"Would you like to try one on?"

I was only looking, and had never even seen a corset, but the  way Ann asked compelled me to say, "Sure!"  She promptly laced me into a beautiful purple satin, black trimmed, Victorian corset and I was immediately convinced that I just had to have one!  To understand the feeling of wearing a corset, one must actually wear one.  I expected something that was very uncomfortable and restricting.  Instead, what I found was a nice tightness (to quote Ann, it is like a constant hug!) which was very comfortable.  The only real restriction was that I could not bend at the waist.  So, even though I need a corset to improve my waist line, I can also count on improved posture!

I visited with Ann and Robby for about an hour wearing two different corsets.  When I reluctantly gave Robby her corset back, I decided to go ahead and order mine.  Ann took me to an impromptu dressing room and I stripped to my pantyhose and bra for the most accurate measurements. Then came the fun of picking out materials as well as the other details of my first corset.  Based on that first corset that I wore, I chose purple satin for the outside with a purple velvet trim.  Since my corset is reversible, I picked an absolutely delicious lavender brocade fabric for the other side.

The next morning I felt like the teacher's pet during Ann's corset seminar. My friend Revy and I both were up and ready early just to attend.  This is all the more remarkable since we partied really late the night before and are not at all morning people!  Ann taught us what makes a corset (a garment in two pieces), showed us lots of styles (Victorian and Edwardian were my favorites) and covered what we could expect to obtain with corsetry over time (a 4" reduction in my waist!). Ann also had samples of the types of corsets, and even more fascinating, the hardware the goes into making them.  However, it was when Ann started the do's and don'ts of corset wearing that I was able to take over since Ann had taught me the day before!  Here are a few eating tips:

However, as much as we learned about the history and technical details of corsetry, what impressed me the most about the seminar was how much Ann LOVES her corsets!  (I believe she has 41 in her personal collection!)  It was easy to tell that she has lots of fun with them.  This enthusiasm is so strong that Ann seems to really want everyone to have a chance to experience the feeling of wearing a corset.

Now, if I can only contain my excitement and anticipation for another 6 weeks until my custom corset is finished!