I have not tried it on yet. I'm a little intimidated. I am planning to wear it this weekend. Thank you for your help." Anna 10/12/01


*        *        *

We had a lovely vacation with Robby in Newport Beach this fall, enjoying the warmth of Southern California, and getting ready for our rainy San Francisco fall. Don't know about you but I'm already ready for summer.....and a new perspective. May we all find much peace and love in 2002.

Ann Grogan

with Corset Dream Makers, Robby Cannedy and Martina Ostermann

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