We Get Letters...and Kudos!

"Thank you for the very helpful information... Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am about getting a corset!! I've looked at several sites, but none compared with yours; you have wonderful merchandise. Thank you for all your help."

-- Mary 3/19/00

"Hello Ann!
Thank you for directions (to Sheri's house for the fitting); should be no problem...and thank you very much for the invitation to visit with you--that will just be the crowning event I am sure. I have not told S. yet, but she will absolutely faint. She is a young lady who has dreamed of elegance and corsets and costumes and ladylike treatment, but it had all just been a dream until this last year. She will just be overjoyed; she is already jus boincing about the impending trip (from Montana). To be able to visit with you will be so perfect -- and so very, very good for her. Believe me, it will be a milestone event in her life. Thank you again."

-- A., Montana 3/13/00

"Hi Ann,
Thank you again for the very eductaional, fun and successful consultation. You made me feel very relaxed, open and generally at ease, while your guidance was exactly on point. I look forward to our muslin fitting, in about a month."

-- Dee 3/6/00

"Just read the March 2000 Journal, great info and it makes me look forward to visiting you even more. Why can't there be more people like you and your team who accept people and their 'desires' for what they are and try to learn from them to enrich their own lives, instead of ridiculing them...I really appreciate your help with all this and am so looking forward to meeting you in person (at my Salon in June).

-- Alan, London 3/6/00

"Dear Ann Grogan,
I recently received your latest most interesting catalogue. You and all your models are really sensational! Makes me want to move to San Francisco!" Respectfully,

-- FM 2/26/00.

"Hi Ann,
Your postcards came yesterday. They are simply lovely.
Thank you!"

-- Jari 12/22/99

"I received my corset this week. I have had the opportunity to wear it just today. I must tell you it is very nice and I love the feel already! It will definitely take some getting used to lacing up all by myself. I can see where it would be fun having someone help!"

-- Dana 12/17/99

"What a pleasure to find such a wonderful corset site. It is nice to see the fine art of corsetry is alive and well."

-- Scott 12/17/99

What an amazing catalog and even a little room for the guys. Great, I am looking forward to my first truly own corset and cincher, this time, not stolen from my friend."

-- Patrick 12/15/99

"Dear Ann:
Just a note to let you know I got my computer hooked up and saw my pictures on the web under men and corsetry. I was very pleased with them. I am still using the corset I ordered from you last year. It gets me compliments on my feminine figure all the time. I even get whistled at by men who think I am a woman!

-- Cindy 12/11/99

"Hello Ann,
I received the Isabella corset yesterday. What a nice quality corset! Think I like cotton twill for a material much more than satin. Looks more manly...I like this new corset so much I think I'll order two more just like it so I can alternate more often between them. Could you get the ball rolling here?"

-- Charlie Blow 12/4/99

(Ed note: rotating corsets preserves each one for many additional years. Charlie is a true aficionado of corseting and really needs several to protect his investments!)

"Dear Ann,
I received my first corset a few days ago. It is beautiful and it is a pleasure to wear it. After 2 weeks I am able to wear it 23 hours a day. It is so comfortable. My corseted waist is about 2 inches under my initial waist. Thank you very much, Ann!"

-- Pascal (Paris) 12/1/99

"Wonderful site! Stopped in your store about five years ago and the staff was very friendly and helpful."

--Tom 11/27/99

"Dear Ann:
I've just started corset training my form and I really love your website section on voluptuous women in corsets, as I'm a plus-sized woman. If you ever need a model please don't hesitate to contact me."

-- Marian 10/10/99

(Ed. note: We do, indeed, use plus sized models but alas, they need to live in the Bay Area as we use our own talented photographers who are also located here!)

"Dear Ann,
I am back at home in Paris and again, I'd like to thank you for welcoming me in San Francisco to take measurements and my order. Thanks for answering my questions and giving me the opportunity to have a very helpful discussion with you about corsets. Thanks for your advice and your kindness."

-- Pascal 10/10/99

"Dear Ann,
I got my corset from Isabella on my birthday and I simply love it. I can't wait to wear it."

-- Patricia 10/5/99

"It's been 5 weeks now since I bought the Sheri's Sincher corset. On my first day I laced to 29.5" and it felt so tight. Last night I finished at 27.75 and was out driving around in my car and was completely comfortable.!"

-- Mark 9/30/99

"HI Ann, how are you? I have been spending a lot of time checking out other corset web sites...ROMANTASY is the best one! and it is very surprising to find how many show larger ladies wearing corsets--a truly wonderful image. I really look forward to your next newsletter."

-- Trevor (London) 9/21/99

"What a marvelous website. You have created a place of beauty and wonder. As always, I wish you the best of luck and I will continue to spread the joy of wearing corsets to my friends at TGSF (gender association). You have got me thinking that I also need to start planning for another corset...soon! I also thought your fashion show on September 24 was very polished and professional. I was peeking at the audience during the performance and they seemed to be captivated by the models. I know when I was on stage I could hear people commenting in a complementary way, so I think your production was a real hit. You know what a thrill the models get out of doing this and I am no exception."

-- Cheryl Sheppard 9/15/99

(Ed. note: Cheryl, you can model for me anytime, as you were your typical stunningly beautiful, elegant self! Thank you for participating!)

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