1. All designs including the copyright belong to ROMANTASY.
  2. Clearly label all submissions with your name, snailmail and email address, day time and evening phone including area code, and date of submission.
  3. If you wish a pseudonym used rather than your real name, when your design is publicized, please include it with your submission.
  4. All submissions (not just the winning design) may be but will not necessarily be publicized.
  5. Submit designs by no later than: May 31, 12 midnight PST.
  6. Submit designs by email attachment, or snailmail to: ROMANTASY, Garden Glory Contest, 2912 Diamond St., Ste. 239, San Francisco, CA 94131.
  7. Submit design drawn out front view (top half) and back view (bottom half) of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper; on back or second paper clearly labeled, submit any text description of the corset. The description can include: suggestions for embellishments, fabrics, uses for the corset or other at your election. Also, on the back of the design or second paper, please add a few sentences about yourself (maximum 100 words) including at least, why you love or wear corsets, or appreciate the craftspersonship involved in their production. You may also submit a photograph of the front and back of the actual design made into a real corset, but this is not required. Corset may be photographed flat, or on a model.
  8. You need not be a seamstress or corsetmaker to participate.
  9. Color or black and white are both acceptable, but be sure you clearly describe colors to be used (see criteria below).
  10. One person may submit as many designs as they wish but each must follow the guidelines above.
  11. Winner will be announced June 1 on the ROMANTASY home page with a posting of the winning design and creator, as our June Corset of the Month.
  12. Decision of ROMANTASY's owner Ann Grogan in consultation with Webkittymistress and Garden Supervising Boss, Tata, Queen of Cats, will be final with no appeal possible.
  13. Prize: $75 discount on a corset or costume order (limited to: (1) pantaloon and chemise set, (2) maid's outfit of dress, apron, hat and choker; or (3) ballgown skirt). Order of a corset that applies discount does not have to be an order for the winning design, but of any corset available through ROMANTASY). Discount available through 2001, December 31. Discount may be used by winning designer or given to someone else as a gift.
  14. Criteria for winning design will include: (1) originality; (2) colorfulness (we like color!); (3) unique design feature or features not seen in typical corset designs on corset websites or corset catalogs; (4) unique fabrics or embellishments; (5) possibility of converting design into a functional, wearable corset (i.e., nothing too outlandish so that design element cannot be purchased, crafted or produced fairly easily) (6) all guidelines are followed for each submission; (7) submissions contain clear drawings or graphics, understandable descriptions, and legible writing; (8) that the designer had fun exercising their imagination!