Waist Not Want Not

Welcome to the world of corseting and the many pleasures of restriction! Cyboutique and ROMANTASY are pleased to inaugurate our first issue of info "Waist Not--Want Not", our new corseting newsletter. We want to create an informational instrument and forum on the web for sharing knowledge and experience in corseting. We hope it will be both useful and entertaining for you, our readers and writers, and that it will encourage each of us individually to continue our devotion to the corset and extend its acceptability to more and more people throughout the world.

We plan to present no only our own experiences, but also yours, dear readers, and so we solicit your articles and input on the topics you wish to send use for consideration. We also plan to publish your corseting photography and will tell you how to send pictures to use for the purpose.

Within the world of corseting there will be no experience off limit with the framwork of respect for each individual's experience or desires and so long as proper social decorum and respect for others is observed. We will cover corsets as fetish garments, as fashion statements and as erotic implements. We will discuss occasional corseting and 24-hour a day corseting. We have no judgements about what is good, better or best when it comes to corseting, and we believe that we can learn from every person's experiences in corseting.

We hope you will enjoy our efforts and those of our writers. Please help use make this newsletter reflect the very wide world of corseting, and serve to connect use throughout the world who love corseting! Until the next issue, which we hope will be within one month and of which we shell inform you by press release.

Restrictedly yours,

Ann Grogan